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  1. When testing I often use the same images to test new betas and releases. Have not had this problem prior to the latest beta release. The stitching process is very fast and the initial entry into pano correction is normal. But when I have then tried to do some edition with the brush tool, everything goes bad. I have reset my iPad, deleted and reinstalled the AP beta app without success. IMG_1406.MP4 Photo iPad-2021-03-25-110039.ips.zip Photo iPad-2021-03-25-111419.ips.zip Photo iPad-2021-03-25-112204.ips.zip Photo iPad-2021-03-25-114242.ips.zip cras
  2. Hello All, I have created an architecture portfolio with Affinity Publisher. When starting and completing the initial draft this summer everything was running smoothly. I opened it after not touching it for a couple months and now the file is basically untouchable. Every click presents the an issue of the apple scrolling wheel and lag that last for 15 mins plus. I am using the most up to date version of the desktop app and my imac specs will be attached below. I am also leaving my file here to see if its a bug with my file. Can this be coming from my Imac or issues with the app itself?
  3. Hi Earlier today I had an issue with Publisher freezing when I was trying to draw a text frame. After trying a few different things i worked out that when the issue happened when I tried to draw the text frame over a picture frame. If I draw the text frame over an unoccupied area of the page I can then move it over the picture frame without any problems, but every time I tried to draw it directly over the picture frame I experienced the freeze. The picture frame was a sub-layer and I had the parent layer selected when drawing the text area. I have not come across this before,
  4. I am using Photo 1.8.3 ona windows 10 PC. It has been working fine sence the last upgrade then suddenly I can not even start a new document without it freezing up. I have tried a repair and a complete delete and reinstall to no avail. HELP please
  5. I'm running Affinity Designer on Windows 10 and it is freezing up constantly. About once per minute it'll freeze for maybe 3-4 seconds and then everything goes back to normal. When it freezes Designer will use about 50% of the CPU capacity for the duration of the freeze. I would assume my computer's CPU simply isn't powerful enough, but Designer regularly uses up to 90% of the CPU capacity with no problems. Also this was never a problem before (same computer, same files). It's been about a month since I last used Designer. This problem started last week when I opened it up and updated
  6. Hi there, Please can you help? Affinity Photo keeps freezing when I try to move a layer (i.e. about half a dozen mouse clicks after launching the software). The file size is small (less than 1MB). I'm running AF on a Wacom Studio Pro (Windows 10 Pro) with 16MB ram and 399GB free disk space. I have reinstalled the computer which has not helped this issue. Please can anybody point me towrads some things to try to resolve this? It is the only App crashing, everything else seems to be fine. Many thanks in advance for any help you could kindly offer.
  7. If I choose the font family, the program freezes or the program speed slows down to an extent that is not available.This has been a problem since the early version of Affinity Photo. Currently, 1.8 versions of Affinity photo, designer, and publisher all have the same problem.Upload the relevant data as an attachment. If you tell me the information you need to solve this problem, I'll keep you informed. * Due to this screen stop, symptoms of not being able to use the program show the same result in my laptop.(Model # : asus Zenbook UX333F ) I expected the pro
  8. Hello, I have some issues with the Designer 1.8. Everytime I select and object and change the color, Designer freezes 😞 I've alreade set it back to default and installed it again. Same problem. It might be a problem with the color pallete dialogue? Is there a log file to find somewhere? Best Regards, Ben Win10, Wacom Bamboo, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon R7 200
  9. Hi, I designed a lightbulb as a part of a logo I'm designing and I tried to make the lightbulb one simple layer by hitting the "add" button in the Boolean controls but 3 times now a loading bar pops up saying "adding" but It seems to get stuck there and I can't do anything in the app except force quit and go back to a previous save point. Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. hello, my affinity designer stopped working. it completely freezes when you do Start New document or try to modify the size of existing document. cannot minimize, completely frozen. Tried Repair, uninstall / install, no effect. Affinity photo works without issues for now. Running on W10, latest OS updates were done, running latest designer version as well. When closing with Task Manager - an Affinity Designer process is still left running on the background, which I have to kill separately... Removed the latest version - installed previous version - same issue... Ideas how to proceed? Thanks
  11. I have a file that I am having trouble exporting. I have already successfully exported the image once but decided it needed a little more work. I added a High Pass and a description and tried to export. Ten minutes later AP was still trying to export. In going into the task manager, the CPU is working overtime (image attached). I have tried several other files from the same group of images I am working with. Every time I try to export my laptop sounds like it is prepping to leave the atmosphere as the fans turn on. Again, the task manager is saying the CPU is working overtime. I have attached
  12. Hi, I recently purchased Publisher and have an issue when I search for stock images. They take a long time to load and then everything freezes within the programme. When I scroll the images and more try to load the same thing happens. They do load eventually but it very slow and not entirely usable like this. I have also noticed that in certain situations, similar freezes happen with the Photo app too. I am using a fairly new laptop with an i7 processor and 16gb GB ram, and I do not experience lag/freezing issues within other programmes. Any help would be appreciated, T
  13. Now i'm experiencing this problem again, I did try uninstall every suspicious fonts. But it seemed crash everytime with every different font. It crashed when I scrolled down font dialogue window to 'L' so I deleted most of chinese characters and korean fonts starting with 'L' and 'M', now it freezes while scrolling 'H' whatever fonts. Really? I have affinity designer, photo, publisher beta on Windows(Korean) 10 system. At early versions of affinity softwares had these problems, but at some point it seemed gone. I'm satisfied with the affinity products and for a while there were no p
  14. I have issues including freezing/crashing while trying to select font for any text box. The only reason I can suggest except the software bug is that this might happen due to Korean fonts installed in my computer... Are there anybody experiencing the same issue with me?
