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Found 21 results

  1. I am evaluating the 3 Affinity products to replace Adobe. When exporting a document to PDF, every word in the document with "ff" and "ss" are all replaced with a square box. See attachments to view the problem. I have tried every PDF type. The only one that doesn't do this is when I rasterize the file but then it's pages that look like photos and is 30mb in size. This defeats the purpose of PDF. Please advise.
  2. I've used Affinity publisher to design a book that I want to send to be professionally printed. The colour space of the document is in grayscale, I made the text 0 gray on the grayscale, exported it to pdf explicitly in grayscale (D50), and still the text in the pdf seems to be build up in CYMK colours. How is this possible? How can I export to a purely black and white pdf, ready to be printed in black and white, instead of in colour?
  3. Hello, unfortunately I cannot export files that include images for some reason. In the past it worked but suddenly it it raises "An error occurred while exporting to:...". If I place the image outside of the document or delete it entirely, it works flawlessly. I am using Mac (2018, OS Monterey) Affinity Publisher is updated to the latest available version. I am using the default PDF export settings (PDF for print). What can I do? Thanks!
  4. I’ve used the bitmap fill feature for a long time in previous releases but when I downloaded the release it glitched on me. I think they’re something I’m missing. The left image is what I am seeing in AD before exporting to PDF. The right image is what I’m getting when saving to PDF which clearly shows only the one original bitmap fill is in the rectangle and tiling didn't transfer. I’ll also attach a screenshot of AD so you can see some settings. Affinity Designer bitmap tiling not saving to PDF.pdf
  5. Hello, I need to export my afdesign file to a layered PDF (for a cutting machine ) I have tried all PDF export settings. And no layers shows in Acrobat reader ! I test all affinty app design, photo and publish all give the same result ! no layer... enseigne_decoupe_3D_125x38.afdesign
  6. Hi All ... Normally I can quickly search and find what i"m looking for, but I'm not sure what to ask for this one. My project is Multiple Greeting Cards with both Front/Back & Insides.I have 4 card sizes included in my file. I set up sections for each card, named the section the size and made a section just for my thank you note I also made sure the pages started back at 1. When I export to PDF, I select Crop Marks and Page Information. However, I need the Page Information at the top of each "PDF page" to show the File name, Section name and Page Number of the Section. I cannot include the information on the cards, it would look odd. Is this possible??
  7. I have a drawing which I want to export to PDF. When I do this, there's one line missing from the drawing. When I export it to PNG, for instance, everything exports correctly. Nieuw Werk - Koor.pdf Nieuw Werk - Koor.afdesign
  8. Hi, when exporting an image with an adjustment layer, PDF output doesn't use adjustment layer ; jpg or png do see the 3 files afpub, pdf, png -> afpub and png are red, pdf is black like my original image Thank you Cyril Sans titre.afpub Sans titre.pdf
  9. My printer requires that the type of the pdf file we submit is black black, not 4-color black. When I export the pages, which includes photos and art, I do select greyscale pdf. Yet, printing company says my type is 4-color black. Is there a way to set the type output as black?
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bj965vq3wh23vfn/paysafe.zip?dl=1 En este archivo, los textos "paysafe" y "recarga", aparecen pixelados al expotar a PDF (y son los únicos que salen pixelados ,ya que el resto estan vectorizados) pero en la edición del archivo en designer sale en vector . He probado a coger otra imagen de paysafe pero pasa exactamente lo mismo. A ver si alguien es capaz de resolver el problema. Gracias.
  11. I've looked for similar posts, but not seen this reported: Faulty Text Ligatures when PDF is Displayed using MS Edge Browser. Affinity Publisher running on 64-bit Windows 10 Pro 1903 After creating a short booklet using Arial headings and Times New Roman body text, I wanted to export review copies in PDF format. I chose Export... PDF (for Web), using Affinity Publisher's default settings. Problem When the PDF (for Web) file is viewed using the MS Edge Browser, Microsoft's default viewer for PDFs on Windows 10 PCs, several text ligatures are faulty. When the same file is viewed using Adobe Reader, the ligatures are OK. But many PCs will be set to Microsoft's defaults, so will open PDFs using MS Edge. Possible Temporary Workaround Using the "More" option, change the PDF (for Web) preset to embed "All Fonts," making sure that the "Subset" option is ticked. Then "create this preset" with a new name. This makes the PDF file slightly larger, but does give it a better chance of displaying correctly.
  12. Hello everyone, I am trying to create a "multi-page document" file since I'm working on a catalog but i can't find a way to export several pages into one PDF file. Does Affinity photo count with the photoshop equivalent of PDF presentation/Multi-page document?? Thanks :)
  13. Hello, I have a story with photos on every page. Parts of the photos are made transparent so that text, which is on top of the photo, is readable. When I export as a PDF for printing purposes, the transparency is not handled well. I believe that the appropriate PDF standard to accomplish this is the VT standard. Are there plans to support this PDF standard? If not, does anyone know a work around that I might use? At this point in time, I simply don't know how to control the transparency from Publisher (where it is great) to the PDF. Sincerely, Robin McLeod
  14. Hello, I am new here. I am trying to export a simple gradient to a PDF, however there are lines appears on the PDF. Did I do something wrong? Help please Thanks E. Test.afdesign Test.pdf
  15. Hi! I'm looking for solution to resolve my trouble. I get first poster from Print. I'm happy with result but I'm stucking in economics of workflow. I want create one project and then export it to PDF with multiple page with 5mm bleed, but with one element changing. For example I make Certificate. I have the same template graphics, borders etc. but changing names fx. Certificate for John Doe Certificate for Mary Happyfoot Certificate for Anthony Waterman At the summary I have the same background, frames, fonts styles etc. but I only change name. Now I have only two solution: duplicated layer / element and hide / show them at the time export or save as project with new name. Could you sugest me better solution? Thank you!
  16. I made project without standard system font. So then when I have finished work I want export to PDF and don't loose it.. Questions 1. When PDF is exported fonts are auto convert to curves? 2. How prepare PDF and don't missing font? I've got two years ago trouble. I make PDF, but in printing house they haven't font in their system which I use. I don't convert font to curves too. I would avoid this type of troubles.. Could you tell me what to do in AD?
  17. Hello everybody! I would like to export my affinity design file into a pdf. First time it works smoothly. But now one slim black line appears on the pdf. It seems to be a part of a frame. But the photo is unframed Do you have a hint for me? Greetings from Germany Sonja
  18. Is there a fix or obvious solution for the bleed on the crop marks not exporting to PDF correctly in designer. The horizontal crop marks do not take into account the bleed area and remain in original position. Is this a bug or is there another setting i am missing?
  19. Hello, Is it possible to set the initial view (eg. fit to window) when exporting to PDF?
  20. All Layers i use are nested into sublayers. I want to open the exported PDF file in CorelDraw. I know, PDF1.7 and 1.6 preserve layers. But these formats crash in Corel (A Bug-Report is opened). Which export function (also in Beta-Versions) preserve the nested layer structure also for CorelDraw? I need also the edit ability preserved. Any hints. At best in the stable version of affinity designer are welcome. Best regards Andreas
  21. Hello, my affinity file is currently is crashing Photo and Designer when I try to export a PDF for printing. How can I get this to print? It's for a wall piece. The file is 2 meters x 1 meter, 300 dpi 15" Macbook Pro mid 2014 retina, 2.8 Ghz, 16Gbs
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