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Found 20 results

  1. Publisher V 2.1.1 freezes every time you click "export". Windows 11 latest version. Urgent action is required !
  2. Placing a multi page PDF will suddenly freeze Publisher 2, usually after a few pages have been placed. I can quit or force quit, reopen, save and continue. It will often freeze again and I have to quit or force quit and reopen again. The saved backup file does prevent me from having to start from scratch. This has only recently appeared the last 2 days. It could be Apple's latest updates are causing the issue or something else. I do save often which also reduces loss of my work.
  3. I'm using the entire affinity suite on windows on a SurfaceBook. I keep having a problem where my Samsung pen will suddenly just stop responding on the screen. Usually this is in Photo because I'm masking images. I not only have to close out the program, but then have to totally restart the computer in order for the program to recognize it again. And then I have to repeat this every 15 minutes or so. I've had a problem in the past of the program lagging when it's getting a little overheated because I'm not properly getting air flow, but in that case I would just have to stop for a few minutes and cool it down. Any ideas on what the issue is? Thanks
  4. I have often the problem that AD is freezing when moving a layer. I have to restart the iPad. Is there a solution for this problem?
  5. Sorry to post, if this is a known issue. I did a search of the forums, and saw older versions having similar issues but not quite the same. So I thought I would mention this. M1 Mac mini, 16 GB RAM, a file with 150 pages, 4 master pages, and hundreds of linked PDFs inside the project, about 15 linked jpgs. I am working on a music book, with hundreds of music examples. In the music software I am able to export each line of music as a PDF. Each lesson (2 pages) has text and about 10 lines of music (some more, some less). I am around lesson 36 at the moment, out of 60. The issue, I start up Publisher, it works fine after about 30 seconds. No issues. No lag, no freezing. I work for several hours. GREAT! I close out the app after saving. Come back 2 hours later. The program starts to act sluggish. Dragging the PDF music examples around takes 15-20 seconds to move 1 line. I see ghost lines, where I select something and move it, but all I see is the outline of the box move and nothing else. I get the spinning ball of death. On a good day, this lasts for about 3 minutes and then I am right back into where I was at the moments everything was running great. On a bad, this never seems to end. At time, I try to save the project. I see the blue saving bar appear, it gets to the end and never goes away. It is stuck at what looks like 100% saved. This has stuck for 30+ minutes. I force quit, and the when I reopen the app, my document shows up instantly. Sometimes I can keep working, sometimes I get into the same loop as before, with incredibly sluggish performance. I have had a few crashes. When selecting the Place tool (to place an image), I select the 10 PDF lines of music. As I click to add each one, somewhere in the sequence the app closes on its own. I am not sure what else I can say. But thought I would express what I have seen in hopes for a fix. Robby
  6. When testing I often use the same images to test new betas and releases. Have not had this problem prior to the latest beta release. The stitching process is very fast and the initial entry into pano correction is normal. But when I have then tried to do some edition with the brush tool, everything goes bad. I have reset my iPad, deleted and reinstalled the AP beta app without success. IMG_1406.MP4 Photo iPad-2021-03-25-110039.ips.zip Photo iPad-2021-03-25-111419.ips.zip Photo iPad-2021-03-25-112204.ips.zip Photo iPad-2021-03-25-114242.ips.zip crashes sent to Apple
  7. Hello All, I have created an architecture portfolio with Affinity Publisher. When starting and completing the initial draft this summer everything was running smoothly. I opened it after not touching it for a couple months and now the file is basically untouchable. Every click presents the an issue of the apple scrolling wheel and lag that last for 15 mins plus. I am using the most up to date version of the desktop app and my imac specs will be attached below. I am also leaving my file here to see if its a bug with my file. Can this be coming from my Imac or issues with the app itself? My file is about 120 pages with lots of high res pdfs and text. I know this makes the file huge and I should expect some lag but I have done 200 page documents on indesign with having way less lag on the same computer. Thanks for any help! Undergrad_Graduate_Portfolio_2020.afpub
  8. Hi Earlier today I had an issue with Publisher freezing when I was trying to draw a text frame. After trying a few different things i worked out that when the issue happened when I tried to draw the text frame over a picture frame. If I draw the text frame over an unoccupied area of the page I can then move it over the picture frame without any problems, but every time I tried to draw it directly over the picture frame I experienced the freeze. The picture frame was a sub-layer and I had the parent layer selected when drawing the text area. I have not come across this before, is it a known problem? Thanks Ian
  9. Hi there, Please can you help? Affinity Photo keeps freezing when I try to move a layer (i.e. about half a dozen mouse clicks after launching the software). The file size is small (less than 1MB). I'm running AF on a Wacom Studio Pro (Windows 10 Pro) with 16MB ram and 399GB free disk space. I have reinstalled the computer which has not helped this issue. Please can anybody point me towrads some things to try to resolve this? It is the only App crashing, everything else seems to be fine. Many thanks in advance for any help you could kindly offer.