  15. Hello, I often have the problem that Affinity Photo freezes when moving layers. I've noticed that it often happens when I undo a lot of work and then move layers. I assigned 60% of 16GB RAM in Affinity Photo. The graphics card (GTX 1060 6 GB) renders with OpenGL As a precaution I have attached a memory dump of Affinity Photo as a RAR file. Photo.rar
  16. Hi, I use Affinity Designer on windows 10 for almost a year now, after using Corel Draw from version 2 to x7. I did change because I liked affinity right away and I decided to buy it and now I just use this one. However, there is a big problem working fine and the application is continually freezing for a few seconds even for simpler operations. It's frustrating to work so you lose a lot of time. Is there any solution? Thank you
  17. Hi, I mentioned this topic at the wrong forum (windows - shame on me) some days ago. Every time I try to select a font in the upper menu the spinning wheel of doom appears. This happens in at least 60% of the time. I deactivated all fonts via fontexplorer to test if the problem is connected with a specific font, but the problem remains. I reinstalled AD completely. It seems like nothing is working. At this time I can`t use AD anymore and switched back to illustrator to get the job done. I was willing to switch completely to affinity, but this problem gives me some headaches... A
  18. I'm running into this issue as well. I've not installed any other fonts. I'm running 10.13.3 and as soon as I click the drop down, the program freezes and shows an not responsive. I saw there were fonts not downloaded in the font book, so I downloaded all of the fonts to check to make sure that wasn't an issue, did not fix it. Any chance this is getting worked on? Without being able to change fonts, this program is dead in the water for me.
  19. AF keeps freezing during any operation and flags up 'AF not responding' even when its the only program open, any advice ? i'm using the same PC i've always used AF on but its gradually becoming more frequent 4-5 times with 30mins use. When it was first installed, all was fine. No new programs installed on my pc only he usual windows upgrades !
  20. Hey folks, Actually I'm using AP 1.6.6 on a MacBook with macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 I have problems that Affinity Photo freezes when I try to open multiple (>5) jpegs at once (did it quite often with version 1.5 without problems when I want to rescale picture for web) The program freezes and does not give any reaction anymore. Only possibility is to kill the program and restart it open less files at once. Hope somebody can give me hand solving this issue
  21. It just doesn't work. I just downloded the aplication and cant use it.
  22. I recently upgraded to High Sierra, and now when I use Affinity Photo the Hitachi external hard drive loses the photo files somehow. The file icon is on desktop but double-clicking it show and empty index page. Affinity will not export to the drive. A hard reset of the drive clears the problem. Apple support said it was the driver on the Hitachi drive ( as it is 8 years old). So I put in a GTechnologies drive in another USB port, and as I suspected both drives are 'frozen' in the same manner while I am just using Affinity Photo and the Hitachi drive. I am just wondering if anyone has had
  23. I recently upgraded to High Sierra, and now when I use Affinity Photo the Hitachi external hard drive loses the photo files somehow. The file icon is on desktop but double-clicking it show and empty index page. Affinity will not export to the drive. A hard reset of the drive clears the problem. Apple support said it was the driver on the Hitachi drive ( as it is 8 years old). So I put in a GTechnologies drive in another USB port, and as I suspected both drives are 'frozen' in the same manner while I am just using Affinity Photo and the Hitachi drive. I am just wondering if anyone has had
  24. I have a new Dell XPS fast - fun computer. I have the newest software and use Windows 10. However, Affinity Designer freezes constantly. Actually every time I touch the screen or use my mouse on the object it freezes then goes black...sometimes my project comes back other times I have to restart and start all over. It makes it unusable in fact. Help???
  25. I'm uploading workable files and making changes on the dpi/pixels... and then the program freezes and then says not responding... I have to force quit over and over... What is the issue does anyone know?
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