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Found 31 results

  1. I'm new to Affinity, so your patience is welcome. I have been using Aperture and PS Elements, along with NIK software add-ins, so my learning curve has been lengthly for Affinity. I will have to admit, I am loving Affinity, though....I just repeatedly have to refer to the training videos to remember how to do some things. I know, repetition is the ultimate teacher.... I shoot in raw and usually convert to TIFF to modify after minor adjustments, then to JPEG for any printing or posting. My question to you is: Do you recommend developing all raw images BEFORE adding them into a stack, HDR, Focus Merge, etc.?......OR, can you merge the images in raw and get the same results with processing after the merge? I'm just trying to save a little time, if you know what I mean. Thanks, TommyD
  2. Affinity Photo will not display thumbnails of Sony ARW files when using Focus Merge. I'd like to see the thumbnails so as to determine which batch of files to select and use with Focus Merge. I'm on a Mac and Cover Flow view would help me do this. I cannot use Cover Flow to select the files because Affinity is not generating thumbnails......
  3. Since the Focus Merge process must determine the Z order of the photos and which pixel to use from which image, that means that it is implicitly reconstructing depth information for each pixel anyway. It would be nice to have access to this data, either for further editing (such as enhancing perceived depth by applying color correction), or even to use it, say, as a displacement map in 3D-capable software to generate a textured 3D model from the image. I'd suggest a simple "Generate Depth Map" check box in the Focus Merge dialog box that would then lead to Focus Merge outputting a grayscale depth map as either a separate layer or a channel.
  4. Fokus Stacking does work in some cases, but here it fails dramatically: AP accepts just 2 frames out of 10 of the redcar-motive, while processing and result of the cars behind a hedge,11 frames, go really weird. Half of the sources are differently scaled like this, the result looks like this. A result in PS-CS6 leaves foggy areas but stays visually comparable.
  5. When focus merging a large # of photos -- more than 100 -- Affinity seems to just kinda stop working after a while. The progress bar stays up, but the UI is otherwise completely non-responsive. I let one focus merge job run for 36 hours; no progress beyond 7-8%. Is there a way to get some more feedback on what has gone wrong? Any diagnostics I can grab to help the team address this issue? Specifics: - Canon 7D Mk II RAW images as source (typically ~20MB each) - 120 - 275 images - Select New Photo Merge - Drag and drop images from Finder into Add dialog macOS Sierra on a 2015 MacBook (Yes, this is not really my first choice for machine to do this on -- I'm traveling).
  6. Hello, a Newbie here. I've just bought Affinity Photo and have been playing around with various features. I'm currently trying out focus merge and while the source images merge, the source image panel doesn't pop up automatically. Can somebody tell me what's going on, please?
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