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Found 4 results

  1. Hallo Zusammen, ich arbeite zur Zeit an einem Bildband mit dem Publisher. Wir möchten bei den Bildern gern eine Skelettlackierung (partiellen Überdruck eines farblosen Lack) vornehmen. Die Bearbeitung der Bilder (inkl. Profilumwandlung in CMYK etc) erfolgt komplett in PS. In Photoshop kann für den Lack ein 5. Vollfarbkanal angelegt werden. Das Problem: In Publisher gibt es anscheinend keine Möglichkeit zusätzlich vorhandene Farbkanäle zu importieren bzw deren Anlage zu definieren (zB CMYK + 5. Vollfarbkanal zum Überdrucken mit globaler Farbe). Die Lack-Maske ist im Grunde einfach ein Graustufen-Bild. Man könnte dieses ja auch als Ebene über das Bild legen und zum Überdrucken mit einer Globalen Farbe "Lack" zuweisen. Damit könnte die Druckerei etwas anfangen. Problem auch hier, wir finden keine Möglichkeit die Bild-Ebene zum Überdrucken bzw. einer globalen Farbe zuzuweisen. Habt Ihr ggf Ideen oder Lösungen?
  2. I like working with Publisher. The software is clear and intuitive in many areas. My wish 1): The possibility to take over full tone channels from PSD image files and to be able to assign them to a global colour as desired. My wish 2): A real design mode. Affinity seems to save previews in the project file. Nevertheless, all images are reloaded in the background every time, even if they are only linked. This costs an enormous amount of RAM and slows down the computer during this time. My wish 3) A separation-preview.
  3. Hi In the project on a light yellow background, I used a vector brush in gray 70%. It was a global color with an overprint option! After exporting to PDF, the overprint works except where it was made with a vector brush I understand that such brushstrokes will be pixels, but the overprint option could remain. There is also no other place in the program (e.g. in the appearance palette) where an object can be overprinted!
  4. Hello! I discovered Global Colors to be very useful. However, it seems difficult to use them across multiple documents (I was hoping for "global" to be "global" enough to at least cover my machine ;-) ). Thus, I created a System palette from a palette of global colors, but when I use colors from the resulting palette in another file, the colors seem to have turned into plain regular colors, causing two disavdantages: 1) Obvious: Objects dont update when the color is chagned in the palette. 2) Less obvious: CMYK pure grayscale tones defined as 0/0/0/40 turn into a CMYK mixture of something looking like 81/80/99/26 (with non-zero CMY components), so the result in the printer's shop is probably a different gray tone. So here are my questions: Q1) How can I use global colors across files? Q2) Is the behaviour mentioned in 2) expected (and why?), or is it a bug? Thanks, Philipp
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