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  1. Would be good to have a "show grid" toolbar button that I could add to my toolbar via the "customise toolbar" option. I often want to toggle the grid on quickly to make a precise adjustment but then switch it off again as it obscures the image a little too much to leave on all the time. It could possibly be added as part of a set along with guides and rulers.
  2. I made a custom triangular grid using the grid manager, but I have difficulties figuring out how to start filling the grid with different colour. Can you share a tip? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hei! I made a grid in AD and need to start filling the triangle-shaped ''grid-holes'' with colour. When I was testing the idea it was ok to make the triangles and fit them one by one to the grid, but is there a more efficient and clean-looking way to do it? There probably is x) I'm adding the .psd of it also. Big thanks. gridwork1.psd
  4. Hi all, I have two concerns regarding the grid and the "Grid and Axis Manager". On what kind of measurement logic is the automatic grid based on? It seams that it never fits the scene. A grid is from my point of view a tool to get objects alined on the canvas in regards to proportion, distance, margins, etc. But if a grid, like the automatic one, seams to behave arbitrary it brakes with its own right to exist. For example: I want to design some icons for a device like the Mac and I create a canvas of 1024x1024 pixel and turn the grid on, it will never ever divide the canvas into main lines in powers of two. If I use the metric system, it will never ever give me a grid that is in decimal power. This makes no sense and it forces me to open the Grid and Axis Manager on every new Design. Changing the values inside the Grid and Axis Manager are directly reflected to the canvas if set via a slider. But sliders are sometimes tedious when a specific value is needed (especially for Trackpad users). Entering a value manually is often faster and much more reliable. But a value entered directly is not reflected to the canvas. Even worse: Entering a value and not hitting enter or focusing on another input field does not apply the value. I found myself often in that situation that I have configured the horizontal subdivision value, then switched to the vertical subdivision field, entered a value there and hit the "close" button. The last value was ignored and I had to reopen the Manager to enter the value again. Very unintuitive. Best wishes, Martin
  5. pen tool has some great snap options but I can't find snap to grid. I am sure its there but.....!
  6. I want to take the chance to congratulate the Affinity Designer team for their great software. My feature request for some future version is to be able to snap to line midpoints, endpoints and geometry intersections. Keep up the good work!
  7. I just finished watching the tutorials for developing a 3D isometric building, which was very interesting. A great tutorial, but now I want to learn all the options inside the Grid and Axis Manager menu, but I cannot find anything in the Help topics. The most I found was a brief description of the grid system. Can you direct me where to find more information on the Grid and Axis Manager?
  8. How to increase Grid line thickness - Affinity Photo The Grid lines are too thin for me. In Develop Persona I Show Grid and the open Grid and Axis Manager but I don't see a way to increase Grid line thickness. Can this be done and how?
  9. Hey guys, I wanted to suggest a useful addition to the grid tool: Radial grids, where we can assign the number of sections / slices in the circular grid, as well as the number of rings. Having separate gutter/spacing for both dimensions would be great as well. Thanks for considering this.
  10. Hey! I came across problem - I can't find where I can change grid size, for example, I want small grid units per 4px and big grid units per 20px (right now it is 20px for small ones & 100px for big ones) Also is it possible to change grid color - I'm working on light gray background and it's quite hard to see the grid. Thanks! :)
  11. How do I change the grid size? I've looked under every menu and missed it, if it's there. The current grid is too large for my needs at the moment. I'm sure it can be changed; I just can't figure out how.
  12. Is it possible to select the color of the guidelines and grids? Depending on the image they can be almost impossible to see. That may not matter if you're using Snapping but there are times when you need to do things manually.
  13. Hey, I know you guys are working on updated grids and guides... I just wanted to add my 2 cents: It would be great if : 1. Grids and Guides were a little smarter, by only appearing when actived AND in the middle of a click and drag operation. 2. Guides can be manually or are automatically toggled on while the mouse is held down. As soon as the mouse is released, the grids/guides disappear. 3. Custom colors/blend modes for guides and grids, including solid and dotted.
  14. I think it'd be great to be able to define custom global and/or per-document grids. I was recently in Inkscape, and being able to have custom grid increments/colors/types is a pretty nice feature. Thinking these might be some nice grid settings (global and/or per-document): - X&Y coord. minor grid-line increments (also choose units in px, pt, in, etc.) - X&Y coord. major grid-line increments (also choose units in px, pt, in, etc.) - minor grid-line color - major grid-line color - grid type (line, dot) Thanks!
  15. I want to draw with the pen tool and the nodes shall snap to the grid. OK, that works, But: can I make a fixed grid e.g. every mm? As I see the grid changes automatically when zooming in/out. A fixed grid would be necessary for exact drawings not depending from zoom level I didn't find any menu to adjust this.
  16. Hi Guys, I'm really enjoying affinity design so far. Going from Inkscape to this has been a real change. The only thing Im missing atm is hexagonal grids :( Cheers,
  17. The snapping grid is not flexible enough for my requirements. Is there going to be any way to set up a user defined snap grid spacing?
  18. It would be good to have the ability to constrain control points for vector curves to guides / grids / elements. At present you can constrain control points to 45° increments by holding the shift key whilst dragging a control point from an end point. For really accurate work on eg. display type it would be great to be able to snap control points to guidelines/intersections, to be sure of the shape of a curve, in both angle and length. Separate but related question: can you manually set co-ords for control points? Thanks, J
  19. Hey guys, Just picked up Affinity today after seeing it as Editor's Choice and then watching the video. It looks great. One thing that immediately struck me as odd, was that I couldn't snap a dragged guide to the edge of a marquee (like in PS). This is a big part of my work flow, as I'll measure out a specific size marquee and then place guides around it. I've read in a lot of posts while trying to find out if it's just me doing it wrong that the snapping system was undergoing changes. Is this still the case and could this be added if it's not already possible? It could just be that I'm doing it wrong, somehow.
  20. FreeHand is for me the best vector application just for draw with precission. What about Paste inside. For example a image or a group of object inside a square? Another one. What about move objects precisely in the way you set? Like 1 mm or 5 pixels? BTW, Option + drag a object does not work in OS X? Is a basic routine from the early ages of DTP. Thanks a lot. In Spain (Europe) there is a lot of power users of the venerable FreeHand application. -------- In spanish: FreeHand es para mi, el mejor programa para dibujar. Punto. ¿Qué hay de pegar dentro? Por ejemplo una imagen o un grupo dentro de un cuadrado? Otra. ¿Se puede ajustar la cuadrícula en la medida que se quiera y así restringir el movimiento de objetos o su creación de milímetro en milímetro o cada 5 píxels, por ejemplo? Por cierto, Opción y arrastra un objeto hace que se duplique. Una vieja rutina. Gracias. En España (Europa) hay muchos usuarios avanzados de FreeHand.
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