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Found 9 results

  1. I see this was discussed a lot before v2 was released, but I don't see that it's possible yet. Some way to have a hanging indent (where all lines after the first one are indented). In the older discussions people wanted to allow a negative indent on the first line, for things like moving an opening quote before the beginning of the line. I could see that being useful when you have a drop-cap paragraph that begins with a quote. For myself, I'm looking to get a hanging indent for footnotes, so that the footnote numbers are to the left of the text. This is possible by setting Left Indent to a number, then moving the First Line Indent back to 0. The problem is that if you have more than 9 footnotes, then the number needed in the Left Indent changes from footnote 9 to footnote 10. Also, unless you set the Figure settings to Tabular, or you're using a monospace font, the number for the Left Indent can be variable between all numbers especially 1 and 2. So is there a way to having a hanging indent in a footnote, where the text is aligned separately from the number?
  2. Mi sembra che anche questa nuova versione 2.5 di Publisher non abbia risolto il problema delle importazioni delle note a piè di pagina, presenti in un impaginato realizzato con InDesign CS5. Mi sapreste dire se è previsto in un prossimo futuro? Mi sembra una funzione importante da inserire nelle opzioni di importazione di un file IDML. Grazie.
  3. I have an issue where adding a footnote to my document interrupts the flow of the text in the document. I have simplified the file by adding the pages to a new document. As you can see in the video, it's not like the footnote has a text wrap applied to it. 2024-04-10 12-37-16.mp4 This happens in Publisher 2.4.2, Windows 10.0.19045. Text wrap bug.afpub
  4. Working with footnotes and sidenotes has been a crash-y experience. I believe there is a bug or two somewhere here. File attached consists of one text frame with 4 columns and some styled text on A4. In that file, I can reproduce the crash consistently by reducing the number of columns on the text frame. This file does not include any pinned images (or any images) so previously proposed workaround does not apply. There were some other user actions that resulted in crash, too, but I have not isolated them. E.g. tinkering with footnote’s gap before would crash Publisher, if I remember correctly. If anyone has some free time to verify if they get the same crash? Thank you! 2023-06-30 crash on footnotes.afpub
  5. I am loving the footnotes feature in Publisher v2. But is there any way to show that split footnotes continue on the next page? Many books use a hand symbol or the word 'cont' to show this but I can't find an option. This is a problem particularly when the page split happens to align with a sentence end - the reader has no idea there is more content over the page. I considered disabling split footnotes but I like them, also it decreases the chance of the footnote and its label being on different pages (a separate matter which has been discussed in these forums before).
  6. Attache pics say it all. Something is wrong here. I cannot get the footnote to be placed at the bottom if I have a pinned object on the page that has a wrap-around text setting. n
  7. Dear all, At present I'm working on the layout of a magazine in Affinity Publisher, and I need to put a number-character into superscript to refer to a footnote. Thus far there has been no problem with applying this typography to a character, but now I try over and over again and it doesn't work anymore. I've tried closing and reopening the document, but that doesn't help either. Any idea what can be the problem, and how I can fix it? Is it some kind of bug? Just recently I've installed an update of Publisher on my computer.
  8. In my view, the probably most serious missing feature in the current Publisher beta is that there is still no quick way to insert a footnote or an endnote. It would be desirable to have a tool for this, once Publisher goes commercial on June 19. Maybe it's no big deal -- Page Plus managed footnotes and endnotes very well. If such a tool is already being planned, it would be very nice if one could also insert cross references into footnotes/endnotes.
  9. I wanted to hyperlink something, but couldn't so my next step was to turn to a footnote. I see there has been a lot of past discussion on hyperlinks and footnotes. Has there been any update on the progress of either of those features?
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