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Found 15 results

  1. Hey folks! I've created a little collection of some flower brushes for AP and AD (Pixel Persona). Hope you like it. You can download the brushes here: FLOWER-POWER-by-MENSCH-MESCH.afbrushes.zip [12.3 MB] Installation: Unzip the downloaded zip-file. Install the FLOWER-POWER-by-MENSCH-MESCH.afbrushes file in your brush panel. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  2. Painting with watercolor can be very difficult because I was fighting the urge to make it clean and trim. Mimicking the water spread and blots make it even more interesting.
  3. Pp with Affinity Photo, added lighting and LUT. LUT preview in Adjustment panel is quite slow.
  4. Cosmos flowers. Shot with Sony A6000, 16-50 kit lens. Edited in Affinity Photo. Download.
  5. This day lilly didn't want to open up ... still playing with peach color day lillies and difference mode (1st image). Next, I made a copy of the original image, placed on top, and using blend if, came up with the final image.
  6. Performed a bit of an orton effect on this image, but instead of applying "multiply" blend mode to gaussian blur layer, used "difference" blend mode. I did apply a bit of HSL to the stamen to bring back a bit of the yellow.
  7. Was about to leave for work, and this tiny flower caught my attention --- so I go grab the camera and head back out, but the one little ray of sunshine had vanished. Yet I still had to take the pic because it appealed to me so much. This is the original shot (resized for the forum): Wasn't really happy with the shot because it didn't match what it was when there was a bit of sunlight. I took it into affinity later that morning and did a bit of work on it. Don't like the way my digital cameras treat reds and magentas --- my Nikon and Canon cameras both make them look terrible. So I grabbed the blue channel and used a luminosity blend mode, adjusting it until I got the results I wanted with the color of the flower. Of course, I masked that layer so that it only affected the color of the flower. Added a fill layer with a gold tone, and used an inverted version of the previous mask. I also thought the droplets needed a bit of attention to make them stand out, so I used a trick someone showed me back when I was using Paintshop Pro and I liked the results. I made a copy of the original and applied a high pass filter, monochrome, and ran the slider to the far right. In the mask, I grabbed a brush with white and painted in the water droplets. To get the effect right requires adjusting flow, brush hardness/softness and the opacity of the layer. Think it is an improvement.
  8. Trying an old masking method along with different blend modes ... made me think of the old "black velvet" paintings from the 1970's.
  9. Addicted. That's how one of my customers describes my relationship with AP First image multiple textures, blend modes, and a bit of "blend-if". Second image composite using blend-if and masking.
  10. My Work on a pic of lotus which is all done in Affinity Photo
  11. Part of a work in progress . a clematis flower created in Affinity Designer
  12. Photo of bees On Flower .:) bees on flower.exr
  13. Playing around with a glossy style - all vector. thx
  14. I have just finished a cherry blossom tree after spending quite some time on it. All the drawings are vectors. However, I had problems with the memory when I add the flowers. Therefore, I had to convert the flowers into png images, and use these images on the tree.
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