  10. I am using Photo 1.8.3 ona windows 10 PC. It has been working fine sence the last upgrade then suddenly I can not even start a new document without it freezing up. I have tried a repair and a complete delete and reinstall to no avail. HELP please
  11. If I choose the font family, the program freezes or the program speed slows down to an extent that is not available.This has been a problem since the early version of Affinity Photo. Currently, 1.8 versions of Affinity photo, designer, and publisher all have the same problem.Upload the relevant data as an attachment. If you tell me the information you need to solve this problem, I'll keep you informed. * Due to this screen stop, symptoms of not being able to use the program show the same result in my laptop.(Model # : asus Zenbook UX333F ) I expected the problem to be solved when the version is up.I'm very disappointed that it hasn't been solved yet. I'm waiting for your help. Thank you very much.
  12. Hello, I have some issues with the Designer 1.8. Everytime I select and object and change the color, Designer freezes 😞 I've alreade set it back to default and installed it again. Same problem. It might be a problem with the color pallete dialogue? Is there a log file to find somewhere? Best Regards, Ben Win10, Wacom Bamboo, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon R7 200
  13. hello, my affinity designer stopped working. it completely freezes when you do Start New document or try to modify the size of existing document. cannot minimize, completely frozen. Tried Repair, uninstall / install, no effect. Affinity photo works without issues for now. Running on W10, latest OS updates were done, running latest designer version as well. When closing with Task Manager - an Affinity Designer process is still left running on the background, which I have to kill separately... Removed the latest version - installed previous version - same issue... Ideas how to proceed? Thanks
  14. Hi, I designed a lightbulb as a part of a logo I'm designing and I tried to make the lightbulb one simple layer by hitting the "add" button in the Boolean controls but 3 times now a loading bar pops up saying "adding" but It seems to get stuck there and I can't do anything in the app except force quit and go back to a previous save point. Thanks in advance for the help!
  15. I have a file that I am having trouble exporting. I have already successfully exported the image once but decided it needed a little more work. I added a High Pass and a description and tried to export. Ten minutes later AP was still trying to export. In going into the task manager, the CPU is working overtime (image attached). I have tried several other files from the same group of images I am working with. Every time I try to export my laptop sounds like it is prepping to leave the atmosphere as the fans turn on. Again, the task manager is saying the CPU is working overtime. I have attached the working file and my computer specs. If anyone can assist I would greatly appreciate it! 191011-MBP-Waldnaabtal-062.afphoto Computer Info.txt Is there a place to pull a log I can send?
  16. Hi, I recently purchased Publisher and have an issue when I search for stock images. They take a long time to load and then everything freezes within the programme. When I scroll the images and more try to load the same thing happens. They do load eventually but it very slow and not entirely usable like this. I have also noticed that in certain situations, similar freezes happen with the Photo app too. I am using a fairly new laptop with an i7 processor and 16gb GB ram, and I do not experience lag/freezing issues within other programmes. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.
  17. Now i'm experiencing this problem again, I did try uninstall every suspicious fonts. But it seemed crash everytime with every different font. It crashed when I scrolled down font dialogue window to 'L' so I deleted most of chinese characters and korean fonts starting with 'L' and 'M', now it freezes while scrolling 'H' whatever fonts. Really? I have affinity designer, photo, publisher beta on Windows(Korean) 10 system. At early versions of affinity softwares had these problems, but at some point it seemed gone. I'm satisfied with the affinity products and for a while there were no problems with the any asian fonts, but font freezing is coming back again. Designer and photos are both 1.7 now and it's almost impossible to enter any texts and change fonts. Well, I can always use 'Arial' font, but I wonder is there any solution except for removing every fonts in my system.
  18. Hello, I often have the problem that Affinity Photo freezes when moving layers. I've noticed that it often happens when I undo a lot of work and then move layers. I assigned 60% of 16GB RAM in Affinity Photo. The graphics card (GTX 1060 6 GB) renders with OpenGL As a precaution I have attached a memory dump of Affinity Photo as a RAR file. Photo.rar
  19. AF keeps freezing during any operation and flags up 'AF not responding' even when its the only program open, any advice ? i'm using the same PC i've always used AF on but its gradually becoming more frequent 4-5 times with 30mins use. When it was first installed, all was fine. No new programs installed on my pc only he usual windows upgrades !
  20. Pretty much every time I edit "large" pixel size files like the last one at 300 DPI for 200cm x 100cm ( 24000 px x 12000px) I am experiencing some serious lags and freezing problems with bluring tools or content aware tools (inpainting brush) For example if I try using swirling bokeh (AP video tutorial ) on a file this size, my MACPRO will regularly lag for minutes and freeze at the impainting stage. It is very annoying because I am definitely not going back to photoshop but I must admit that for large files it is a better working horse, for creativity AP is unbeatable but you do have a file size issue frm my experience. I have tried changing the performance settings but to no avail. Please be clear on what should be done with settings!!! I have read various contradicting interpretations on the forum...use OPEN GL ONLY ... USE OPEN GL AND GPU...USE ONLY GPU :( I doubt that it is an hardware issue as I am working on a MACPRO six core 64GB with an AMD FIREPRO 300 graphic card. Only Ap running.... Here goes a link to the file I am mentioning: note that this a jpeg file dowloaded from the hubble telescope site online. Would the same file raw make a difference.... https://www.hightail.com/download/ZWJXSkhld0FoMlhOUjhUQw Cheers and thank you again
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