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Found 13 results

  1. Also I really want to be able to feather masks (as I am able to in Photoshop's mask properties). Right now I can apply a Gaussian live filter to the mask but it just doesn't create the same effect I'm after. Please take a look at this video - I want to be able to do this exactly. What ends up happening is that I end up vignetting the whole image.
  2. How does one feather the edge of an object in Affinity Designer. I'm seeing a smudge tool that kind of gives me what I want but I really want something that does a feather evenly around the entire object?
  3. So I was working on some photos the other night and my app completely crashed while I was trying to select something with the freehand selection tool with my feather set at 1 and the magnetic option on. Ever since I cannot locate the menus to use those settings at all
  4. Indesign has a basic feather tool to soften edges in pictures. I am addicted to this tool. Is there anything comparable in Affinity? I cannot find it if there is. Please help! and thank you in advance. (If there isn't one available, can there be one made?)
  5. When trying to make a 4 photo collage, I wanted to find an easy way to feather the edges of the photos together, without having to start drawing shapes and be precise (to speed up workflow). I did find a work-around for it, though not very practical or speedy. But, in searching, I stumbled upon something that could be improved. When using the Live filter: vignette, the effect still applies to the whole document, even when the filter is linked to only one of the layers, as you can see in the screenshot. What are your thoughts? Have I maybe skipped a step somewhere? Also, does anyo
  6. I’m trying to figure out how to feather a brush, or add feathering to a current brush. The hardness/softness control doesn’t work as expected, if like most professionals, you’re coming from photoshop. 100% soft is not soft at all when using a basic brush, there is still a hard edge between stroke and empty. I especially use a feathered brush when painting masks to blend 2 objects. Please explain how to add feathering to a brush, if this is possible, meaning I’ve missed something. If it’s not possible please, please, for all the professionals coming from photoshop, add this feature imm
  7. Is there a way to feather the edges of an object or pixel layer in Designer or Photo yet? I just want to, for example. fade the edges of a triangle in a way that follows the shape of the traingle. The only option I'm currently aware of is the limited options using the gradient tool/masking in photo or the transparency tool in Designer, which both only let you do a straight, radial, or conical gradient rather than feathering according to the edges of your object. This seems like a really simple thing? Is it not in the program or am I just missing it?
  8. exported tiff file doesn't retain feathering. #1 I rasterize the image then select feather amount. #2 Then select tool image/invert/delete/export file as tiff to preserve transparency. #3 import paste to keynote and No feather. #4 If I copy the image to clipboard and then paste into keynote it preserves the feather but image resolution is poor. #5 Same for 3D title effect. If I export the file I lose the feathering. Any ideas what I am doing wrong. Thank you.
  9. I have had quite a difficulty trying to feather edges on an image after I have erased the background. The selection tool works in selecting the layer and the items I want selected do get selected with the dotted lines but when I try to feather them that tool does not do much to improve the edges. Even smoothing does little to help. It is very difficult to control as well.. Maybe something can be done to improve feathering. Maybe take the feathering tool and make it as a slider on top of the interface and get it out of a buried menu. But most importantly it must work. I end up having to go bac
  10. It would be great if I could add feathering to the quick mask brush. Thank you!
  11. Both Photoshop and Affinity Photo use [ and ] to change brush size. This is very helpful alignment. It would be great if I could also change brush feathering in Affinity with Shift-[ (ie. '{') and Shift-]. Thanks!
  12. A tool that feathers the edge of any vector shape would be great. It would make masking of hard surface objects a lot simpler too. Also it would cut time when re-creating or balancing gradient filters on strongly curved lenses. For Designer it would just be a really cool tool to blend between shapes. Here's what The Foundry's implementation looks like.
  13. Well, duh! I was watching Affinity Designer tutorials this morning, something I must make more time for, and discovered the Transparency Tool with balloons tutorial. And there is the solution to my problem of not being able to feather the edges of photos to blend in with color-matched backgrounds. Once I get skilled with this tool, it will give me far more control than Illustrator's simple edge-feathering tool has. But the Elliptical type doesn't quite work the way I'd like it to, being that I often need to feather the edges of square or rectangular shapes. Linear works well, but then I ha
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