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  1. Hello. I would like to propose a feature that would allow the user to copy and paste raw adjustments to multuiple RAW files from develop persona. I believe currently this is not possible. This feature will make the applying adjustments much faster and easier for many kinds of workflow including timelapse. And additionally an option to export multiple selected RAW images at once. This two features will be a game changer for affinity as a whole. I believe this could be a great direction for the software. This could increase the interest of lot of people considering RAW editing is now considered a standard for most. I hope affinity will place this higher in the priority if possible. Thanks.
  2. Let's say you're working with layers on top of the layers panel for one reason or another. The most common is probably to trace an image that is on top, locked and with maybe 50% transparency. When I really need to turn the view of this topmost layer on or off, or just adjust the transparency value, many times during e.g. an hour of work, I activate the layers panel on my iPad (I guess it's the same on desktop), and then I need to scroll-scroll-scroll to the top of layers. There is no scrollbar or "Jump to top" icon, so I have to scroll to the top of the layers. A long and clumsy trip with scroll wheel, or finger or Apple Pen. I wonder if you could at least implement the ability to jump to the top or bottom in the layers panel. Alternatively of course as in the thread below go all the way and make some neat functionality for reference layers as they call it, but as that may have a long way to go, or that you don't make anything like that at all, please a Jump top top/bottom functionality for iPad. Also covered here: Thanks
  3. It has been discussed in several threads that the interface in v2 of Affinity has some accessibility issues, and I have personally issues with the toolbar buttons in Designer for iPad. I can’t see which feature I have enabled with just a bit of ambient light and I am sitting inside in the shadow. It is impossible to see what icon is active. Adobe placed this little vertical bar next to the active tool (in this screenshot next to the heal tool) or feature; problem solved. Highly recommended.
  4. Hi, I've checked around the forum and I've seen this question come up before, so I'll mention it again. Can we please have the ability to have "Save History with Document" as a default in app preferences. I like to have my history saved with my work so I can backtrack if I don't like something in the future, and often forget to click it before I save. Thanks!
  5. Version 1.8 of OpenType was released in 2016, it included Variable fonts. The feature is mature and widely used nowadays. It would be great to have support for variable fonts.
  6. I'm pulling this feature request into the light again, as it's important and missing. I am discovering how much I miss it day by day. I need and miss true, dynamic styles for graphical elements that work exactly like styles for text in Publisher. It has been requested before. The workarounds that are kindly suggested by others so that one can choose select similar are not workable for me. They are clunky, time consuming and result in poor organization of graphics. In other words, I can't use symbols, the existing "styles" or select similar for the purpose. I also create very, very varied content, so designing content to work with select same of any variation is only severely limiting. All my work involves extensive, detailed and highly varied vector graphics with or without effects, and I end up with really, really many graphical elements for which I use extensive or partial styling of the elements, where I insanely often and almost constantly want to be able to change attributes with styling. You get smarter along the way, both about how it should look and how it prints best. And I work months at a time on what I do. I'm really unhappy that it's not already implemented. Affinity Designer handles complex documents and rendering them quickly really, really well, so your customers are motivated to create complex documents and content, after all. And then you need dynamic, organised and advanced content management. And Serif, do you realize how wonderfully powerful Designer could be with true, dynamic graphic styles? 🙂
  7. Feature Request: Ability to distort/skew perspective of curves in Affinity Designer. I drew a rectangle shape, converted it to curves, and duplicated it repeatedly into stripes. I would next like to distort, skew, stretch the perspective. But I don’t see how with the current set of tools. Best I can discern is to grab nodes and randomly pull them where they look close enough. But this is time-intensive and imperfect. I also tried drawing trapezoid shapes, but their controls seem even less precise. I asked in the support board how better to do it, and I was told there is no way (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/166065-how-to-distortskew-perspective-of-curves-in-affinity-designer/). Thank you.
  8. As mentioned in several Forum Posts already, Copy and Pasting Parts of Curve Nodes (selections of a single or several nodes of a larger curve) is not possible. This would make many workflows more intuitve and faster in my opinon. Here are some post discussing the issue:
  9. Hi, Could we get the copy command added to macros? E.G. copy would fill the clipboard and paste would read from the clipboard as opposed to storing the data in the macro ( which is the current behaviour). This has already been requested for affinity 1. Cheers.
