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Found 14 results

  1. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but in my document if I right click a non-global swatch I can't select "Make Global" and for the life of me I can't work out why. I have some spot colours in my document already and wanted to make some other colours global so they could be easily changed across the design but to no avail. I can workaround it by writing down the colour values, then clicking the small icon in the top right of the swatches pallette and selecting "Add Global Colour" but this is time consuming and somewhat annoying when there's a context menu option staring at me! It's possi
  2. Hi, I could not find if this was covered yet here on the forums. I just exported a color palette in Designer (to iCloud drive) with many global colors that had custom names assigned (RAL palette). When I imported the palette as document palette back into another project the custom names on the global colors were all gone and reverted back to their default names. The standard colors and gradients all kept their names, just the global color names were gone. Please advise. Cheers, Marc
  3. Hi there! Quick question. I started making global Pantone colors for my doc. I marked only two of four colors as spot colors. When I select "edit global color" to switch them to spot colors, the option isn't in the little dialogue box that pops up. Is there somewhere else in the program that I can edit that option? Thanks in advance for any help with this! Stephen:)
  4. This is the third global colors issue I reported just today. While the other two could be considered kind of niche or harder to spot, this one is dead obvious. You guys really, really, really need to spend a whole version just tearing down the Swatches panel and rebuilding it in a way that's user friendly and that actually works well in all situations. Select an object. On the Swatches panel press the add current color as global color. That's it, that's all it takes to reproduce. 🤨 You'd obviously expect the object to have the newly created global swatch applied. It doesn't. You need
  5. If you make a copy of a global color the new color will have the exact same name as the original. This causes all sorts of problems since no two swatches should have the same name. Steps to reproduce: Create a new global color in the Swatches panel, notice the name Right click it and choose Make Copy Check the name of the new global color, it's the exact same as the original Strangely, this does not happen to regular colors. If you make a copy of a regular color the app will always change the copy's name. Thanks!
  6. The color picker found in the Add Global Color dialog dialog only picks colours in RGB, independently of the document color space. Steps to reproduce: Create a new CMYK document Create a new object on the page, for example a rectangle with C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:20 Open the Swatches panel From the Swatches panel flyout menu, chose Add Global Color Use the color picker found next to the drop down menu to pick the color from the rectangle Notice the color value is expressed in RGB rather than CMYK Thanks!
  7. If an object from one document has a linked global color and we copy that object and then paste it into another document the global color should also come with it (or have the option to do so) and be added in the other document's swatches
  8. The ability to group global colors into schemes by saving the state of the entire group. Individual global color could be changed and save the new group state as a new scheme. This would allow having multiple color schemes for a group and change the look of the entire document merely by switching color schemes.
  9. I can‘t find out if Affinity Designer does support global color yet. I can‘t find something in the help. Does it`? Thanks a lot for this awesome app! Norbert
  10. I do not know where my global color icon went. I thought it came default with two palettes. 1.add current fill to palette icon and 2. the global color icon. Do I have to create a special Document palette in or Der for the global color icon to appear. I thought it was there regardless so one could use it to make a fill a global color at any time.
  11. Create a global color, red for example, and apply it to an object Create a snapshot Edit the global color to something else, green for example, and the object will change to green as expected Restore the snapshot created in point 2 Object will revert to red as expect, but the global colour itself remains green If global color is edited at this point to brown for example the object does change to that color, indicating that at least the color link is still working This probably also happens in Affinity Photo, but my use of global colours there is limited.
  12. Hi, I just noticed the following: I have several objects composited in a layer ... and I if I use my swatches in a layer fx (color overlay) to tint all objects at the same time I can choose my desired color swatch and it works fine. BUT if I change the color value of that swatch (double click on the swatch in the swatches panel) it does not influence the color used in the layer fx. If I check the color used on the layer fx, it still has the "old" values. I hope this will be fixed soon, Stefan.
  13. Hi! When I try to define a global color from the fill of a text object AD just creates a new document palette but not the color itself. If I then click on the symbol next to the palette combobox it works. A subscriber on my Youtube channel has the same problem with AD for Windows.
  14. My West wall layer has a black stroke and no fill. The color panel makes it look like it is set with a Global color, which it's not. Layers in the Windows' group are using the green global color. But not any in this group. How do I get my normal color panel back with the wheel or sliders visible? When I change layers the panel remains the same with the global color showing. Ah I have to click on the stoke color symbol, then it pops to the proper screen. This looks like a bug so I guess i'll move it from Questions to Bugs before I post.
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