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  1. Hey everyone. I need to know if there is a way to establish a page order when we export multiple artboards to a PDF. Currently, even though I set up my artboards in order, once they were exported, they actually came out in the reverse. So instead of 1 to 14, it came out 14 to 1 in page order. How can I reverse this? Is there some way to also set the order on export and is there a certain way we must lay out our multiple documents in order to get the pages right all the time? Thanks.
  2. I guess this will be a topic for many Users who are collaborating with other Affinity users still on V1. I have both versions of the Affinity suite, and am a bit hesitant to edit v1-documents because of the incompatibility with v1-apps. Is there any way to somehow "save as" or "export" v2-documents from the v2-app to the v1-document-format, perhaps with a friendly warning that one might lose some new features? Otherwise this would be a weird situation, Designer can open Illustrator files from all versions (which Illustrator cannot do), but cannot export into its very own format of the predecessor... Btw: Copying from V2 and paste it into V1 seems to work, even the controls for a cog shape still works.
  3. This is a minor issue, but a bit annoying: Open or create a new document File/Export On Advanced, click on the Matte color With CMYK selected on the color picker (it happens with other color spaces, but CMYK seems to be worse) click a single time on the middle of any of the color bars (C, M, Y or K) When doing this, the color flashes for a second, but the color bar returns to its previous color. If you drag instead of click the color will change. This doesn't happen when using the color picker in the normal document. My guess is that it's caused by the export preview stealing the focus, so the color picker resets.
  4. I need to export the work as a pdf/x-1a:2003 file. But when I do export, a portion of the image is distorted. I have no idea why this is happening or how to correct the issue. I tried exporting as pdf/X-3:2003 just to see if it was the specific format, but the image distorted exactly the same way in that export too. I need to find a solution soon, because I have an approaching deadline. I attached images of what the original looks like, and the export (with the big black blob, and some other new lines). Does anybody have an idea what might be going on, and how I might correct this? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you. (I made the image in Designer v1, and am exporting from Publisher v1.)
  5. First: Affinit Designer is really great - thanks to the Affinity team! (Former-time Corel user, then Inkscape, now switched to Affinity due to CMYK and better color management) My request: I often use Save-As to generate numbered versions of files (as backups, and so that when I discuss them with a client, we can refer to which version we are talking about). In the Save As dialog, it appears that AD defaults to the folder where I last saved anything. This is very tricky when working on files that lie in different folders. To me, the current behaviour is somehow unexpected, and I often accidentially store files in the wrong project's folder. The same happens when exporting, to PDF for instance. I can imagine that people might want to always export all PDFs to a certain folder no matter where the curent file is, so maybe we should also consider this use-case. My suggestion is: 1.) Save As: Default to the folder where the current file lies. 2.) Export (pdf etc, but also for palettes): Default to the folder where I last exported the respective file type when the current document was open. (Maybe its not a good idea to store file paths in documents (like the export paths necessary for 2.). For me, it would be ok if this only works for the last, say, 30 files I worked on, so it could be stored somewhere in the application options storage, not in the document files.) Would this cover all use-cases? Best, Philipp
  6. Some objects getting changed in export. (only for vector file formats - JPG/PNG looks fine). For this example the outline and fill gets swapped and the outer part of the outline is missing (theres only a really thin line - see second picture detail.jpg). I have no idea how to fix it.
  7. Hello, I create a collection of vector picture that I would like to post in EPS, so that the images can be used under illustrator 10. The problem is that all my elements (texts, curves) having been deformed or with effects are not taken into consideration or badly. I put in attachments before after of an image and the export settings made. Do you know how to solve the problem ? Thanks
  8. I tried to do the following: Create a 2-page document 90x50mm Create 2 master pages, on each page place one PDF page to serve as the static content, apply them to respective regular pages. PDF file size is 2.5MB Create a single text field on one of the pages, link it to a data field from a spreadsheet, this will be the only dynamic content present, 2000 records total Data merge -> create merged document, goes fast enough, under 10 seconds Export as PDF -> the export process didn't even move past 25% after 5 minutes. This is completely insane, as the only variable element is a single text field, it should be done in seconds. It also eats enormous amounts of disk space, dozens of gigabytes. At around 33% I ran out of disk space, and the job processing was cancelled with an error. PersonaBackstore.dat was 34 GB at the time the disk ran out of space. Seems like its trying to re-print the background from the linked PDF for every single record, rather than once. _____________________ I did the exact same steps in Adobe IdDesign CS5, and export to PDF for all 2000 records took 15 seconds. No additional disk space was consumed, barely any RAM was used. Same export settings. Didn't need to create the merged file too, export directly to PDF.
