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Found 6 results

  1. I am using the iPad Pro 12.9, 2021. I was wanting to know how to import a file, edit it then export it while still having the original file creation date and all the gps data still intact?
  2. I research software as Apple Photos on windows. Sotfware to import pictures from a smartphone or camera, to organize the pictures libraries, and get a preview of the geolocalization of all the pictures on a map. A mix between Apple Photos, Lightroom, Bridge. Whitout subcribe to a cloud offer. I don't know if this type of sotfware exist? I don't know how make the photographer on windows? But this kind of software with a nice UI, could be useful for many peoples, and make a good combination with affinity photo.
  3. Hey folks, actually I am very upset at the moment cause I have to repair manually lot of the data from my photos made from my trip in Scotland. Actually I use the raw development from my Panasonic data and this kills and messes up everything in the EXIF. E.g. the GPS data that is recorded well in the jpeg and the .rw2 file from the cam. I open the rw2 and develop with affinity photo and long story short... after the export to jpeg again the GPS data is "modified" means that the longitude is changed from west to east ??? WHY!? Finally all of my pics have been shot in the middle of the north sea now... great! Another thing is the time stamp in the file.. After editing, developing, editing and exporting to Jpeg I place the photos to the Macintosh app Photos to use as library After the import of the files the mess begins... all photos are mixed up and not anymore in the right order. I hit CMD+I for the information ... the timestamp seems to be correct. I dabble click the time to check the timezone ... and it is f***** up.. no time zone and a time which has nothing to do with the original and neither with the editing Maybe someone have an idea how to fix it for the future... now I have edited all timestamps and gps data manually which took me some days what I want to avoid in future...
  4. How do I edit IPTC, EXIF, GPS and XMP data in Affinity Photo? Sorry if this has been asked before. I just bought it and try to process some of my files. All my files (NEF, PSD, TIFF, DNG and JPG formats) have clean and proper embedded metadata (legacy IPTC (IIM), EXIF, GPS and XMP either embedded or in sidecar files). How does AP deal with that? Where can I edit or at least view this data? Can AP edit XMP and other metadata?
  5. I like to geo-locate my photos, but my camera does not have GPS. I can set Location in the Develop Personna, but for each photo I have to zoom in and pan around to locate the place where the photo was taken. Having just come back from Cyprus with several hundred photos, geo-locating them is a very tedious process. This would be much improved if some of the following could be implemented: Better searching for locations by address (e.g. searching for Agia Napa doesn't yield any results) Allowing the use of the last location when there is no GPS data in the image Allowing the copying and pasting of location information between images.
  6. Hi, I note that Affinity Mac has Location Panel with map function. I cannot see this in the Windows beta? I have over 100,000 images with GPS Lon/Lat/Alt in the exif. Will the Map/Location function be included soon? cheers, Paul
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