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  1. 1. In the Convex-Concave and "Versetzen" filters, the value range cannot be expanded via the value fields. They are limited to the value range of the sliders. This limitation does not exist in other filters. 2. The value fields are missing in the Remove haze filter, only sliders are available. 3. Are filters e.g. "Strudel (Twirl)" is used in the macro, the value range of the fields is limited again if a desired change is made after the macro is called. The limit does not exist in the normal filter dialog.
  2. I took this photo last year, halfway up the Great Orme, in Llanduno. This was looking towards the town and esplanade below. I tried to improve the picture, but decided to go down the nostalgic postcard route. The bit I liked, was making sure the sticker had a hand written sticker on it. The scenery was done in APh and the price sticker was done in AD. I used some noise for the yellow sticker, to make it look like it was painted on and the colour was adjusted using
  3. In this Affinity Photo V2 tutorial iPad version, I create a colorful graphic using power duplicate, blend modes, FX, adjustments and more. I also did an iPad version that you can find on my Youtube Page. https://youtu.be/3iBa4Gz5dGM
  4. In this Affinity Photo V2 tutorial Desktop version, I create a colorful graphic using power duplicate, blend modes, FX, adjustments and more. I also did an iPad version that you can find on my Youtube Page. https://youtu.be/sTZg84tGBl0
  5. Hi, Am a newbie here though I've had the software since 2020. Just moved here from Photoshop..so am setting up Affinity and learning at the same time. Please bear with my stupidity for a few questions. I had to reset my surface pro..so lost my photoshop plugins etc. I reinstalled the trial version, and copy pasted the plugins which also included filters in a separate folder. I deleted photoshop. I tried adding the plugins through the preferences- photoshop plugins bit..but couldn't see any plugins when I clicked the add button..and tryign to . folders were empty. So I think I dragged and dropped them in that detected plugin box (where the add button is). All unknown plugins to be used checked. I restarted Affinity..all really excited that I could finally use my favourite plugin which I use. I opened a tiff file, rasterised one of the layers so that it was a pixel file, then opened the filter menu,. The smart bllur filter showed.. whoopie.. but when I clicked on that..the dialogue box that showed up in photoshop did not show up here. (bummer). Is there something I have done wrong? I have tried the other filters that I added too..nothing..nopes..nada..no dialogue boxes pops up..nothing. Help! I really am a bit lost coz I haven't worked on an art piece..thanks to several disasters..I need to get back to doing some form of art. Am really sorry for any tother,
  6. Another user reported a crash using Dust and Scratches filter that I can confirm, but I'm opening another thread because the report should not be related only to that specific filter. It seems to affect many of them. I've experienced a consistent crash while using Unsharp Mask filter, both in live and normal mode. I've noticed it always happened when bringing the radius down to zero. I investigated further and noticed that sliders can strangely have a negative value applied with even stranger results (e.g. Threshold in Unsharp Mask can go negative making the layer transparent). I've tested other filters (not all of them). All sliders could go negative and eventually (which happens easily when you simply want to bring a value down to zero), many of them made the app crash immediately or very soon. AP 2.0.3 IpadOs 16 6th generation iPad
  7. Where are the beautiful days? Where are the sleigh rides till dawn? Where are the tender moments of splendor, where have they gone? Because I had to move due to a fire making our building uninhabitable, I am actually finding many things I forgot I had (and cannot find things I know I have). One of them was a photograph of me and of a friend from our visit to a TV station. That was in 1993, when I was 43. I scanned a small part of the picture at 2400 ppi and 48 bpp to an uncompressed TIFF using my Epson V750 Pro scanner. The result had many blemishes, so I cleaned the scanner glass with compressed air (the scanner had been inside a storage place ever since the fire until now) and took several other scans. That helped, but there was still a dust hole in the scan, plus two scratches. I opened the result in Affinity Photo and applied Filters/Noise/Dust & Scratches... That removed the dust very nicely, but there still were two scratches. They were on the shirt, so it would not be the end of the world if I could not remove them. But I noticed AP has a Blemish Removal Tool. I used it on the two scratches. At first it just broke the scratches into smaller pieces and moved those around, but eventually it removed the scratches altogether. The result looks pretty good, especially considering it is a scan of a small region of a photo print for which I do not have the negative. I exported it to another TIFF, and also to JPG with both, the height and the width, reduced to 50%: But yes, where are the beautiful days? Why do we have to get old?
  8. Hi guys, here's a new video about 5 of my favorite filters that I often use to edit my photo in Affinity Photo. I hope you enjoy and learn something new from this video, thank you!
  9. For the Equations option in the Distort filter, what are the functions/operators allowed? There seems to be no documentation on what is accepted. I see transcendentals but not much else besides +-*/^ basic math. I sure could use modulus and logs of some kind.