  9. Hi I am trying to export a 24pp brochure to PDF with bleed area and cut lines in CMYK. But every time it comes up with a pop up saying an error occurred unable to export. I have also tried exporting locally, same problem, or the program crashes. I really need your help the document needs to be submitted tomorrow. many thanks
  10. Occasionally, when i attempt to export, the program will beach ball before i can click export and the only way to get the program to respond is force quit and reopen. this issue is one both Photo and Designer Version 2. and it was also present on Photo and Designer Version 1.
  11. For everyone who is also looking for this 😁 The actions to manage custom presets are located in the panel menu:
  12. When trying to export JPEG files from my Canon R5, the preview is all empty, or 95% empty. Should be easy to reproduce. Happens deterministically for me. Seems to be related to the resolution of the image. The R5 images are 8192 X 5464 px. Photo version: 2.0.0 - 2.0.3
  13. I am trying to export SVG files from Affinity Designer and bring them into a range of programs for generating tabs / notches and then outputting for laser cutting. In Adobe Illustrator it is very simple - you set the document units to mm, design something with specific dimensions, and export your SVG. What comes out will be interpreted by other software, and by the laser cutter at the exact dimensions. With Affinity Designer, I've spent hours troubleshooting and digging through the forums and no matter what I do dimensions seem to vary depending on the DPI and all sorts of other options, and even slices of objects with the same height will export at different dimensions. It makes it practically impossible to predict what size your object will be. (as an aside, I thought DPI was completely irrelevant to vector - why is it even an option in a vector format?!) So is reliable scale something Affinity Designer just can't do? How are people delivering documents for print if they don't know how the printer will interpret the dimensions of their final files? I dumped Creative Cloud, bought the Affinity hoping to replace AI and now am faced with going back to Creative Cloud and getting stung with higher fees as a result of leaving. For my line of work this seems like really simple stuff...
  14. I was working on 4000*3000 artboard with 300 DPI, at the begining i designing it was fine until i found this issue: Preview was blurry and slow response File took longer when i open and consume lot of ram and cpu (not gpu) when running it Export not working (stuck at "exporting" loading screen") still blurry when i try to copy one by one of the object to new file Notes: I use laptop: 16Gb Ram, Ryzen 7 4000 Series, GTX 1660 with max-q design (6GB) I also use to export on workstation PC: intel core i5 13600KF 5.1 ghz, rtx 3080ti 12Gb, 16 GB ddr5 ram and the result is same as the points above its fine when i create new other file i try to export in affinity photo and the result are blurry as seen in artboard preview i use some live filter from affinity photo *Blurry and object dont chang or move realtime *CPU and RAM usage (up to 10gb) *Result when i export in affinity photo
  15. For those who don't know what is the states panel, you could watch the official video instruction by Serif. 1. the states panel in Affinity Photo could record the layer hide/show state of the whole document. It's also unspokenly useful in Affinity Designer. 2. the states panel existing in Affinity Photo can't be used when in Export Persona. If we could switch between various states when exporting, it will save quite a lot of time. e.g., this usage I mentioned in the past 3. adding built-in system variable in export-properties for quick referencing when configuring custom filename.
  16. Hi, I've just downloaded the Affinity Designer trial, and am quite impressed. However, I am a design student and my school computers have adobe programs. As far as I can tell, I can't find any way of exporting Designer files as Ai files? I can see the option to export as psd, and I've tried to open Ai files using Designer with no problems - but I wanted to check whether there was a way of exporting to Ai that I had missed. Thanks
  17. Hello. Do you plan to add DXF and/or DWG export option? I need it for exporting logos to AutoCAD drawings as curves. Older AutoCADs (and probably some other CAD software) cannot import SVG, PDF etc. I exported as DXF from Corel years and years ago :). Thank you.
