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Found 4 results

  1. I am loving the footnotes feature in Publisher v2. But is there any way to show that split footnotes continue on the next page? Many books use a hand symbol or the word 'cont' to show this but I can't find an option. This is a problem particularly when the page split happens to align with a sentence end - the reader has no idea there is more content over the page. I considered disabling split footnotes but I like them, also it decreases the chance of the footnote and its label being on different pages (a separate matter which has been discussed in these forums before).
  2. Lately, laying out books and papers, I find myself back in horrible, old-fashioned highly limited word processors because of one fundamental deficiency with Affinity Publisher: The lack of footnotes. When producing a long document with a lot of footnotes, and updating and rearranging those footnotes continuously, it is nearly impossible getting it correct without an automatic footnotes system, keeping tabs on footnotes numbering. I would love doing this work in Affinity Publisher, with its richness of layout elements, but I find myself confined to my old-fashioned word processors, simply because of that simple, but fundamental feature. If I may suggest one fundamental, major improvement of Affinity Publisher it is a automatic footnotes system. I imagine three different modes: 1) A system where, when activating the footnote function, it adds a consecutive numbering in superscript at the point of insertion, adds a delimiter (which can be preselected such as a no line, short line, medium line, long line, or customized string of lines and/or characters) at the bottom of the page, then add the same consecutive number in superscript and place the cursor right after it, ready to add the footnote text. 2) A system as the above, but with the ability to change numbering from latin characters to roman numerals or any other character the user may want to input to denote a special footnote. 3) Same as the two above, but with numbering starting from 1 for each new chapter. In addition, footnotes should also have the ability to be collected in a common field at the end of the document with the possibility to expand on each, and manipulate them as any other index. But a very good start would be implementing the above until and including 1). The rest is just icing on the cake. Although such functions would be very nice to have — a basic system as 1) is absolutely basic and essential, and I do hope the Affinity team focus on getting this added ASAP, as it is a MAJOR headache not having this basic feature in an otherwise complete & brilliant DTP such as Affinity Publisher!
  3. I've scrolled for some time looking for a thread in which my problem might be addressed, but no luck. Im using a mid-2009 MacBook Pro (Yosemite 10.10.5) 8GB RAM (1067 MHz DDR3) 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - Affinity Publisher 1.8.3 Overall, I'm very satisfied with the user interface, features, speed and reliability of Publisher with two small exceptions. I'm working on a book (377 pages) with a substantial index (8 pages worth). Inserting an index is no problem, it goes very smoothly. However, the 'update index' icon in the Index Panel (lit and 'pressable') does not actually update the index after additions are made. Is this specific to my particular machine, (operating system) or is this a common situation? Perhaps, I'm not fully understanding some aspect of the update process. A workaround I've developed is to simply dump the outdated index and insert a new one with the changes/additions I've made. Doing that ten times this morning is a bit aggravating ... but it works. (PS I understood from some online Publisher documentation that PreFlight would warn/suggest an index update prior to export. This does not seem to happen, although it does warn/suggest a TOC update when needed.) Secondly, and there's no real need to address this issue here, is the lack of footnotes or endnotes in Publisher. The workaround I've been using is inserting text frames at the bottom of the page, but of course that is problematic if changes need to be made in the document, as the text frames don't follow the changes (they don't 'follow' the text which is moved, nor do they update the footnote number). Again, not a concern at this time. Main issue is the index updating failure. Many thanks for any help forthcoming. Ed H, Canadian Outdoor Press
  4. The numbered list button in Publisher seems to work only if used at the top level and sequentially. If one tries to introduce a list entry hierarchically below the top level (e.g., "1. History ... a. 1960s"), a second listing number is introduced (i.e., "1. History ... a. a1960s"). If one tries to remove the extra "a", the list number disappears entirely and the entry is then converted to normal text, but as it seems with a different indentation than either the previous list or previous text. A workaround using text styles is possible, but cumbersome to use, and the numbering is then no longer automatic. A similar issue concerns footnotes and endnotes. One would wish a button to handle this. Currently, one must, it seems, use a text style as a workaround. One must then keep track of the numbering oneself. If one wants a footnote on the same page (rather than an endnote on a separate page), one has to insert a separate text frame so as to avoid having the footnote move if additional text in the main text frame is inserted. As there are very limited entries in the help section on these issues, I must assume that I haven't simply overlooked something obvious. If I'm wrong on this, I'd appreciate a hint from someone in the forum. If on the other hand my concerns are valid, I hope remedies will be offered in the next version, as both features seem to me fairly central in a professional DTP application like Publisher. Many thanks in advance, Fahneflycht
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