  10. The startup screen is nice, it makes the app feel less empty when you open it. It has some easily accessible templates and guides. What I'm missing though is an Open Recent list ala Blender or a more graphical one a-la Adobe (i'm perfectly fine with a blender-like one tbh but you might want to experiment some more). Here's a quick mock-up of how I think it could work (Only showing the 6 more recent files, you'd rarely go more than that, and only 3-4 sounds like too few) Oops just realized the titles for the default screen are above, not under.
  11. So sorry, let me bring this 8-year-old feature request up again... Starting from 2014 in this post, followed by this in 2018 and this in the same year and this in 2020, we've been crying for a technically-possible feature. The pressure graph is usable in some simple cases, but definitely not for something more complicated (vector line art etc.). We've got pen pressure, we've got the graph, but surprisingly not a tool (or a feature within the node tool) to manipulate pressure precisely. Not even in V2... Think of how many potential customers might be driven away by lack of such a practical feature... Sad. Just hope any one of our dear devs would see this. 🥲
  12. Hi Guys Great job with V2 before I start, the apps feel much more fluid and the UI is a massive improvement! I appreciate that everyone has a missing feature with any software release but I have an issue that is preventing me being able to make the switch to Publisher from InDesign/Quark. I design loads of different stuff for both screen and print, one of these things is packaging. The packaging I design generally uses Pantone colours and in many instances greyscale Tifs that are coloured with a Pantone colour in InDesign, I did the same thing in Quark. Unfortunately Publisher does not support doing this so my IDML imports do not work. A workaround for the issue would be to create a monochrome image, like in Photoshop, but Affinity Photo does not support monotone/duotone images either, so I have hit a bit of a dead end with the suite from a graphic design perspective, please correct me if I am wrong. I currently use the Affinity apps for the web design side of things exclusively and the Adobe apps for print. At some point in the future it would be great to be all in with you guys but unfortunately this particular issue is a sticking point for me and I suspect other designers who create similar packaging stuff. Anyway, please consider this a feature request for either Publisher to have the ability to colour greyscale images with a spot colour, Photo to be able to create monotone/duotone images or both. For the record the Pantone colours are used for 3 reasons on these projects, colour vibrancy, registration (particularly when printing on large format plastic) and cost. The cost of the plates is huge for printing on plastics. Cheers Gary
  13. Please, add the LAYER layers to the AP. Without it, the new Publisher's embedded files layer turning functionality is a nonsense. Thank you. Accordingly, there is an error in the Photo help file, where you talk about Layer properties (right click on the Layer in the Layers Panel). 🙂
  14. I use the Mesh Warp to extend the background of some images. But there is no option to constraint the handle drag horizontally or vertically like in the perspective warp or most of the other dragging tool. It's much a needed option, especially on image that fit horizontally or vertically only. I don't think this should be a hard one, so please add in the next update.
  15. Really don't like that layer effects panel has moved and is more cumbersome to access...and takes up more screen real estate. It was very handy and compact in v1 - would like to see the option to move it back to the right-hand panel!
  16. Just revitalizing this huge thread from the 1.x version since this crucial (but rather complex) feature still has not made it into Publisher. 😢 The original discussion is here.
  17. One of the reasons why I bought V2 was the DXF import function. Please add the ability to save a file as a DXF. My bad for assuming it could. I bet I am not the only one.
  18. The Affinity apps have three different types of buttons of add layers in the layer panel: "Add Pixel Layer" In Photo and Designer "Add Layer" in Designer and Publisher "Group Layers" in Photo The Layer from "Add Layer" in Designer and Publisher is very useful for organizing content and preserving separate selection for items inside of it. While the "Group" is useful for adjusting multiple items together. I know that Photo has Auto-select feature now, but it's better to have both types in the same document. T his is also the same type of organizational layer in Photoshop and other raster software, I don't know why Affinity decided to make Photo different. My workflow in Photo now is almost opening the document first in either Designer or Publisher, pressing "Add Layer" a couple of times and then returning to Photo. If you add "Add Layer" like in the other apps, it'll make organization easier and save me 2 minutes of my life each time I create a new Photo document. The Group Layers can be created by just clicking ctrl+g, or can be left alongside it.
