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Found 22 results

  1. Hi! When I import a RAF-File into Affinity Photo, one of three things will happen: 1. huge parts of the image get cut of (the top third and the bottom third) [in this example, the original image is 6246 x 4170 px and it is cropped to 6276 x 1004 px] 2. a black line appears on the right of the image (which shows up on the developed photo as well) [I can cut it of by cropping, but it is annoying after all] 3. everything works as intended 😃 It seems to be related to the focal length and the lens I used For the first example I used a Fujifilm X-S10 Camera with a Fujinon XC50-230mmF4.5-6.7 OIS II lens set to 230mm; for the second example I used a Fujifilm X-S10 Camera with a Fujinon XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS lens set to 55mm. My Version is on windows 10 I attached the original files for you to try to reproduce the issue. Best Regards, Pepe _DSF7098.RAF _DSF7194.RAF
  2. Hi! I noticed some problems with RAW processing (Fuji X-T20) when intense blue stage light appears on the photo. There are no details in it. In addition, during basic processing, this light changes its shade to purple. RAW file download: https://we.tl/t-KoS6tF7RyZ SOOC JPG: RAW from C1: RAW from Develop Persona: My settings:
  3. Hi there, first of all, great work indeed with Affinity Photo! I downloaded the trial version yesterday and almost instantly fell in love with it. I was wondering if from the Fujifilm raw files there's any features available to apply the well known/beloved Fujifilm film simulations. That would really make the difference for me and for us fuji lovers. I can do this in Adobe Lightroom "camera profile" panel, as shown in the image I'm attaching. Is there any way to to this with Affinity as well? And if not, is it this feature planned for any future update? Thanks for your help and keep on the great work! Stefano.
  4. Como podemos exportar nuestros archivos raw ya revelados de los software oficiales de Sony, Olympus, Canon, Nikon, o recomendado como CaptureOne Express para Fujifilm y Sony a Affinity Photo para continuar editando las imágenes. Saludos
  5. Hello! Back in 2017 Fujifilm launched their 1st medium-format mirrorless camera: the Fujifilm GFX50S. It contained all the Fujifilm "film simulations" that us Fujifilm camera users have all come to know and love, but it gained an extra effect: the Color Chrome effect. This effect was inspired by Fujifilm's own FUJICHROME Fortia SP film, which promised even greater contrast and colours in comparison to the world-famous Velvia 50. Quoting Fujifilm-X: This Color Chrome effect was later ported to newer Fujifilm-X cameras, such as the Fujifilm X-T3 and the X-T30. Unfortunately, us older Fujifilm-X users (I have a Fujifilm X-T2) may never see this effect on their camera. So I've resolved to try and recreate it, which is pretty easy to do in Affinity Photo. https://www.iancylkowski.com/blog/2020/7/4/fujifilm-color-chrome-effect-how-to-recreate-in-affinity-photo The tutorial utilises Affinity Photo's LAB colour mode in the Curves Adjustment tool, which is so, so handy. I've also created two Affinity Photo Macros; both speed up the creation of the LAB Colour Boost layer as well as the creation of a Saturation Mask. I've attached them here. Here's some before and afters. This is the sample image I used, straight out of camera using the Provia (Standard) film simulation. This is the image with some minor edits I made (change from Provia to Velvia, largely). This is with my Color Chrome effect applied. Do let me know if this tutorial is OK to link to here, or not. I hope this proves useful! Let me know if the effect needs some improvement. LABColourBoost.afmacro SaturationMask.afmacro
  6. Hi, My Problem is, that the white balance isnt working properly. my in-camera max white balance is 10,000 and as soon as I hit higher numbers on that scale, white balance gets unusable. as soon as I click white balance, it sets itself to -1 Kelvin, which is impossible, I know, but it does that. Any ideas on how I can fix this or is it a problem for other Fuji users too?
  7. Dear, I have some troubles using affinity photo v1.7.0.367 with fujifilm RAW files (XT2 camera), see attached files for example PC conf is windows 10 (latest update), 16Go RAM, intel i7 3.4GHz, NVIDIA Gforce GTX650. The problem is the following: when loading one single loseless compressed RAF file, it takes 20-30s to load if I let the automatic lens corrections and/or noise reduction and/or tone curve. If I turn these off it is much faster. Now if i try to load multiples RAF files (tried with 10-20 files together) with the automatic lens corrections or tone curve still active for example, affinity photo is running the computer full power but nothing happen and the computer completely freeze (no mouse movement, no keyboard, no possibility to end affinity, the only solution is to force the computer off manually). I would be glad to hear if you have a solution. I have purchase affinity photo to migrate from lightroom but in the current situation I would not recommend the software for fuji users. Looking forward to your kind feeback. Thanks 20190608-Wakasa_beach-1.raf 20190608-Wakasa rainbow line park-3.raf
  8. Hi I am Affinity Photo user v and I have noticed that when importing a Fujifilm raw file (RAF), the original image size (document size) is altered when importing such file in Affinity. For example: an original fujifilm RAF file of 4896x3264px is automatically imported as 4934x3296px file size document. I still have to manually type the correct pixel size of the document when exporting the edited image. Though, no issues when importing fujifilm jpg file format. Please find attached screenshot. Thank you.
