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Found 119 results

  1. I am a total newbie to Affinity Designer and am very impressed with its capabilities and potential. However, as of yesterday, I am starting to experience problems with printing and exporting. When I go to print to my Canon MP470, my Mac shows the "swirling pinwheel of death" for a very long time (5 or more minutes) and then a printer error finally appears. I tried to circumvent this problem by exporting the project as a pdf first and then printing later. Again, the pinwheel appeared and there was no indication or message as to whether the export was successful. Later, I found the pdf file in my documents, but when I clicked on it, it was blank. The really crazy thing is I printed and exported my last project (of similar size, scope, and complexity), with NO TROUBLES AT ALL. I used the same settings as last time, so I don't understand what is going on now. Any ideas of how to correct this? This project is due to a client within this next week and I have no way of sending it or printing it for her review. PLEASE HELP. BTW - I'm using the app bought from the Mac App Store if that is any help.
  2. I just downloaded Affinity and happy I did. I am sure this is the software I've been looking for. Kudos!! I created a card for my son's birthday and wanted to send it to him as a tiff. it only allowed me to send with the extension .afdesign and i get a mesage that Im not allowed to use any other format. i just got my receipt for payment through app store and have not received nor used any key to open or use Affinity. What is it that I'm missing? i want to export as pdf or tiff or even psd - I will appreciate your assistance and direction.
  3. I am a relatively new user to Affinity Photo and have been watching the tutorial videos, as well as playing with photos in the editor. I shoot with a Fujifilm XE1 and hoped to do all of my processing in Affinity. I have a few issues and questions regarding my processing. 1) It takes a long time to do some things in the develop persona, and sometimes the program hangs or crashes while I'm trying to develop my RAW files. I have not had this issue with other programs such as Photoshop and RAWTherapee. If I am editing JPEG files I usually do not have issues. Just with the Fuji RAW files. I am running with 8GB of ram, a SSD, and a 2.8Ghz dual core processor. I don't believe I'm running out of system resources. 2) I cannot set an input color profile, it's just a grayed out box. I was able to set them in the beta when I had it, unfortunately I can't seem to set that now. I'm hoping it's just using the Camera profile, which is set to Adobe RGB. Is this normal? 3) When I export a file through the export persona, no matter 1x 2x or 3x, it looks soft and blurry, almost like I had no processing on the file whatsoever when it exported. Very soft and blurry. What I look at in the Affinity Photo window after I have done my processing looks fantastic, sharper and more vivid than I've ever gotten from another editor. I just want it to export that way. I've tried exporting to JPEG and TIFF in 8 and 16 bit with no luck. Why might this be happening? Am I doing something wrong? 4) Is there a way I can set an aspect ratio when doing slices/exporting? I would like to export some images for my desktop background that are an exact fit either with a border/mat or without. Maybe I am misunderstanding the Slice/Crop uses here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  4. Id love some help! Im creating print ready banner art. Each time I try to export, in any format except affinity, Affinity Designer crashes. What can I do? thanks! rs opening.soon.afdesign
  5. Hi friends, Can anyone tell if is there a reason why exporting a jpg image created with AP, should lower the resolution almost to a third of the original resolution I had worked with it in AP. ? I mean like a 25 Mgb to 15 Mgb. Odd..... Not my wish anyway, I simply wished it to put on my name as. usual and I do it in Photoshop. (simply a routine). I really needed to kower down a bit that image for in some art sites they do let you post inages with more than an amount of pixles. This....happened just accidentaly. I wonder...mostly when I do a composite I use 300 pixels of resolution....or it seems to appear that one by defect, Do not know. Then I try to lower down, Have not done any teating with AP images . Will see if something more would happen then, like changing te size when you change the reso lution rate. Thanks a lot. Rosa
  6. I am trying to get the workflow down for saving images for Retina displays. In Photoshop, you would place a 3x larger image in your file as a smart object sized down to 1x. This would preserve the larger dimensioned image for exporting for Retina images. Since AP does not do smart objects, when you go to export your image @2x and @3x from a @1x size, how does the export compensate for the larger size Retina images? It might make sense to place a @3x image size and then downsample to @2x and @1x for exporting but I don't think AP does that? I'd like to get a workflow down. Can you advise? Thanks much and a super great product!
