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  1. First of all, let me say that I like so much of what Affinity Photo and Designer have to offer. My struggle with them are along the lines of the interface and some usability issues. I am sure you are working on these but I thought some user feed back in the spirit of wanting to help contribute to improving would be welcome. I am a photographer and a designer, so I am working with multiple images. I have stepped away from Adobe because it's simply overpriced. Paying continually high fees for marginal development is frustrating and "pocket draining". Adobe bridge is maybe not the fin
  2. I dowloaded and started to incorporate Affinity Photo into my workflow. I must say I am very impressed by this software and fully expect to use it instead of Photoshop (Adobe CC goodbye :-)). Having using the full version for a few days (but the beta before) I have found two things I use in photoshop missing (or I failed to find the function in AP). 1. Shake reduction filter. Does not do well on most images but in some cases it can be a savior. I would love this in AP. 2. Radial blur filter using the zoom method. This is a very useful filter when trying ti create (or improve) light r
  3. Hello, is there a Deinterlacer in Affinity Photo and where I can find it. Greets from a new User from Germany.
  4. I have a noisy JPG (light level was too low) so I clean it up with some de-noise filters and it looks loads better - but when I try to save it (export) as a JPG or TIF it ends up all noisy again. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I'm really exited to see how much I can create with affinity's solutions, and I would like to be able to use some artistic filters gallery. Something to convert a photo into a oil paint style, watercolor, charcoal draw, mosaic, textures, distort, styles, etc.
  6. Hi friends, I have to report a really impossible and fastidious bug that I have detected in my APH app. Each time that I am applying a Live Gaussian Blur Filter to an image ( in this case it is a selected one in its own layer) there appears and does increase in visibility, a sort of big gridding lines that are not of course tolerable for my purpose. These lines are of a purple colour and not specially discret. As the launching has been very recently I guess that this problem will be solved out very soon. Meanwhile, at least today, I cannot use this filter. I thank you for your splen
  7. I usually have a startup point set for the Unsharp Mask filter when I'm working on a photo. But in Affinity Photo every time I open a new photo to work on, the settings in Unsharp Mask are reset to default. Is there a way to set those as a preset? Also, any thought to providing something equivalent to Actions in photoshop for dealing with repetitive tasks? Thanks Don
  8. Hi there, so I recently downloaded the affinity beta, anyway during the promo video it showed the ability to add instagram like filters over photographs (will attach a screenshot). However I cannot find the feature anywhere within the program? Sorry it's all very new to me, i'm sure it's hiding in there somewhere. Thanks!
  9. I don't know if this is just my relative inexperience, or whether these features just haven't been fully implemented yet, but I've tried using a number of the filters on a rasterized layer, and they appear to have absolutely no effect. The first I saw of this was with the Denoise filter (I already reported the bug concerning the sliders); I had applied a Noise filter (which had worked perfectly) and my intention was to apply a Denoise filter immediately afterward so as to achieve the effect I desired. When I moved the sliders back and forth (and I tried it with all of them) it did nothing to
  10. Hi All, You might have seen this on social media, but could be useful here - a quick introduction to the Live Filter Layers Andy added to the beta build last week...
  11. I'd like to see the Sharpen filters on the Adjustment tab or allow the Adjustment tab to be customized for the tools a user uses most. This is commonly used and annoying to go to the Filters menu item for it. I'd love to be able to drag and drop a tool I use often to the Adjustment tab and remove ones I never use!!! It would be spiffy :) Also, are the Sharpen features even working? I tried all 3 of them and didn't see any change in the image. Thanks!
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