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Found 8 results

  1. I downloaded the Grade UI kit file on my windows 10 computer but the file is not a zip file as the video tutorial says- https://vimeo.com/185319071 Instead it is an emmp file, whatever that is. The only thing that will open it is my MindMaple Pen app. Actually it wont open it but the app will open and say the file is corrupted. I am not sure what to do because I downloaded it straight from the Affinity website & I don't see anyone else getting this file type or having this problem.
  2. I just recently got a new laptop, the newest MacBook Pro (model# A1708) and I have been working on getting all of my files and applications on this new computer. I have gotten the actual Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer applications themselves downloaded and working great. However, I had to re-download the Grade UI Kit onto my new laptop because it didn't come with the application when I installed it onto the new computers system. I am able to get the files from the UI Sheets folder to open just fine, but whenever I try and open the files in the Palettes or the Assets folders, neither Affi
  3. Does Windows Store version of Affinity Designer go with "Bonus - Grade UI Kit" or to get the kit one has to purchase Designer through your website?
  4. The Grade Ui Kit included with Affinity Designer is based on Bootstrap 3 according to the official website of Grade Ui Kit. Does anybody know if Grade Ui Kit compatible with Bootstrap 4 if not will we get free upgrade when Grade UI Kit get based on Bootstrap 4?
  5. Hi I'm having some problems with the ios10 ui kit, I assume this is shipped with AD, I can't remember sourcing it from elsewhere. Specifically, the component parts of ui elements don't scale uniformly. For example, if you take a toggle switch and scale it up the rounded rectangles radius remain unchanged and so the whole thing changes shape. Compare this to the grade ui kit toggle button, which scales uniformly. Testing a few components reveals that much of the ios10 kit is the same and so pretty unusable. Another thing I note is if I want to scale a shape in proportion one kit
  6. Hi guys. Just purchased Designer and am trying to download the Grade UI kit. However, the speed is atrocious and the download just stops at 200KB or so. Any ideas?
  7. I just discovered the program and I gotta say it looks pretty awesome. I would buy this when it comes out for Windows. Will the Designer be offered at a 20% discount + UI Grade Kit for free as well?
  8. Hi guys, I got emailed recently and saw the was a new update, I've had affinity designer for 2 weeks and upgraded today but when I do upgrade via the apple store I am not seeing the FREE 'Grade UI KIT' I'm just presented with the image below. I would love to get hold of that Grade UI KIT could you please help me out? Regards, Tony.
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