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Found 13 results

  1. I’m trying to figure out how to feather a brush, or add feathering to a current brush. The hardness/softness control doesn’t work as expected, if like most professionals, you’re coming from photoshop. 100% soft is not soft at all when using a basic brush, there is still a hard edge between stroke and empty. I especially use a feathered brush when painting masks to blend 2 objects. Please explain how to add feathering to a brush, if this is possible, meaning I’ve missed something. If it’s not possible please, please, for all the professionals coming from photoshop, add this feature immediately. Out of all the amazing features Affinity offers, I’m surprised such a simple but intensely used feature was missed. Thanks!
  2. Is there a way to feather the edges of an object or pixel layer in Designer or Photo yet? I just want to, for example. fade the edges of a triangle in a way that follows the shape of the traingle. The only option I'm currently aware of is the limited options using the gradient tool/masking in photo or the transparency tool in Designer, which both only let you do a straight, radial, or conical gradient rather than feathering according to the edges of your object. This seems like a really simple thing? Is it not in the program or am I just missing it?
  3. In the first picture I clicked on "Select" -> "Feather..." but it seems the selection is instead smoothed. If I try "Select" -> "Smooth..." I obtain the same result. On the other hand, if I go into "Refine", changing the "Feather" slides has the effect that I was looking for (see second picture). Is this something intended to work this way and I'm doing something wrong or is it a bug? I'm on macOS 11.4 and I'm using Affinity Photo 1.10.0 Thank you, Giacomo
  4. Hello Affinity team, Here is the feature request to do easy feathering. Usually, in Xara Designer, I put a picture in a vector object and use feathering to smooth edges of the object. As an example: No feather: With feather: Feathering is done as simple as dragging a slider to the desired number of pixels to smooth the edges. I wonder, if such functionality is possible to implement for the Layer effects? If yes, then when it's expected? If no, then why and how to achieve the same effect now in Affinity Designer? Thanks, Arlen.
  5. Hey guys, I‘ve just startet working with Affintiy Photo and I‘m wondering if there is any option to feather the selection by using the smart oder the flood selection tool. There is an option for the freehand selection tool but I couldn’t find it for the others named. Sorry if you already discussed this topic. I couldn’t find an answere yet. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Leo
  6. Hi guys, Are there any plans on updating Affinity with a feather effect for vector objects? That would really be awesome for PSD output, if we use gaussian blur it simply rasterizes the shape, and that's a no no Thank you for a great product, Chris
  7. Hi guys, I know Affinity doesn't have a Feather option, but is there anything similar? I need to apply something similar to Feather on a vector object, and I need it NOT to be rasterized in Photoshop. I tried the Gaussian Blur in Affinity, but that rasterizes the object on export. Anyone know a way or some workaround? Thank you, Chris
  8. I am very inexperienced in Affinity but used to know photoshop very well. I am trying to take a photo from Aperture (no problem there), Select a central(ish) part of the image - the part I want to keep, Feather the edge around the part that I want to keep, Delete the rest of the image/document (don't mind which) Convert the remaining feather-edged part of the image to greyscale (no problem there) I am; Selecting the central(ish) part of the image that I want to keep, Selecting "inverse pixel selection" - the marching ants look correct Selecting "cut" to remove the inverse selection The whole image is cut leaving a blank canvas. What is really annoying is that I have done this successful (albeit after several retrys) twice today and now I can't get it to work at all. I don't need a non-destructive method for this part and what I have done is what I would have done in Photoshop. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong (or right on some occasions)?
  9. Hi, I am new with Photo for Mac and need to adjust the colour balance differentially along an edge of a photo. It is a scan of a very old colour negative with substantial colour shifts close to the negative edges. I have looked into gradients, feathered regions, but neither seems to be either right or easy or I am not yet skilled enough. Can someone suggest an approach for tackling this? Thank you in advance for any advice. Ron
  10. Why does my image disappear when I use the feather slider when I try to refine a selection? Is this a bug? I tried to move the all the refinement sliders to try to not make this happen but it my image only "came back" when I had the Feather slider at zero.
  11. Hi to everyone from this new user! I'm an old Photoshop user hoping to do all that I did there and more in AP. I am making masked TIFFs out of some contoured white objects that were photographed on a white background. I want to maintain the original shadow but make it blend to whatever paper it will be printed on. I have traced one contour of just the object and another one that includes the shadow and used each as masks on duplicates of the image. I gave the layer with the shadow a 70% opacity but I want the outer pixels to fade outwards to 0%. I thought using Feather and deleting the selection would do it but it does not select evenly. Grow selects evenly but deleting that just creates a visible cut. Any ideas that do not include manually going around the objects with the Background Erase tool? I appreciate any help!
  12. It would be good to be able to feather a selection to a higher value than than the 200px slider offers. (you seem to be able to manually use a value of 400px) However there are lots of situations when (especially with very high resolution images) 200px is not any where near enough. Best wishes Jonathan Charles (a man who badly wants to ditch adobe photoshop)
  13. Hi so I have the following questions and have in mind Im no genius have gone some courses in photoshop and might be lacking some of the core stuff but have always been able to create visually good stuff anyway. But I am having some fundamental problems with this software: How do you refine edges like in photoshop to get rid of unwanted outlines? (When you have a picture and get rid of background by highlighting it and press delete, theres always some unwanted stuff around the edges left.) When selecting layers some options are greyed out. like select sampled color and refine edges to name a few. There is no real explanation to why they are greyed out. When I resize a picture it gets really ugly pixel wise. am I missing something?
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