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Found 18 results

  1. The year is almost over, so let's share some reusable fireworks items for your possible flyers and new year cards. - Note that those firework assets are always groups of vector elements, thus if you want to recolor some of them you best select the whole individual group. These assets are usable for things like shown in the following examples ... The corresponding fireworks assets file as a zip-archive: fireworks.zip
  2. I made a longish running webcomic by using Adobe Fireworks, and eventually moved to Affinity Designer because it seemed like the best successor I could find. So my question is this, has anyone else done the same and created equivalents or facsimiles of the brushes shown below? And would you be interested in sharing them? I had created a series of special effects using these. Alternatively I might consider making these myself, as a way of teaching me how to make brushes. I used cyan and red as the foreground colours with these and width of 10px.
  3. I love Affinity products but there are still insufficient points. Please forgive me for appealing the missing features I really want. State Previously known as frames, states are used for animation purposes. They are also used for defining behaviors in cases of symbol buttons like Up, Down, Over (changing the visual style of buttons on click, release, and hover with the mouse). Common examples of symbol with states are buttons, checkboxes, and animated toggle buttons. These symbols need to change when users interact with them by tapping or hovering over them. Currently Adobe XD has this feature recently. I believe "State" must be essential for creating our design mock-up soon. Auto kerning option for text Kerning involves adjusting our typography to look right rather than creating mathematically equal spacing. Though we can set them one by one manually, it's difficult to do with a large amount of text. On the other hand, I can see this feature is only available in Publisher. This must be also essential in Designer. Thanks and regards, Naoki Matsuo
  4. For some reason I thought Affinity Designer allowed Plugins but it doesn't. I would like to replace my Fireworks obsession with Affinity Designer. The things I value most in Fireworks are - vectors, as separate objects, can be grouped. (tick) - objects can have effects applied and be editable as vectors (tick) - effects can be extended using plugins, even photoshop plugins, allowing for editable vectors to display with torn paper effect and change the torn paper settings as needed. (fail, no plugins, no plugins as layer effects) Affinity Photo also does not extend the layer/live effects by allowing 3rd party photoshop filters as far as I can tell either. I can't even get it to use any plugins from Photoshop 5.5, 8 or CC 2015 but that might be my own bug.
  5. Is Publisher going up against newish tools like Sketch and Adobe XD? In many ways those tools are layout software so it seems like similar to what Publisher would do. I have spent far less time with Publisher then I have with the other Affinity tools so it's hard for me to know how much it competes with prototyping. What I have seen so far it looks like it is more of a competitor to ID and Quark.
  6. I've been using Fireworks since it was Macromedia. In my mind it is the best graphic editing program out there for web developers like me. Simple to use. Intuitive and very functional. I've rarely run into something I couldn't do with it. However, of course, Adobe is dumping it and it doesn't work so well on Mac's High Sierra. It's currently limping and I fear it will become unusable completely very soon. Ultimately, what I need is the ability to open a PNG from fireworks (LAYERED - NOT FLATTENED) and maintain editablity (text, objects etc) in Affinity Designer. I've downloaded the trial but it doesn't appear to be possible. Converting PNG from Fireworks to Photoshop often doesn't translate well, not to mention the amount of time to go through this process is a bit ridiculous when I have so many files. Is there any chance that you guys are going to make it possible to open and edit the old files (saving as the afdesign files)? This would be the biggest thing keeping me from pulling the trigger on purchasing the program. The second thing that I would need that Fireworks has is the ability to create hotspots and save out as html. I'm sure I can find some other app for this though, so it's not a deal breaker. If it helps I can provide a bunch of sample files I have in FW that you can use to test the functionality I'm asking for.
  7. One of the primary reasons why I bought Affinity Designer was as a replacement for the no longer supported Adobe Fireworks. As such, I have MANY PNG files that I need to be able to edit that were created with layers. But so far, I have found no way to open a PNG file and retain the layers. Is there such a feature within Affinity Designer? One of the problem files is attached. There is another question that I have not tested for yet, but that relates to the above question. Is it possible to open a PNG file with frames and retain the frames, with Affinity Designer? Thanks.
