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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, is it possible to copy and paste guides on the exact same position on another artboard? Like I am used to in Illustrator? Thanks for your help nar
  2. Hi, I just learned about your amazing software today, and I've downloaded the trails and watched your videos in Vimeo. Great stuff! I've been wanting to get out and away from Adobe, so as soon as Publisher is released it will be possible. Anyways, I have a question about creating guides. Is it possible to create guides like the inDesign "Create Guides" feature? Where you can specify how man rows and columns and gutter space?
  3. I couldn't find a good or efficient way of creating a Central Perspective or a 2 Point Perspective Design, in Affinity Designer. I think the implementation of a new Grid Type would be the best solution (I included 2 pictures to give an example of what the grids would look like).
  4. Hi, Is it possible to create guidelines for all Artboards thank create guidelines for each artboard?
  5. If I drag a guide line first time out of the ruler, I cannot see where I am on the XY axe. I have to drag it somewhere in the document and have to pick it up a second time to see the little info box with the ruler info [*mm/cm]. I've had made a little short video to show what I mean. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eZNf6dYiXc Timeline 1.mov
  6. I just bought Affinity Designer and created my first project for a client. I have chosen this project because it is very simple and allows me to try the software in a professional matter. Because I refuse to have my work held hostage by Adobe, I writing these comments with the best intentions to make Affinity Designer the number one software. I know Serif is working on adding Pantone Colors and other things, So I hope I just adding a new list of things that has not being mention before. Here are some problems I encountered with Affinity Designer: Guide Lines: Pulling a guideline from top sometimes works and sometimes does not. Ruler in inches very difficult to read specially when zoom very close. Need better hierarchy display. Opening a New Document: When setting a new artwork, “Include Margins” does not allow “0.125” (1/8”). It changes to “0.13” which is unacceptable for pre-press production. Default “Colour Format” is “RGB/8” when should be CMYK, specially for printing production. Should be a preference to set this very important key factor for professional artwork. Character Format: This floating window takes a lot of space, when it can be a lot smaller. “Typography” window is not available on Toolbar which is extremely important for Graphic Design. Should be shown inside Character Format window or at least available on Toolbar. Changing to different tool with “Hot Key” or “Keyboard Shortcut” after using Text Tool is not available. Swatches should be avail to show Gray Scale, Gradient and Colors on the same window. I personally feel that does not makes sense to have 3 different sections when we, the artist, use from gray scale, gradient, colors and everything in between in one artwork. ************** Suggestion: Should be an option to save my “Studio” windows settings (more than one setting depending on the type of project at hand). You may want to have an option to set different preferences when opening a new document: For Web Design: RGB Colors, Pixels Units for ruler, 72 PPI, Hex Color Swatches, etc. For Graphic Design: CMYK Colors, Inches Units for ruler, Pantone Color Swatches (Solid, Pastels, Metallic, etc.), 300 DPI etc. ************** Objects do not show if they are outside Document Dimensions. This could represent a problem and limits the design aspect. Sometimes we have different objects outside the document dimensions to be use inside the document dimensions. If we cannot see other objects to be use inside the document limits the creativity. Not to mention that some objects may remind hidden and can cause pre-press production problems. For Example a CMYK Object on a Spot color project (or vise-versa) ************** Suggestion: Should be an easier way to duplicate and move the text or objects in one action without using copy and paste and then moving the text or objects. ************** Text Tool sometimes does not select text, it tries to create a new text. Which makes you to first go to the Tool Box, select “Move Tool” (V), select text, change to Text Tool and then you can edit text. But I can always mentions the thing that are amazing about Affinity Designer, like realtime adjustment of Text Point size, or Font. I think that not only it cuts a lot of design process time, but it also increase the creativity and expand options or concepts in a very spectacular way. Ok, this is for now, because I have work to do and I have not get the chance to play with each tool. I hope Serif finds these comments useful.
  7. I just had a look at the current feature roadmap, and grids/graph improvement is scheduled. Anyway, I think users would be more happy if we had a Guide Line tool, placing a line in a layer that is automatically set to be above all layers, current and added. The guide line tool would allow the user to draw what would look like a normal line, but with the ability to allow the user set the degree/angle of gradience at the 'Transform' tab, and also would allow snapping be enabled across the whole line, not just the vector points. This would allow point perspective drawing and graphics, and other possibilities currently not supported. The line should also be allowed to curve, enabling the user to create abstract graphics, or even implement the golden ratio. It would be great if this was supported, or added to the roadmap, thanks.
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