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Found 119 results

  1. Is it possible to keep the original date on photos when I export my photos from Affinity Photo 1.5? Same thing goes when I develop RAW pictures as well? Thanks!
  2. I'm using Photo for Windows and having trouble exporting a Photo image to a jpeg file. When in the Photo persona and working on an image, if I select "file", then "export", then choose jpeg format and click on the "export" button the "save as" window pops up and lists "Affinity files" (which is grayed out) as the only available file type and not jpeg as I expected. I've tried other changing some of the settings in the "export settings" dialog box to see if that might allow me to save as a jpeg. No dice. Pretty much the same story using the export persona (not surprisingly). I would have thought that, since I selected the jpeg format, that Affinity Photo would have generated an enlightening error message. I've watched tutorial videos and read some on exporting, but haven't found any mention of this problem or its possible causes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. I'm enjoying AP very much. I gave up Lightroom and Photoshop and have no regret at all. I use it in combination with ACDsee as AP has no picture manager. Now what i'd really like for the future is: being able to chose for 'saving as...' and 'exporting' to the same file from where I opened the picture. That would cost me considerable less time. Kind regards, Pollo Hamburger.
  4. Hi I Need to add ^#UP and ^#DOWN tag to multiple slices is there a quick way to do this instead of writing it every time ?
  5. I have been using Affinity photo for a couple of months. I am having an issue with the use of the add noise filter. The add noise filter is displayed in the photo personal when applied to a colored vector shape. However, when merge visible is engaged or when the image is exported the add-noise is not visible... How can I resolve this issue?
  6. After using the selection brush tool to crop a white background into an image in Photo Persona I saved the work, then exported it as JPEG, bilinear, whole document and when I open the saved image on my desktop it saved the original unedited image. I've attempted this multiple times, selecting different exporting options but the result is always the same.. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? Please help.
  7. Hi everyone, This may seem like a silly question, but I'm having issues exporting an image after editing it. Every time I attempt to save and then export the image, it saves on my desktop as the original unedited image. Here's what I'm doing: After uploading the image to Affinity Persona, I use the selection brush tool to select the desired part of the image that I want to keep, I then use the toggle quick mask tool to add a white background to the image. I then save and export the image to .PNG or .JPEG and both files still save as the original, unedited image instead of the image I edited with the white background. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks very much in advance for your help!
  8. I cannot get the export feature to work in either Designer or Photo for Windows. I believe that I'm following the directions in both apps but all it will save as is the Affinity format. Some system setting?
  9. Hey, First off, a long time Adobe user but really excited with AD and AP; really loving what has been established so far and excited for the future! Great job on both! One thing I noticed after exporting an all vector created file to .pdf, the export rasterized one object "X" that I had clipped with another vector object "Y". So that when the .pdf file was open with another computer, the clipped object in question, was a bitmap instead of a vector. I would like to see more features to "expand" the expanding features within AD. Also, I would hope to see, in the future, the behavior of objects being clipped by other vectors, to stay vectors. Now I could totally be overlooking a feature or procedure (which I don't mind using a work around for now) but I would like to suggest this as an upcoming feature. Otherwise, I would spend valuable time having to go back through a created piece, expanding each individually. If I have overlooked anything please let me know, because I'm also very dumb and this personal trait, unfortunately rarely gets featured upgrades. Thanks again for all your continued hard work! You all are awesome! -Sully
  10. Hello, I'm a huge fan of Affinity Designer, and I'm using this program at my iMac 5k but I have an issue after updating the program. Exporting Jpeg or Png -> My original photo color is desaturated, the tone is down like a pale face.I was comparing many times on my photoshop and my old iMac (not 4k) as well, but I feel it seems that Affinity Designer's bug. Do you have any solution for this, regarding color tone is down? Thanks in advance, DJ.
  11. Hi. After a lot of experimenting I have found the only way to export an original 72 dpi jpg image as a resized 300 dpi jpg is to uncheck 'embed metadata' in Export Persona mode. Otherwise the image reverts to 72 dpi when reopened. Is this the only work-round to do such a fundamental task? I guess I'm missing something obvious, but I just can't find it. I’m using Affinity Photo version 1.4.3. Thanks a lot.
  12. Hello First Please excuse my english i'm french Here's problem : I want to use shapes i designed with affinity Designer in apple motion 5 but it's only possible to import .pdf files in motion and those are note reconized as "Path" in motion There was a java scrip for adobe illustrator but it doesn't work anymore I really prefer Affinity designer as Adobe Illustrator so Please Find a way to use our Affinity Curves as Curves in Apple Motion 5 Thank's for reading and the great job you did for an awesome Price Have a nice day
  13. After working with AD to export stuff for a mobile app, I came to the conclusion this would be a must. It's really difficult to navigate between lots of different things and not be able to organize them, and so it would be cool to have: 1. Layer/Export item color coding (like ps) 2. Export item grouping, to keep things tidy. setting a "Path" variable on this could be cool because it would allow for all items in this group to be exported in the path specified in the variable, without having to resort to "funky naming" like "mainfolder/subfolder"
  14. I was wondering if there was a feature somewhere that you can take a object and "snap to pixel" like in Sketch and Fireworks - or some way to only use full pixels to create objects, move objects and even aligning objects. I've noticed when I export assets that are not perfectly lined up on a pixel, the object then becomes anti-aliased which is super frustrating, cause then i need to go back and realign every object. The fact that I have objects on a x (or y) position at 20.1is a bit counter intuitive to web design i think. This has also led to problems exporting and lining up the slicing tool (attached). So I guess my question is 1. is there a "snap to pixel" 2. is there setting to say "use only full pixels" in which objects would snap to?* *I know there is the snap to pixel in the magnet, but that doesn't work when creating objects or moving them freely around. Thanks.