  10. Affinity Photo beginner tutorial photo manipulation. In this beginner Affinity Photo tutorial I use the threshold filter to create some interesting photo manipulation effects. This is number 35 in the Digitally Fearless “Powerful Tools of Affinity” series. The links to the iPad and desktop versions of this tutorial in the video description and below. iPad version of this tutorial: https://youtu.be/OzVzMuVw5zw Desktop version of this tutorial: https://youtu.be/4RNqDk6qpIk
  11. Hi guys, I just downloaded affinity photo for windows a couple of days ago and everything seemed to be working fine until today when the filters do not seem to be responding as they should. I tried adding a noise filter on an image and everything looks good. but once i hit apply, there seems to be almost no change to the image. (was applying 33% noise but only looks like 2% or so gets added). Tried it as a live filter and had the same issue. Tried adding a gaussian blur destructively and once i hit the apply button, the screen goes blank. like turn to white. (for reference, i set my affinity photo background to white too so when i apply the photo layer also turns white. Everything seems to be working with adjustments but only the filters are the culprits so far. Everything seemed to be working fine before until today. Would appreciate any help you guys can give.
  12. I love to see how far I go with creating a painterly look beginning with a photo. The original photo (below) is actually a montage of many images found on the web - vases, flowers, draperies, figurines, etc. were are separate images. The resulting combined painting was created solely from Affinity Photo's default filters & layer blend modes, and without using any brushwork. Ultimately, the document contained 22 layers. Original Photo/montage
  13. Question, so no halftone filter in Designer? but it is in Photo, seems like it would be more helpful in Designer. Is there a convenient way to make use of the filters in Photo in Designer? I saw a video where someone created one ..
  14. Hi, is there a list of the features and their names in different languages? I could not find any. There are lots of tutorials out there, mostly in English. Sometimes I struggle to reproduce a certain step because I have no idea which tool is used, as the name is not obvious in German. eg. blend modes or filters. thanks Philipp
  15. enjoying a day off with a little space exploration. There are filters, pattern layers, and some painting in there. the rock is a pattern layer in an ellipse and then a spherical live filter layer.
  16. Hey uh i was a following a tutorial on youtube and i do not know how to recreate this one.
  17. I’m wondering, is there anything like the High Pass filter (edge detection) available inside Affinity Designer on iPad. I know it’s in Affinity Photo, but it’d be great if I can apply it to a vector-based image. Hoping for any tips (like being able to approximate it with other available filters) or if I had missed something. Thanks.
  18. I'm new to AffinityPhotos so it may be me, but . . . I want to sharpen an image. I used 'merge visible' to create a composite of my work at the top of the layers stack. With that layer highlighted, I then clicked on the filter icon and added a High Pass filter. The filter dialogue comes up OK, but the main image does not go grey as expected despite the setting of the filter being the default (normal). No filters seems to be working. (I tried a different type of filter.) I tried deleting that layer and adding a filter to the bottom background layer. That didn't work either. If I do the same thing on a simple background image in a different file, it all works OK. Am I missing something? See screenshot of what happens when I add the filter to the layer. Please help!
  19. Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video about how to make your photo looks better by adding a dramatic light to your photo using secret filter in Affinity Photo. I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you!
  20. I’d love to reproduce the effect from this photoshop tutorial! Any pointers? Cartoon Effect in Photoshop Tutorial
  21. Hello, I want to create a macro that applies the Mirror filter to an image in steps of 1 degree and saves out each angle from 1 to 360 degrees as a numbered image file. 1. The angle setting in a macro appears as rad not degrees, how do I change to degrees? 2. Is it possible to run a macro as a loop, increasing the mirror angle by one degree or 0.0174533rad per iteration? Thanks
  22. Although I have set the Unknown plugins to be allowed in Paint, when I try to select them in Filters | Plugins, nothing is displayed, i.e. the ellipsis indicating content is unresponsive.
  23. Hello Affinity Team, have discovered a curiosity in the filter (Filters > Noise > Deinterlace > Even Rows & Odd Rows)! As you can see at the beginning of the (Video) example, the deinterlace filter is executed correctly up and down. But as soon as I rotate the image by 90 degrees, the effect of the filter is also rotated by 90 degrees and instead of horizontally, it is executed vertically! For me it looks like a bug! Greeting ChristAlix Filters-Noise-Deinterlace-Even Rows_Odd Rows-Bug_.mp4 EVEN_ODD_.afphoto
  24. Does anyone know of any filters or plugins to add cool effects(paint effects etc. yes i know you could get this look with mixer brush) to your pictures similar to the ones on Photoshop, if so let me know please
  25. Good Evening Team, Right now I am trying to create a brand mark in Affinity Designer. I have my art board open and I have a simple brand mark in black placed on the art board against a white background. The brand mark has very crisp edges and I want to soften them, so I have added a heavy Gaussian blur to the brand mark layer. Here is the issue. - I want to use the threshold filter on the brand mark layer to round out the edges of the Gaussian blur effect. When I try to apply the threshold filter adjustment on the brand mark it doesn't change the sharpness of the image at all. - If I promote the threshold filter above the mark to a new layer I can change the sharpness... this is all great but shouldn't the filters affect the layers they are on? - Also, if I successfully apply this technique to a brand in black and white I am not able to change the color of the black mark to anything else. - I need to be able to apply these filters to weather and soften the brand mark and then convert the new mark to a path and fill object that can be manipulated on its own. Is there anyway to do this? Hopefully, the images I have attached show the step by step process I'm trying to use to achieve and where I get stuck. Thanks, Dave
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