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Found 13 results

  1. Would be happy if you guys could add angled/Oblique guide line and to be able to color them.. like Inkscape does. Thank you so much...
  2. Hello everyone and good luck with your projects. I am slowly starting to design typography in AD for Ipad and just wanted to ask whether there is a tool to personalise guidelines depending on your project as in the attached picture? I am aware that in Illustrator you can just drag and drop as many guidelines as you need, both vertical and horizontal. Is there something similar in AD for Ipad or do I have to do it manually? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello. I have I am trying to create a trifold flyer. Whatever I do - Publisher would always sync the guidelines on page 1 and 2. Same in Guidelines manager and when I adjust the guidelines with the mouse on the pages itself. As a trifold flyer must have one 3rd of the page folded inside it must have different guidelines on the front and on the back side it needs guidelines set for both pages separately. Otherwise: great app like all the affinity products - I am so happy to get away from Adobe.
  4. Hey guys will it be possible in the near future to change the color of the guide lines? This will help a lot at work. :)
  5. I'm completely new to using Affinity Designer or making logos, so please correct me if I'm using incorrect terminology. I noticed that a lot of company branding resources show how their branding involves variables and math. For example, Twitter and Product Hunt. How do you make designs that use variables and math? For example, making a triangle with A, B, and C degrees or drawing a line from the midpoint of another line. I am coming from Fusion 360 which is very manufacturing oriented (and has very little overlap with AD), so precise angles and lengths are very easy to specify, but AD seems to be a lot more freehand oriented.
  6. Guidelines that I get out of rulers, you know, never snap to object edges. How to make them snap?
  7. Hey guys, I remember reading on the forum a while ago that the LOCK GUIDES option will be available in one of the next udpates. When is it going to be available? With version 1.7? Thank you, Chris
  8. Ability to group copy and paste of guides would be nice. Or maybe even separate layer for them which can be copied between documents/artboards? Also: - double clicking on guide to edit it - when adding new guideline from manager its position should be preselected, so we can immediately start typing desired value. Clicking on "new" then double clikck to edit position is cumbersome. See Corel for inspiration, it's one of few things they done really right
  9. Hi there, it would be great if it would be possible to rotate a guideline so that it is possible to adjust an angle. In an old version of Corel Draw it was possible to rotate the guidelines by moving one endmarker of it in the ruler. (Please find the attached jpg on the bottom) This was a very easy way to freely place and adjust the guidelines. Regards Hardy
  10. Hi all. I was perplexed when I drew half a logo, snapping all of its right-side line ends to a vertical guideline; then mirrored it horizontally and expected the new half to line up correctly. It didn't. The centerline nodes of the two halves were offset horizontally by a tiny amount, so after I'd combined the shapes and tried to delete the redundant (overlapping) nodes down the center (along the guideline), the geometry was messed up (no longer symmetrical). I attached a screen grab of the apparent bug in action. Anyone else notice this? Thanks. Edit: I guess this belongs in the bug forum, but I can find no way to delete posts. Re-posting there... bogusSnapping.mov
  11. When I click on a guideline in the main screen area, I would like to have its row highlighted in the Guides Manager.
  12. Is it possible to select the color of the guidelines and grids? Depending on the image they can be almost impossible to see. That may not matter if you're using Snapping but there are times when you need to do things manually.
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