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Found 18 results

  1. I may have missed it, but I didnt see anything in the announcements or new features. Disappointed that I have to tell our team we have to still stay on the "other suite". I'd then once again like to add it as a feature request please. (macro recording doesnt cut it) Please add scripting support in Affinity Photo, as in add support for javascript or python scripts so we can automate our tasks and workflows.
  2. It would be nice to have an easy command to convert a Layer/Group and its children to an embedded document. Currently one must copy the layer and create a new document, save it, and then drag it into the first document. It would also help to additionally have a "New Document from Clipboard" commend (in Publisher V2).
  3. Thanks for the amazing new updates! One tool I found really useful in Adobe Illustrator was the width tool. It allowed for fine grained control of stroke width at different nodes. (here is someone else's video showing its features Affinity Designer's pressure profile works well for short paths, but it is really difficult to use for longer paths where I want precise control for a small portion of the path. Edit: The simplest way to allow for finer control would be a button on the pressure profile that adds nodes to the pressure profile line that correspond to the nodes on the path you are editing (and allow the pressure profile window to be a bit bigger). A less simple, but more useful way is to add a width tool that when used on a node just manipulates the underlying pressure profile.
  4. No issues with AP 2 found yet, you have obviously done a good job But there is one thing that bothers me: When I export an image (usually JPEG or PDF), a preview is now always generated in the dialog . This sometimes takes several seconds to complete. Usually I don't need this, I would like to have the possibility to switch off this preview like in AP 1.
  5. hello, i repost an old post from glennsart , i'd definitely like to have this function for my workflow since i 'm used to clipstudio/ photoshop quote from the previous post : "Specifically, @hifred wrote, "What I am used to from quite a variety of programs (including Photoshop) is that one may temporarily call another tool by pressing and holding down a letter key. That way one may lay down a couple of brush-strokes while actually drawing a path: Press (and release) P to call the path tool and click to lay down anchor points. In order to access to the brush tool one would press (and hold!) the letter B. As soon as you let go the B-key one reverts to the Pen tool exactly in the position where one had left off – one may continue laying down points in that path." I would reiterate and whole-heartedly endorse that idea, as when I was using Ps, that's a function I used very, very frequently. Not being a coder, I may be asking for a lot here, but there seems to be a great deal of support for this suggestion based on what I've read here, so again, I thought I'd bring it up here. Thanks very much for reading, and I hope I'm not being a royal pain in the caboose by bringing this subject up again. Have a great day . Glenn " thank you litttleju
  6. It's been mentioned before, allow me to post here as a feature request. There are occasions that we switch between brushes a lot. Having the ability to do so via shortcuts would save a lot of time.
  7. When taking pictures in IR, if the photographer doesn't set the white balance in camera and intends to change it via Affinity Photo 2, they come across the issue where the white balance tool in the Develop Persona of Affinity Photo 2 does not have enough range to correct colour casts on the whites in an image. (even when using the picker tool, which extends it slightly) I've attached an example shot I took with an 'ultrablue' filter, the second image corrected using another software, and the first using Affinity Photo 2. There is also the original .RAF raw. The 'correct' white balance that I'm looking for is one where the white of the walls on the parking lot buildings (and the stickers on the recycling containers on the bottom right) is as close as it can be to neutral (no tint). Using the picker tool on the white part of the wall, the tint gets pegged at 100%, meaning it does not have enough range to fully remove the colour cast. This is a huge issue, as the user cannot properly set the white balance in a lot of pictures. Moreover, even if the user does set the white balance in camera, and it is closer to the intended one but still needs adjustments, when enabling the white balance adjustment in the Develop Persona, it oftentimes gets worse due to the range being less than that of the camera's. My suggestion to this issue is: add a checkbox that would enable an extended range of values to be edited. (This would also help people who white balance old negatives.) DSCF6517.RAF
  8. Asinh stretching (hyperbole arcsine) is a common practice in astrophotography workflows to extract data from a stacked linear image. I was hoping to be able to use the procedural texture filter functions to asinh stretch my images in Affinity Photo, but it seems the required functions aren't supported (see https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Filters/filter_proceduraltexture.html?title=Procedural Texture). Since the asinh function could be manually recreated with Log functions, I'd request either of the two functions to be supported. Thanks!
  9. Support for R-to-L languages is essential for so many people, specifically designers. I would like to see support for Arabic at least, as this is a language I tend to design in as well as English.
  10. Please add a connection tool like in Keynote, Pages, Numbers, draw.io and various flowchart apps. It creates a connecting line between two objects. If one object is moved, that end of the connection moves too. In other words, you can anchor the end of a line to an object. To try it in Keynote, select two objects (e.g. shapes or text boxes) then customize toolbar and add the Connect button, or use the menu: Insert -> Line -> Straight Connection Line (I added a hotkey for it in System Preferences). You can move either object and the connection line adjusts, you can style the connection line, and you can also drag the end of a connection line to attach to another object or unattach it and put it at a fixed position.
  11. Hi, I would find it really helpful if I can leave notes to myself on my designs - for example, I often want to leave a note reminding myself of where I am up to or what I want to do next It would also be useful for jotting ideas down etc.
  12. Affinity Photo is a great app on the iPad and on Windows, but working together with both platforms is not so easy. You could use iCloud to sync your files, but it is very slow when working with large files and regular changes. Therefore it would be nice to be able to access file servers (FTP or SMB) directly inside the Affinity Photo App. This feature would be very cool and I would also pay something for this feature as an In-App-Transaction.
  13. Hi, Using colour theory is very helpfull when choosing colours to fill your art. The website https://color.adobe.com/nl/create/color-wheel is such an example. It would make the process of creativity a bit more efficient when something similar is added, you can choose your colours more swiftly. Like an extra tab on the right next to the color tab. Where you would have a colour wheel with handles and at the bottom a dropdown menu with triad, shadows, monochram, analog, etc,... and at the right of the colour wheel, 5 squares with the colours to work with. And when you click on one of the colour squares you would have the colour hex.
  14. Hi Affinity team - are additional crop overlays (e.g. phi grid, golden triangle, etc.) anywhere on the roadmap for Photos on iPad and desktop? Would be lovely to ditch Adobe tools altogether but this is literally the one thing I still use Photoshop/Lightroom for. Thanks!!
  15. It has been five years! please make the tool! please!
  16. I would really like the ability to rearrange the order of Master Pages in Affinity Publisher. Is this on the roadmap? Thanks!
  17. I couldn't find if this has been requested before (or it's already there but I'm failing to find it), but I'd love to have the ability to chose a color for the Bleed. Or at least, change the default color to Pink or Red, so they are easier to see, like the Margins, that by default are Blue. Best regards!
  18. Are there any updates on the Trace Tool? I found some info about it in a 2014 post that it was coming to affinity designer. But I think it isn't yet in the application. Any updates on a release or a test version?
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