  15. Hello! First off, let me note that I'm not a graphic designer and all that I have learned is self taught. I'm new to using Affinity Designer but I am familiar with programs such as AI and Inkscape. I managed to design the logo I wanted but I am having a lot of trouble exporting the image as an .svg file. When saved as an .svg file the image becomes rasterized and sometimes blurry. When saved as a .png the image is not too bad but I would like to have the .svg saved for larger print projects. Could my problems be caused by the layer effects I am using on my logo?
  16. With a 300 dpi image in affinity photo, I exported as jpg and chose 72 dpi. When I reopen the document in affinity photo or in photoshop it seems to always say that it is 300 dpi. I resized it again and saved it and still the same thing. It's important that I follow the guidelines when submitting my art so I am nervous to send this as I can't figure out why it wont stay 72 dpi? Thanks, Andrea
  17. Hello, I'm new to Affinity photo, I've learned some of the editing features. I have done a photo shoot the other day and I edited the pictures. Naturally I saved them and as well exported them as Jpegs (so that they can open up on their PC as I have a Mac). I put all the pictures on a usb for them to open, on my computer it says .jpg but then on their PC it is not jpg. I don't know what to do… it's frustrating as I want them to be able to open the pictures! Help :)
  18. I'm getting a large block of space when I export a logo. It was originally created in illustrator. When I open it in Affinity Photo it looks fine (no added space above) When I set the Transparent background choice it looks fine. But when I export as a png or jpg I get this large space above the object. I'm using the latest version of APhoto 1.4.1 Here is what it looks like http://www.screencast.com/t/hJhcRi427s Thanks for any clues as to why this is happening. Ive attached the original file as well Martial Arts Basics Logo On Light.ai
  19. Question! And thanks in advance. Is it possible to save a document as a Photoshop file and NOT render the type uneditable? I have tried several different options, in both APhoto and ADesigner and all result in type rendered pixel. I was able to save in PDF and then open it back in APhoto but my client says that upon opening the file in Photoshop all texts are pixels.
  20. This is definitely a web thing... When slicing an object, the slicing borders should be allowed to outside the art board. Sometimes I start slicing outside the art board just so the slice snaps to borders, but in affinity the slide stay outside and I need to move it back inside. In addition to that, it would be awesome if when a slice is selected I could use the arrow keys move the slice around, rather then having to use the move tool on the slice. Oh also, are there transform parameters available for slicing objects ? If I know the slice is say 200 x 200 but I create the slice 210 x 205, I currently use the anchors on the side of the slice tool to update the size. I would be better to have the size in a transform panel that I could just input the size, have it resize and then move into the correct position. /savagecorp
  21. I created greeting cards using Affinity Photo and although the help section of Affinity Photo 1.4.1 software states 'Gudes are non-printing, non-exporting lines that float over your page and assist with positioning of layer content' it seems that they indeed have exported to the PDFs although mainly only faintly and have printed out on some cards but not all of them. This has ruined 10 x 20 cards = 200 which has cost me. I am still awaiting a reply from Serif after using their 'Ticket' system since 12th April
  22. So I am exporting my magazine. I've got a couple pages that don't export layers. 2 pages is just a single image layer. Another page is background image, and then 2 small rectangle images with strokes. The two small images export, background is white.... Another page is just again a single image, and just exports White.. Need to get this done like ASAP. Any help would rock
  23. Hello everybody, I have designed a logo in Affinity, chosen PANTONE colours and exported the file into PDF. My client is having troubles with it as he says printers are opening the file in CMYK, PANTONE colour don't exist anymore. What am I doing wrong? How can I export or save my file for a final art for printers? Thanks for your help.
  24. Dear Affinity makers, please give us an option to change the suffix when exporting. When working with Capture One Pro 9 and affinity photo, re-importing the photos from affinity photo (AP) to the C1Pro catalog could be a lot easier, when we would have the ability to change the suffix when exporting fron AP. Ap is saving .tif files as tiff and C1Pro is seeing them as tif Thanks in advance Michael
  25. I'm trying to export a big architectural drawing - the size is quite huge (200x90 cm at 300 DPI or 23622x10629px at 300 DPI) - , containing vectors and textures. It is almost impossible to export to PDF (even PDF for web preset) to send the file to the printer service. It takes a very long time. Same issue for EPS export. Exporting in jpeg works better if I decrease the resolution, but it still need a too long time. Any solution? Best PS I'm using beta version
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