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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, i’v been using affinity photo for a while and have been suffering with this issue. Very often.. I use it on iPad Pro, iOS 13.4 and now iOS 14, but immaterial of the iOS version , I often find myself encountering the issue of affinity photo freezing, and app crashes.. as it that was not enough often the toolbar top icons layers and colours, will stop responding.. I really hope you guys can resolve this issues and also bring some new update. It seems that then affinity team has forgotten about this app, hardly any updates of fixes..
  2. Hi all, Specs: Designer Version Photo Version Windows 10 Intel Core i5-8265U 1.6GHz w/ Turbo Boost up to 3.9Ghz RAM - 8 GB I've recently downloaded a few free .abr brush sets online which I was able to successfully import into both Photo and the Pixel Persona of Designer after just a few seconds of loading, annoyingly now I've purchased a brush set the software seems to fall over itself when I try and import it. I bought the new Photoshop Brush Set (30+ brushes) from Sketch-a-Day (created in Photoshop CC I believe), but when I try to import it either in Photo or the Pixel Persona of Designer, I get the blue spinning wheel but the software never seems to recover. I've not timed how long I've left it to try and recover, but I'm sure it's been about 20-30 mins without any response at least. The brushes only cost $14 or about £12, but I'd really rather have them working! I've imported other .abr files so I'm hoping there's a way I can get this file imported too. The file size is 39.2mb - could that be the issue? I've tried importing the file into GIMP and only a handful of the brushes came in, but only a few worked correctly as far as I could tell. If anyone could give some suggestions, I'd be happy to try anything at all! Thanks, Josh
  3. Hi Support, After upgrading to version 1.8 the Affinity Designer keep crashing/not responding to "Export" command, it doesn't matter what file do I use any export just simple doesn't work. Win 10 (up-to-date) 16GB memory ~50GB free disk space File in question 24.7kb in size Video evidence can be downloaded from https://we.tl/t-jy1XJFbKLT
  4. At the beginning of this month i had sent a topic about affinity designer and photo. It freeze from time to time. there are only two objects. I had to open task manager and finally to end the task "crashpad_handler.exe" Then affinity designer or affintiy photo work normally I had to do this from time to time. Sometimes when I expect to crash or freezes on some difficult design or editing. It happen. Or sometimes with easy work such as designing a ribbon like the example in de pdf it will freeze or crash. I do have reset when starting Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo. So push the control button and start the programms. But it still crash after a time. Please give me a solution. By the way its start when I have upgrade to 1.7. This is my computer configuration. My computer configrations. intel core i7 ram 16gb ssd 256 gb + 1tb hdd drive Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 with 4 gb gddr3 dedicated vram. You can find a printscreen in pdf enclose freeze.pdf
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