  8. Love affinity, however, can anyone suggest a workaround when your work is all in fireworks files containing pages and shared layers? I own affinity photo and designer, but both lose the pages and opens my pngs as one flat file. Maybe another interim bit of software that can do it until affinity is able? In a real pickle as my newest imac can not open my older adobe fireworks software. Not Im left to subscribe to adobe to open them and save all the pages out as layered PSDs. Not only is this tedious but if I have to subscribe to adobe it kinda renders affinity moot and I really want to keep up with affinity. I LOVE AFFINITY! help, please? I dont have publisher...maybe it can open pngs that contain shared layers and pages?
  9. As one of the 30+ year users of Fireworks who refuses to use clunky Adobe products because it kills my billing time, I am coming to appreciate the speed and power of Affinity, BUT, for a company that did so much that's thought out so well, the one thing that Fireworks had that I miss would be the freeform distort tool. Effectively you could grab any corner and tweak the box for images or text and stretch or flatten it to any perspective. The best part was that you didn't have to "rasterize" the text and lose the ability to change it for size, type, color, etc. as you were manipulating it. For doing everything from creating quick shadows of something to mimicking the Star Wars disappearing text crawl in a graphic, it worked religiously well and quickly. Speed's name of the game when you compete with others not only on your talent, but billing by the hour, and flipping more jobs in an hour. This would be most handy. Thank you.
  10. I know this would be huge among the web designer community, but I also know it would be tough since it would probably need to be reverse engineered somehow... but if a Fireworks import was supported.... dang. This app would be THE design app for all the former Fireworks users who were recently screwed by Adobe. Thoughts?
  11. Hi there, I have a lot of vector graphics made on Adobe Fireworks in PNG 32 layers format. Is there a way to import separate layers in Affinity Designer ? thanks...
  12. Hey! I just started using Affinity Designer (win beta) over Fireworks about a week ago. Thus far I absolutely love it and everything I've wanted to do has followed a similar logic to how things work in FW, which makes the transition quite easy. Today I ran in to the first situation where I can't seem to figure out how to do something as well (or better) than in Fireworks. That is to export a circular logo in transparent PNG-8 form optimized as well as I did all the time with Fireworks, without having jagged edges / antialiasing issues with the logo. I've attached all the files of my tests below. I did try many other more specific settings with Affinity too, trying to find a good solution but I can't seem to figure out how to get the same results as I do with FW. Original file: 27,6 KB Fireworks export PNG-8: 13,2 KB Affinity export PNG-24: 29,9 KB Affinity export PNG-8, with jagged edges: 12,9 KB For web purposes this is a big enough difference that I need to disturb my workflow and jump back to Fireworks to do these types of things. I'm hoping someone has more experience with this sort of thing in Affinity and can give me a solution that can reach the same filesize as FW without those jagged edges that I seem to get when exporting PNG-8 from Affinity Designer. Anyone? :)
  13. Since this subject comes up often I am writing a definitive statement. Fireworks (layered) PNG files There is no such thing as "layered PNG". The PNG standard does not define a way to store layers, and only deals with flattened images. Fireworks saves out additional layer data to PNG files in a proprietary format using a private tag. A definition for this proprietary data has never been made public. A PNG saved by Fireworks can still be used as a flattened image by any application that can handle PNG files. These applications will handle the standard data and ignore the proprietary Fireworks data. Affinity handles standard PNG files. But, it cannot import or export the layer data using the Fireworks method. There is no expectation that we will ever be able to handle Fireworks layer data in PNG files. We acknowledge that being able to support Fireworks PNG files would be of great benefit to users of Affinity. If a public definition of the data format becomes available, we will be able to address the issue. Layered TIFF files There is no such thing as "layered TIFF". The TIFF standard only handles flattened images as part of the publicly described tags. TIFF does allow for companies to register additional tags for their own use. Adobe registered two private TIFF tags that enable them to embed layer data in a TIFF. These tags are an extension and are not part of the central TIFF standard. These tags are used to embed PSD layer data into a TIFF, in addition to the standard flattened image. Since Affinity has a PSD importer, we are able to import the layer data from a TIFF if it has these tags. However, since this is handled by our PSD importer it is subject to the same limitations as importing a standard PSD into Affinity. We make clear that while we aim to provide the best third party support for PSD, we can never replicate 100% the way Photoshop handles and displays a PSD file. Photoshop has its own approach to applying alpha/transparency, vector masks and vector strokes, layer effects and gradients. This means that while we can offer importing of editable elements of a PSD file, the result will not be a one-to-one pixel reproduction of what you see in Photoshop. We have registered our own TIFF tags for embedding Affinity layer data in a TIFF, in similar fashion to PSD layer data. This is intended for use with DAMs that use TIFF as their interchange format. When saving a TIFF file, if your document has multiple layers you will be given the option of including Affinity layer data. This will preserve the editable elements of a multi-layer document. This obviously comes at a cost of increased file size. Our TIFF tags will use our proprietary data format and as such can only be used by Affinity applications. At this time we have no plans to save TIFF files with the PSD format layer data. PSD layer data held in a TIFF file will be imported and converted to the Affinity format.
