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Found 16 results

  1. Publisher still doesn't want us to change the ruler's zero mark on two facing pages. If you change the ruler origin on the X axis of a master page of two facing pages, you cannot duplicate that ruler origin change by applying that master to facing pages in the publication. The contents of the master page will apply, but NOT the ruler X origin change. If you want the X origin of the ruler, i.e. the zero mark, to be re-centred in between each two facing pages you must change the X origin for each and every pair of facing pages in the publication manually by going to View > Guides Manager > Spread Origin. This should have been fixed long ago. X or Y spread origins could be specified when one is creating a new publication, then it would apply to all pages. At the very least they should be retained in Master pages.
  2. It would be nice if I could copy guides to use in another spread. It would be nice if I could keep the Guides Manager open when switching to another master page or spread.
  3. Found on When using guides on artboards that are not positioned with the top left at (0,0) seem to display wrong positions in the guides manager. Horizontal guides on artboads that have their Y position not at 0. Vertical guides on artboards that have their X position not at 0. When adding a new guide it is still correctly inserted in the center of the artboard, but the displayed position in pixels and percentages is wrong and mostly negative. The size of the artboard seems to also affect the value. As the guides are still placed at the center correctly, it looks like it's only the calculation for position relative to the selected artboard displayed in the guides manager and not the internal global position of the guide itself. I uploaded a video of the behavior as well. designer.mp4
  4. Hi, while working on a magazine (double pages!) I noticed that with Affinity Publisher (version it is not easy to create different column layout grids for opposite pages. The guides manager always does this for both sides of a double page (in InDesign this would be no problem) Sure, you might could get a grip on this via the master pages. But I'm looking for a way to do this without having to assign extra master pages (the magazine already needs a lot of them anyway). The only thing I can think of is a cumbersome solution: Putting an additional temporary page between the facing pages (which both have, let's say, four layout spans so far), then set the second grid (with e.g. three columns) for one of the two pages and then delete the temporary page in between. The result could look like this (screenshot, pages 3,4, other then 1,2) Is there a less cumbersome way to get different layout columns for facing pages? If not, in my opinion this is a Must for one of the next Affinity Publisher updates. best regards, Helge Example_4 pages.afpub
  5. Hey guys, Loving the Publisher Platform. I've been using the program all week and along the way I've come across a few buggy issues. I didn't take any screen shots but Ive tried to describe them the best I can. See below: 1. When using tables, for whatever reason if I delete a row/column it makes whatever the last remaining row/column cell on the table really large to the point it goes off the screen. I have to delete the table and restart it. 2. The guides manager menu item, sometimes doesn't show up. On some instances it takes me 3 or 4 attempts to get the Guide Manager window to even prompt. 3. There was a major issue when I was typing into a text frame, I would type a normal paragraph and if I hit the keyboard 'Delete' button it would delete a character, but as soon as I started typing again, after that delete it would only show random square glyphs instead of spaces or letter as I typed. Even when I used the keyboard arrows keys (left & right arrow keys) to try and move across, it would type glyphs as if I was typing letters or number. I couldn't get it to stop, so I had to delete the text frame and restart the program. 4. The final bug I noticed was the text style buttons didn't work, I tried to 'Superscript' an ordinal (make the TH or ND on a date smaller....4th, 2nd) it only worked once for me. Initially I thought it might be a font issue but it happened on all the fonts I tried it on.
  6. As a new user, I have been watching tutorial videos on YouTube. One video shower the user (on an Apple laptop) directly entering new guidelines in the Guides manager by typing. On my Windows 10 desktop, I can only enter guidelines by dragging from the ruler, and then amending to the position I want by editing the newly added line. Unsure if this is a bug, or a feature not implement in the Windows version. I tried it on Ver 1.8.2, and now 1.8.3 with the same issue.
  7. Just been playing about with the new Guides Manager. Whenever I edit the margins, it instantly reverts back to what it was before (both typing the number and using the arrows). When editing the margins under Document Setup everything works fine, including updating the numbers shown in the Guides Manager.
  8. I just downloaded the Beta, this is the first time I ever use an Affinity product, but I'm planning on buying them soon. I really liked publisher and all, but as of my first time using it, I found a few things missing that could benefit the user (I probably just missed some options for this, but still wanted to share). - Text Wrap Preview: The only way to preview it is watching the text around an image for example move along when you increase the size of it, but it would be nice to have a little guide preview at all times around the image or graphic. -Guides Manager | Margins: The guides manager is great but a little thing I noticed is the margins section, doesn't have a link option, so you have to enter each number individually, again, a little thing that could help. -Hidden Characters: I just couldn't find a feature like this, if it is not there, I think it should because it's a great tool when working with a lot of text.
  9. View/Guides Manager miss the feature to set different values for horizontal and vertical gutter. Another nice feature would be to create "normal" guides from the column guides. Thanks, Christian
  10. Style and colour of column guides that I am adjusting in Guides Manager are not persistant after having saved the file and restarted Affinity Publisher. see Screenvideo _Guides Manager.mp4
  11. It would be handy to be able to just double click a guide and be taken to the Guides Manager with the position field for that guide already having the focus. Alternatively, the ability to select guides and edit their position in the Transform panel could also address that workflow and would at the same time open up the possibility to use the Translation part of Power Duplicate to create guides.
  12. I searched for this on the forum but couldn't find it but I would have to guess that it has already been requested at some point but if it hasn't then, it would be more efficient if we could clear all guides without having to open the Guides Manager. It takes longer than simply having a clear guides in the menu (or a shortcut) and it is more clicks. I like the power of the guides manager but for something as simple as clearing all guides, I don't need it and I would like to be able to perform the action without having to open the Guides Manager. Thanks for considering my request, Hokusai
  13. [AD] Could you program the Guides Manager window so that it can be made part of a sidebar left or right, and not floating window only? For example next to Transform, History, Navigator, Snapshots tabs. Thanks. WBR T.
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking for a better way of doing this. I'm trying to setup a typographic grid system, but my method right now is cumbersome and very manual labor intensive. I know that I want a grid that consists of 59 lines of text in total with 6 modules or subdivisions, that has 9 lines of text in each module followed by a gutter (interline space of 1 line.) The numbers. Typeface: Futura 10/13pt. Document height A4 = 297mm 59 lines = 270mm Module (9 lines) = 39,338mm Gutter = 6,559mm The way I'm going about this right now in the guides manager is setting the top margin (13,5mm). Then create a new guide at set its value to 13,5mm + 39,338mm. Then take the result of that + 6,559mm, then take the result of that and add 39,338mm to, and so it goes. I hope it makes sense. I've attach a screenshot for clarity. Any tips on a more efficient way?
  15. I'd like to use Guides for Lens Correction in Develop Persona in Affinity Photo How can I Enable Guides in Develop Persona? I enable View>Show Rulers and then View>Show Guides. There is no Move Tool to drag a Guide out. There is no View>Guides Manager.
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