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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, this is my first post in the forum, I hope I have done everything correctly. In Affinity 1pt (or any other pt size) is gigantic compared to other applications. If you export a text as SVG and look at the pt size in Unity, Figma, Lunacy or other programs like Adobe, you will notice that it is always 5.56pt. So why is 1pt in Affinity 5.56pt in all other applications? I hope someone can give me an answer or maybe a solution making the life easier. I hope this is not too often requested or annoying a topic.
  2. My workflow In my workflow, I have hundreds of PDF files in a folder, and I need to arrange them on multiple artboards. I also need to edit them and re-label them. Each PDF file has graphical elements and text elements. After embedding dozens of PDF files in an artboard, it is critical to make the font sizes uniform across all elements on the artboard. The minimum font size must be 5 pt (no smaller than that). The problem Here is my experience trying to change the font size of text elements in an embedded PDF: In Illustrator, there's not much to explain. Embed the PDF and edit the text elements directly. There's nothing to explain, it just works. When I set the font size to 5 pt, it is 5 pt. In Designer, the embedded PDF cannot be edited directly. I can double-click it to edit, but now the scale is different than the parent document. If I set the font size to 5 pt, it is too small in the parent document. There is no way to predict what font size I should choose to end up with 5 pt when I go back to the parent document. Question Currently, it seems to me that Affinity Designer does not support this feature at all. Am I missing something? How can we make the minimum font size 5 pt when we have dozens of embedded PDFs in a document? Please let me know if anything is unclear. I can try to make screenshots or videos to elaborate if necessary.
  3. As the title explains whenever i change the font size the comma dissapears. it only happens when i select a font size from the dropdown menu. It's probably not good practice to use mm as a font size but it's there. Before: After changing the font size: I first noticed this comming from 1.8 to 1.9 update. hope this can be fixed, it gets a little anoying after changing sizes a lot. Otherwise happy with affinity!
  4. Hello, this bug appeared after the update. I've checked the last couple of forum pages as well as the resolved bugs section and couldn't find any similar topic. So I hope I don't run in any open doors. When I have two different textframes, with which I want to create a group, the font size changes drastically as well as the line spacing. This only happens, if you have two textframes with different fontsizes and then only to the text with the bigger fontsize. So, if you put to textframes in a group with different fontsizes the bigger text will change size. I couldn't reproduce this bug with the artistic text tool. Only with the frame text tool. Cheers from Germany
  5. I have experienced in both Designer and Publisher 1.9 that grouping objects sometimes changes the font size of the text. It does seem It does not seem to connected to the font, but maybe rather to some changes I have done to the font (scaling, size, color etc). I do not remember all the changes but here is a look at what happens. The left is ungrouped objects. The right is objects grouped - that is the only difference between the two sides.
  6. The Text Height field in the character panel could be more convenient if it was a +/- field instead of a pure dropdown menu. It's also not possible to change the values of any of the fields by more than +/- 1 by keyboard arrow input. If you press your arrow more than once your selected artwork starts moving up and down instead of the value of the setting. Thanks so much for this great piece of software and please never turn into an evil company like Adobe ;)
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