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Found 63 results

  1. Hi, Slow and unstable (freeze) work program on the laptop Lenovo Y70 (i5 4200H and GTX860m). By the way, I noticed a very large memory usage in Windows 10. What can be the reason? Thanks
  2. Beanie (layer): 24 elements Zorak (layer) Head (group): 6 elements Neck (group): 5 elements Antenna(layer): 2 elements Bubble(layer): 1 element 2 Text layers. I managed to free AD by attempting a multi-layer copy operation after running AD for probably over an hour working on another document. I wanted to add layers from an older graphic. I opened the older graphic, and attempted to copy the layers by selecting them in the layers pane and hitting cmd-c. The app froze, and I waited at least 5 minutes to see if it might recover gracefully, but after a while, I force quit the app. I was trying to make something so, I did not try to troubleshoot it until today. I tried reproducing the problem again by launching AD and copying the same layers. It did not freeze, which indicates a memory issue (leak?) that only manifests after the app is near its max—just speculation though. I’ll attach a log & an image to show structure. Affinity Designer_2017-02-11-032411_trash.hang.zip
  3. I hung Affinity Designer when I attempted to copied 5 layers (shown in image): layer 1 has 24 elements, layer 2 : 2 groups of 7 & 5 elements, layer 3&4 are text elements, & layer 5 is a vector fill. A majority of shape vectors & the text has gradient fills. Only 2 elements have layer fx applied. I wasn’t able to replicate the multi-layer copy that caused the freeze by copying the same content from a clean launch. I guessed it was a memory issue, and this behavior reinforces it. I’m attaching the log to help speed this up. Given I can usually crash/freeze most apps very quickly, & I’ve been using Affinity Designer over a year & this is the first crash, kudos to the dev team. Affinity Designer_2017-02-11-032411_trash.hang.zip
  4. In AD, Sometimes when I changed the width of a stroke, created by the pen tool, in the "Transform" box, the stroke disappears. The number in the "W:" box disappears, and I can't do anything in the program. It doesn't freeze completely though. When I hover over objects, they are highlighted, but when I click on an object, nothing happens. I've tried to re-enter the width, delete key, and pretty much everything else. After a while of clicking around, the program crashes. I can't recreate it with a newly opened document, but maybe I'm not recreating it correctly. It usually happens after a few hours of work.
  5. Please fix this, bug happen by the steps as you see in my screenshot. Cheers. :)
  6. I have been just editing an AD document. When I toggled some font layer to be invisible and then visible again the app froze. (beach ball for a few minutes, the fans of my macbook sped up). After a few minutes I force quitted the application. After starting the app again I was asked if I like to restore the unsaved changes. Yes! I like to, in order to not lose 2 hours of work. But when clicking restore the app freezes again after already showing me the correct view of the document in question. I noticed that the thumbnail of the file in the Finder shows still a very old version of the file from a few hours ago. So I was afraid to have lost all work. So I tried the following: - restarting the app again - getting asked if I like to restore the file - confirming - then hitting CMD+S really fast in order to save the file before affinity crashes It worked! The thumbnail of the file in the Finder now shows the correct version of the file. But I still can not open the document because AD freezes instantly (but is still able to render the file's content right before the freeze). I have attached the document. It would be really great if there is a possibility to work with that file again. I already tried opening it with the current AD beta (1.5.4 RC1) but it freezes as well. albatros.afdesign.zip
  7. AndreyBulatov

    AD move tool freeze bug

    AD freezes when I try to drag the object using move tool Sorry, can't upload video example, here is the link https://yadi.sk/i/C0653JclxggcK
  8. Valentín Benavente

