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Found 5 results

  1. I know I'm not the first person to request this; apparently a couple requests were made back in 2015 and it still hasn't been implemented. In Adobe Illustrator, when you export to SVG, all of the various hidden layers are exported as well, with display="inline" and display="none" being put on visible and invisible layers, respectfully. Part of my HTML5 game is built around showing and hiding various layers of an SVG, using css classes to show different layers at different times. The build pipeline for the game takes Illustrator's odd converting of layer names into pseudo-html-safe strings and reverts them to be used as class names on the elements, and I was happy to redo that bit to function with however Designer outputs its SVG and re-prepare it for use in my project. But Affinity Designer just removes the hidden layers, period. There's no option to NOT have it remove the layers, there's only an option to remove additional layers for some odd reason. I get the reasoning behind wanting to optimize SVG for the web, but that should be an option left for me to decide, not have it dictated to me by the program. I have an SVG optimizer already in my build pipeline, and its tailored to my needs, meaning it doesn't remove the hidden layers I want to keep while still allowing me to remove bloated pixel data that might be left over. Why is turning off this unwanted optimizing not an option in Designer? And more importantly, why is it still not an option after apparently five years of it being requested? And before it's suggested again, no, just unhiding all the layers is not a suitable work around. It's tedious to have to make sure every nook and cranny of a complex SVG is unhidden just so it will export, and couple that with the fact that I have several of these SVGs, and it's just not worth the hassle. Plus, it's nice that the SVGs inherently look correct when viewed outside the game window because their initial hidden/shown properties are kept, while still being able to work correctly. I was recommended the Affinity suite as a cross-platform replacement for Adobe's suite (I'm basically using a decades-old version to avoid the subscription stupidity). But this behavior (coupled with the lack of support for opening AI files natively - though I can understand why for that) is a major deal breaker...
  2. Hello there, I'm encountering some issues I simply cannot understand. I am trying to export some pixel art through the export persona to be able to handle my slices easily, however, even by setting the defaults & selection export options mode to use the nearest neighbor resampler, the exports seem to not go through the resampler as they come out with the usual blur you get without using nearest neighbor. However when I try to export a selection through the regular export menu File > Export... and select the nearest neighbor resampler, my export comes out fine. Is there something that needs to be toggled on/off for it to work as well on the export persona ? Thanks,
  3. Hello I am a designer who uses the affinity designer for Instagram content using microblog. I want to ask about the best way to export to the Instagram carousel using the resampler from affinity, and what is the difference between each (5) of the export resamplers provided Thanks
  4. Exporting to PSD, a checkbox in the extended export options is "Compatibility Mode." Compatibility with what, and are there tradeoffs to be aware of aside from compatibility with... whatever. Did look in the help file and did not find any guidance there. Cheers
  5. Hi, team! I try to make a PNG dithered with transparency background. Is not available to see in a window 2 or more previsualization of an image with different export options in real time? Thanks for your amazing apps
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