  9. I everyone and I Affinity Support Team, I just bought a new Fujifilm XT-100. I can't open the RAF file in Affinity Photo (latest release for MacOs 1.6.7). I had no issues using my old Nikon D3200. No way, I can see only a white vertical stripe. No images. What's the problem? Thank you
  10. Hi! It would be really great to have support for RAW-files (*.raf) from the new Fujifilm X-T100 in near future! I know that ther is a possibility to convert to Adobes DNG and import that into Affinity, but this makes the workflow complicated. Thanks and best regards, dh
  11. Hi, I just want to know when are you releasing an update support for Fujifilm Lossless Compressed raw .RAF file. I just bought an Ipad pro 10.5" and purchased Affinity Photo, I didn't know it wasn't supported yet. thanks
  12. My new camera Fujifilm X-E3 isn't yet on the list of supported RAW cameras. When I open one of it's RAF-Files, it will open in Develop Persona but white balance is totally wrong and inadjustable, as the amount is already on 50% (magenta). Using the Apple Engine it works, but then I can't used compressed files. I really hope that this camera will be supported soon!
  13. Is the Fujifilm GFX any closer to being supported in the raw develop module? It still renders with around 400px shift, losing a portion of the image. It works with the Apple engine but the color shifts quite a bit. The last thread I saw about this issue was in March or April. The color I get with the altered image is superb so I, and I’m sure others, are anxious to see this happen. Any updates or time frame at all?
  14. Any idea if the Fujifilm GFX 50S medium format digital camera will be supported soon? There is a bug that occurs both in the official release of Affinity Photo 1.5.1, as well as in the latest beta (1.5.2 beta 5): When opening Fuji GFX 50S raw files (.RAF), the file does in fact open. However, the image data appears as if it's pushed to the left by approx 468 pixels. This gives the appearance of a solid black vertical bar running down the entire right-hand side of the image. (see attached screenshot) You can download raw files for this camera from the Imaging Resource: Lab test samples Gallery samples The new camera utilizes an ordinary Bayer color filter array rather than the unique X-Trans pattern. So hopefully this will simplify processing of the raw data. Thanks very much!
  15. Hi I purchase an ipad pro and excited to download and use Affinity photo. Upload a few images to google drive and try to open on ipad. The file appeared dimmed and not able to opened. I have some read and said for xt2 raw file it is ok to open uncompressed RAW but not compressed. For XE-2 I cannot locate a setting from menu that related to that. Anyone have any idea about XE-2? Seem like it didn't have the option is that mean that XE-2 file are not compressed. So why it cannot be opened? Very disappointed at this stage. Hope someone can give a hand. Much appreciated.
  16. Will the new Affinity Photo for the iPad develop RAW files from a Fuji X-T1 and/or X-T2?
  17. Dear all, I am very happy to see AFFINITY so much advanced since my last trial. As we all know, right now there's no good RAW-converter for the FUJIFILM GFX 50S RAF files. Affinity 1.5.2 is opening the files and one can do adjustments - Unfortunately the image is shifted to the left side by some 400 px or so. How fast can this be fixed? Knowing this will be vital to many of us deciding to buy the software. Best Regards, Peter
  18. Is Fujifilm X-T10 RAW supported. If not, do you have a plan and schedule to support the Raw conversion of Fujifilm X-T10 camera. It is quite popular model among my peer group. Cheers
  19. Hi, I couldn't seems to open RAW file captured by Xpro2. Understand this camera was just officially shipped/released days ago. Anyone can assist?
  20. Wondering if there's, or there's going to be any updates for support of Xpro2 RAW files?
  21. Greetings Affinity Professionals! As a total newbie to the Apple (iMac) Universe, I just found your app, and had the following questions please... Is your software fully compatible with both Fujifilm RAW and JPEG files? Secondly, as I already have access to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Elements on my iMac, I was wondering what advantage I would derive in moving to Affinity Photo? (I only shoot and process still images, so no video editing is necessary.) If interested, you can view images samples at www.totalqualityphoto.com. Thank you for your time!
  22. Hi. I'm professional photographer in S. Korea. 1. Hope to using fujifilm raw files in affinity. 2. And, For recognizing, checking lights or something on the tab what I change things (brightness, curves, .. stc) thnks,
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