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Found 4 results

  1. Here's my first attempt at the focus and exposure bracket merge. Took four sets of three +/- 2.0Ev bracketed photos on four different focus points on the pistol in RAW. I then merged the exposure stacks into four separate photos, exported those HDR images as TIFFs, and then focus merged those four photos into a single photo as a JPEG. I think it said this single JPEG is over 40MB before I cropped it to this size. Taken with my A7R IVa and Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 (photos taken at f/8) on a tripod. Appears to be some artifacting/haloing on the rear-edges of the image such as the beaver tail and hammer/slide/rear sight. Otherwise, I'm pretty impressed with the quality. The tutorial I watched did say that Affinity 2 automatically selects the clone tool and allows you to view the component images and pick which parts look the best and can then use the clone to cover up artifacts, but I was having a very difficult time getting the rear-top edges to blend well. It was either accept it the way it is, or choose to have the pistol look great with the cutting board looking off, or the cutting board look right, but the pistol part is off. Does that mean I simply need more images of those possible problem areas to generate more data for a more seamless blend of images?
  2. Hi, I am working on an iMac running Big Sur version 11.3.1 with the Affinity Photo Desktop version 1.9.3 and am having a problem with Focus Merge. I ran a few different Focus Merges on RAW image files earlier today with no problems. Then I ran a focus merge of 35 raw images of 43MB each and this time I am getting a blur on the left side and bottom of the output composite. When I look at the source files (where the left side of the original image is in focus) the source images show a weird corruption of the left and bottom edges just where the composite is blurred. There is nothing wrong in the original RAW image files that I used to generate the Focus Merge so the problem is created during the Focus Merge process. I have tried this particular Focus Merge (quitting AF in between trials and selecting the same RAW images) now 3 different times with the same result. I will include 3 screen grabs to illustrate the issue: one of one of the original RAW images I used, opened in Affinity Photo to show that there is nothing wrong with the file - one of the output of the Focus Merge showing the composite with blurred edges - and the last revealing one of the source images with the strange corruption. I hope you can fix whatever bug caused this problem. Many thanks, Sandi PS - out of curiosity, once I had the Focus Merge output, I wanted to open one of the original image files in Affinity Photo in a second tab to see that that file was fine but once I did, clicking back on the tab where the Focus Merge output was, I lost access to the panel with the source images. I could not find out how to bring that window of the source images back.
  3. When using RAW images as a source for HDR, Panorama, Focus Merging, it shoud be possible to adjust the settings of Develop Persona. Currently the photos are imported without being able to do this. Please also refer to the threads above.
  4. When correcting artefacts in a focus merge operation, it would be very helpful to be able to view the layers by using the arrow keys or scroll wheel on a mouse. Having to click on each one is tedious if you have a large set of 20 or 30 shots and also being able to view them like a flick book is useful to see how the camera performed taking the stack.
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