    AP not working

    Hi; Something strange happened to APhoto; I'm no longer able to modify any document with it. It opens properly, but no matter what tool I try to select, nothing happens, and I get a 'puh' sound instead. Most of menu options appear greyed as well, including the 'quit' one, so I must force it. I've tryed both the MAS version and the Beta one, with the same result. ADesigner, however, works properly (both the MAS and the Beta). Any ideas? Thanks; Val -UPDATE- This behaviour only happens when I right-click on a document and select 'open with Affinity Photo'. If AP is running and I open a document using its menu, everything is OK.
  9. I am using AD for sometime now and keep getting total freezes when zooming in and especially using the grab tool. This happend to me using OS Yosemite (10.10) and El Capitan (10.11). This is a total freeze, no crash report is written and there is no KP (kernel panic). I can however still reboot using SSH and restart the machine, it looks like the grapical interface is dead or disabled. This makes using AD a PITA, I really enjoy the performance and smoothness, but the freezes make it almost impossible to use. The freeze today was when I was working fullscreen, the only thing I see before the shit hits the fan is this: 13/10/15 14:53:10,572 WindowServer[251]: disable_update_timeout: UI updates were forcibly disabled by application "Affinity Designer" for over 1.00 seconds. Server has re-enabled them. 13/10/15 14:53:13,516 WindowServer[251]: common_reenable_update: UI updates were finally reenabled by application "Affinity Designer" after 3.94 seconds [0.25fps] (server forcibly re-enabled them after 1.00 seconds [1.00fps]) 13/10/15 14:53:16,045 Affinity Designer[955]: The object <LayerIconButton: 0x7fc51d2b5620> is not an NSControl subclass, but it is being used as the controlView for a cell. This is not allowed. 13/10/15 14:53:16,045 Affinity Designer[955]: The object <LayerSubItemIconButton: 0x7fc51d7eb900> is not an NSControl subclass, but it is being used as the controlView for a cell. This is not allowed. 13/10/15 14:53:16,666 WindowServer[251]: CGXDeleteWindowRegion: Operation on a window 0x17 requiring rights kCGSWindowRightOwner by caller Affinity Designer I am not a Cocoa programmer, but it looks like the WindowServer is having problems with AD. Can you help me make AD more productive, I have been doing some searching and I have read more reports about these freezes also in combination with the grab tool.
  10. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm having major problems with exporting my files as png/pdf. During export AD basically freezes. I read that it is most likely a MAC update problem; they've completely dropped the ball these past few updates. I have Affinity Design 1.3.5 and I downloaded Beta - is there another AD out there? Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to export my images, as I am in crunch to get my logo on product labels and displays? Thanks!
  11. After installing the Affinity Designer via the App Store I dragged in a complicated SVG in to play around with for the first time. Nothing happened except for the app opening and freezing. I'm unable to use any of the app menus. I just hear error beeps when I click in the window. When control clicking the Affinity icon in the system dock it appears that the initial SVG file is hung importing (it never makes progress). I can only close the app at this point via the "Force Quit" menu. This is preventing me from using the app in any way. I tried renaming the file but it still somehow attempted to open the renamed version on the next launch. While writing up this report I tried deleting this file and that did prevent it from having the freeze on open issue. The app freezes now anytime I attempt to make a new document. I've tried reinstalling the app but it does not help the issue. A few questions: - Is there any way I can stop the app from freezing. - Is Affinity choking on SVGs a common thing? Can I send you files that break the app in the future as bug reports? - I'm running the latest OSX beta (OS X 10.11 15A243d). Is this a known issue with that? Am I just out of luck and money with your software until the beta is final?
  12. Using Affinity 1.1.2 on Mac, system 10.7.5, when I export a document as EPS then go to the desktop, then come back to my document it has frozen, nothing is active and the spinning beach ball of death appears! Only force quit rectifies this! It happens every time, any ideas? Update - Just found the solution, downloaded the Beta version and it's fixed.
  13. I am trying to create a pattern - and every time I do a copy and paste to create more panels of the pattern, AD stops responding (the wheel of death appears) and there's no other way out except to force quit. I have restarted my computer - same problem happened again. I have tried about 8 times now - any suggestions please? Many thanks Pookie

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