  7. Hi friends, Learning little by little. I have a question, How can be re-sized a document, or a layer, slice etc.....once you have decided to export them as png, jpeg, or whatever? I have tried to export a layer from quite mixed up experimental work..(many items on the same document) and it has been easy, but the result in y dashboard was a very little object, because that, of course was the size it had in th canvas. Then....an idea came to me...well If I resise the document, then, I may well resise the whole selction of it, with all the items and all. No problem...but then, all the vectorial brushes thqt I had used for texturizing, and giving ni ce abstraction to some of the objects, were not resized as well, losing all the proportion that they had when they had been applied. mmmmmsorry,,may be I am asking too much, I would appreciate much iyour help for both questions, Size of a document, layer, slice when bng exported, and not loosing the vecto rial brushes proportions as well, thanks a lot in advance,,, Greetings from Bilbao,Spain, Rosa
  8. I have searched everywhere for this topic and I'm beginning to think that I'm doing something wrong because I don't see anyone else having this problem. Please help. I received an .ai file from a client. It had many, many, unorganized layers. I pulled the file into AD and spent quite a while organizing all of the layers. (It's a template based job so this was important.) I have to return the file to my client with changes made. When I export it (I've tried multiple ways), and open the exported file in ai, I have lost all of my organization. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Thank you!
  9. When choosing 'export' (in my case I tried to export 'selection without background' to PNG) and entering a new target size (e.g. only change width), the other size-component isn't updated and thus the exported image results in an distorted image. (the 'lock' icon is set to 'on'). Temporary solution is to 'open' the lock icon, change the new size (e.g. width), then activate the lock icon and hit TAB to blur the input field. I can't imagine that's how it's supposed to work. OSX 10.10.3 14D87h, iMac 27", 32GB RAM
  10. The attached image is made of simple strokes and results in a raster when exported as an SVG (raster inside SVG). I've even tried to expand the strokes and then export. Even then, with no brush used, it results in a raster. I've play with PDF and EPS too. I can't seem to get this graphic out as a vector. Suggestions? Cheers.
  11. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but when I export a file as a png, pdf, or especially as an eps file the top left hand portion gets cut off. Is there some way to stop this from occurring? These are files that I am sometimes sending out to clients.
  12. It would be great to retain layer information when exporting to pdf, eps, etc.
  13. Hello, I have created an image with transparency and would like to export as png while maintaining the set transparency. Now when I export it removes all transparency. Is this possible? Is it a bug that the transparency is removed? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Jeremy
  14. Can I copy an object ( 1 closed path curve ) and paste it as a path / custom shape on photoshop ? right now it's pasted as a bitmap only Thanks DJ
  15. It seems to have issues saving various formats. When saving to PSD or Adobe-esk formats several thing occur. 1. I go through all the steps to save a PSD file, but I hit save and it never shows up in the folder. I leave the program running for a long period of time figuring it take a long time to save certain formats but nothing happens. 2. I then go to close the file and I get the spinning beachball which goes on forever thus causing me to force quit the program. The program REALLY NEEDS some for of progress bar as an indicator. I am at a loss.
  16. When I save to other formats, Tiff, Jpg, Psd, Pdf and direct it to a file folder nothing seems to happen and the file does not show up in the folder. What am I possibly doing wrong if anything? :wacko:
  17. Hi everyone, I just downloaded Affinity Design and i have to say, I'm very impressed with it :) I'm having an issue, either with exporting my image or playing with the vectors. I'm creating a top banner that will be used on our website, but it's not coming out as crisp as I need it to be. Initially I thought it was a pixel issue so I began to mess around with the pixel tools, but that wasn't too successful because the pixel pen was too large for my pixel (does that even make sense? lol) Honestly, it looks fine in the program, but once I export it to PNG or JPG, it's a little blurry, as attached. The dimensions of my banner are: 1020x462 @ 72 DPI Any help would be tremendous! Thank you! Jesal
  18. May be it's just me, but I can't find a way to export a specific object - as opposed to an entire page. I thought I could simply select an object and export it, but that doesn't seem to get me anywhere. I looked up "export" in the help file, but that didn't really help much. Shouldn't this operation be straightforward? -Franco
  19. Hi! Could you please briefly describe how shall I correctly export to PDF. The project has vector+raster elements. When I'm currently trying to export, I'm facing two problems: a. raster elements are exported in very low quality (despite I'm trying to indicate best quality in export panel) b. Some vector elements are exported as raster (and, correspondingly, are also pixelated!) Many thanks in advance for help! Alex Test.afdesign Test.pdf
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