  14. Dear Support Team: I'm in the process of trying to transition from Fireworks to Affinity Designer, but I'm having some difficulty. Please see the attachment. I've laid a Fireworks window over the Affinity Designer workspace. Both images are at 100% and both use the same logo (American Overseas School of Rome). However, notice that the logo in Affinity Designer is grossly pixelated and the color red is much brighter. Can you help me understand why this might be happening? Many thanks for your time and assistance. Best, Tim
  15. I've come to understand slicing AD better but i'm still enormously frustrated, relative to how I used to work in Fireworks (apart from it's bugginess). scaling/moving artwork objects under slices (in export persona) opt-drag cloning slices 8bit png alpha tranparency scaling/moving artwork objects under slices (in export persto use ona) My main problem is that AD presumes I will scale slices relative to layers. Actually frequently I need to scale layers (objects) to confirm with slices. IE the slices provide a visual grid that i need to confirm to. To achieve this now I either load up countless guides, or (and this is true, i really do this) - I take a snapshot of the export persona and paste it in as a guide within the draw persona. The way Fireworks behaved, or at least was meant to behave (god that thing was buggy), was far far better. opt-drag cloning slices 8bit png alpha tranparency ...These latter two being self explanatory Am I missing anything here? TIM Note previous queries about non-intuitive slices UI at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9881-slices-and-export/
  16. Hi, I'm a heavy fireworks user and really liked que Affinity Designer. Here some suggestions that for me is kind of feature killers. 1 - Measure Rulers form perfect ui alignment and creating objects. 2 - Fit to Canvas (Clip Canvas) quick button (at the top maybe?) 3 - Snap panels at the bottom of the program UI. Here example image:
  17. Hello, I am new Affinity Designer user. Before that I use Fireworks program for 14 years (started with Macromedia Fireworks 4.0) and now I think it is time to look for a new drawing tool. Now I investigate the Affinity and I have some questions, perhaps I just do not know where to find the necessary drawing tools: 1. Is there a "Symbol" instrument ? Combined into one "Symbol" (object, element ....) several graphical primitives? I found in Affinity only the "Group", but it is not the same as "Symbol" in Fireworks. For example in Fireworks - I can make many copies of the "Symbol" (Push Buttons element) and then making some corrections (such as color and line thickness) in one of the "Symbol" (Push Buttons element) copies and this correction made automatically in all "Symbol" (Push Buttons element) duplicates in the document. Can i add that "Symbol" to library ? 2. Is there a similar text tools, like Fireworks - "Kerling or Tracking", "Anti-aliasing level", "Auto Kern" etc. 3. Where can I find a display Grid edit tool - For example i need Grid 51x51px in Red color 4. It is not yet possible to import Fireworks CS6 files? Thank you in advance for the help.
  18. Hello! Very nice application. But... subject. Fireworks layers support will be in future or not?
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