  19. It's been well-observed that the Affinity Suite 'doesn't support' the import of PDFs with embedded fonts, and attempting to do so causes a variety of issues. However, Designer imports EPS and PostScript files with embedded fonts perfectly accurately, because it outlines all the embedded font data. It would solve a great many problems if Designer offered the option to outline the embedded font data, as for EPS files, in the PDF import dialog. I'm presuming that this would be a 'relatively easy fix', as Designer can already outline EPS at import, (and it can outline font data in PDFs when exporting).
  20. Nice job on Affinity 2.0. I already purchased all apps. FEATURE REQUEST: It would be nice to see a type of VECTOR ERASER in Affinity Designer 2 that would allow us to quickly erase INTERSECTING LINES. This can dramatically increase productivity with illustrations. See attached video. Thanks!!! I am enjoying 2.0 !!! vector eraser demo.mp4
  21. (request 1)With CNC machines becoming more affordable for many people. The ability to create G-code to realise concepts and designs for manufacturing is becoming more important in many workflows. For example I make drawings for a cnc router, making use of the corner tool in V1 daily ((request 2)kind of wish there is a use last diameter button as I have to set a minimum radius of all internal corners). The industry is massive and I am sure that a path to G-code tool would sell more copy's of the software. Your almost there with the ability to set a scale on a drawing and work with DXF files and the shape joining tools are incredible . If this is something Affinity would look into including, I suggest you start with looking at the slightly broken free plugin available for Inkscape. Or look at the feature rich JSCut website. On a personal note; I absolutely love using "Designer" it's one of the most relaxing drawing experiences I've had on a computer. It's almost perfect for me, but lacking the G-code tools I'm desperately searching for or, at least the ability to export in (request 3)inkscape's version of svg, for import into other path making programs (I'm fed up of using inkscape just to save a document).
  22. Moving tabs/windows using a mouse cursor can become a bit, " too much" and can become a bit difficult to do since the space, in height, is quite small, therefore, it's quite inefficient. Part 1: Moving tabs/windows left or right. If, this does get implemented, it would make my life a quadrillion times easier, as I'm a right handed person and I follow the Left to right system, so I organise my tabs from (current) -> (last). Part 2: Moving tabs/windows to the very left or to the very right. This, however, is gonna save more time, and makes things more efficient for people like me who organises their tabs from (current) -> (last), its gonna make our lives easier ... I have no clues on what to expand upon this. (I may change this post a little bit)
  23. Although the range of picker types you have is quite wonderful, I'm used to working with HSB/V (Brightness or Value) instead of HSL (for lightness.) It's a common way of specifying colors especially in the land of video. HSL is a similar user experience, but there are a lot of times where it just makes sense to think of 100% brightness (which, to get the same RGB value, somehow works out to 50% lightness.) (And as you probably know, Adobe Photoshop's picker has HSB, not HSL.) This website does a great job of dynamically showing the difference: http://colorizer.org Would you consider adding this option to Designer/Photo/Photo for iPad? Thanks.
  24. I have recently started using Affinty Designer and found that few basic features were missing which all the other professional Vector Editing Software have. Split Point ( This feature allows to break the point into Two separate points ) Minus/Plus or remove/add node ( Feature in Pen Tool to add or remove a node without limiting to shift to different tools ) Break Apart or Release Compound Path ( After Separating a shape with subtract front from back I need to be able to use both separations as different object rather than one single unit ) Create Clipping Mask or Power Clip option in Context Menu and Also Ctrl/Command + Drag object over other object for Quick Power Clipping(This feature is required for the reason of better efficiency ) Actions or Automation ( This Feature is in Illustrator which allows pre-recorded actions to take complex or rather bulk part of the work be smoother and FASTER ) Shape Builder Tool ( This Tool makes it easier for ratio base designing ) ( This is specifically required for professional designers ) Hovering Thumbnail along side the eyedropper tool with Color information (Eg : ) ( It is much need feature if you use it ) Convert to Curves should be included in Text Drop Down Menu. Change of units from right click on ruler ( This feature allows change of measuring unit from just by right clicking on the ruler ) Convert Object to Guidelines ( This Feature allows to Convert Object into Guide Shapes ) Object Locking option in Context Menu (much needed feature for Desktop and Mac user ) Color Numeric Value in swatches with the current color mode ( This feature is highly required one suggested by dadesign I.e.: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/77313-color-numeric-value-in-swatches/ don't know the person but really useful feature ) Thank You for Hearing,
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