  18. Hi there I've just upgraded to Designer 2 on OSX and noticed that the export quality of my diagrams to png and jpeg is poor. The text is jagged no matter what setting I change. Even with tiff I have problems. Any thoughts?
  19. Hi! I am very new to Affinity. I have searched in the forum but didn't find anything similar, so I don't know... maybe it is only happening to me. I created a new file of 127px width, 180 px height, with 72 dpi. My test is small because I found the problem with that one, but it happens with other sizes. Drag the woman image so it is a new layer (linked). I then resize that layer (the layer, not the document) to a 10% width with Transform panel. You can see how the image gets pixelated, or some would say blurry (depending on the zoom level!). This is not happening in Photoshop, which looks fine. This problem is NOT happening in Affinity Designer, nor Publisher. This is a problem, cause you can not work in a blurry-pixelated image in "photo persona". I don't know if there are other options to preview images (in Preferences>Performance>View Quality I have "bilinear (best quality)", as with "Nearest Neighbour" is much worse). Exporting as JPG through "File>Export" Resample: Bicubic Quality 100% gets same blurrines-pixelation. Resample: Lanczos 3 Non-separable, which seems the best Quality 100% gets better. I think is even better than photoshop, at least with this small export size. Ok, then I change to "export persona" and the image in the monitor looks as expected! But exporting it gets same results as before. You can check and try with the attached elements (woman photo is free, on Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/photos/woman-portrait-face-skin-make-up-3096664/ I downloaded the 1920px option). Thank you! Edit: I have uploaded a new image: a screen capture of Affinity Photo vs Photoshop. woman.psd woman.afphoto
  20. I have a document with a large number of embedded png files. I would like to export them, without recompression and ideally "automagically" in a specific folder. Currently, I don't see a way of doing it except of opening the file in Photo v2, copying layer to the clipboard and executing File --> New from clipboard. Any better options?
  21. Hello everyone, I am having trouble with eps exports. I searched the forum and found a few related topics but nothing really matching my question. When I export as EPS then reopen in Designer, the size and DPI of the document is not the same as the ones I chose on export. For example I set export options to 300 dpi, on a file of 2000 X 2000 px and I get a file with 72 dpi and 800-something px. Same thing happens either on ipad pro or desktop mac. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't seem to figure out what ! Any help would be very appreciated ! Thank you
  22. My file has pixel and vector objects. The pixel objects are created by power duplicate and carefully aligned. The vector object has a 1 pixel stroke aligned inside. But after I export it as a SVG and check the exported file, I found the objects shifts. And the top left object misaligned with other objects. The SVG I show here shifts the objects by -1,-1, sometimes it can shift to other directions. have 1px of transparent pixels added around the edges. Attached both the .afdesign and .svg files. test.afdesigntest.svg Please pay attention to the coordinate from the transform panel. It shifted. The size of 1 object should be 1583x756. But the objects from the SVG changed, and inconsistent in size. The other objects are having different size than the first one and shift differently. This bug maybe related: System: Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH i7-9750HFRAM 16GBNVIDIA GeForce RTX2060Windows 11 Home 22H2 22623.1028Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22638.1000.0
  23. Whenever I export a logo from Designer as an SVG I noticed in Illustrator CS6 my strokes change. It's my suspicion that when the scale strokes option is selected in Designer for iPad, the data gets lost during export to SVG or upon import into CS6. Anyone else getting this glitch? I suppose a workaround would be to convert those strokes to outlines before exporting but what if client wants me to adjust stroke weight on the fly on their computer? Or on my own? I have Designer for Mac as well but these clients do not. So I would like to know if this is something you plan to address in a future update. Fantastic app by the way! May the Vector Gods smile upon you!
  24. I would like to bring to discussion the Export screen in the V2 of the Affinity Suite. For complex projects it takes ages to upload the file preview, and in mostly occasions I don't even see it. IMO I don't see any advantage of having quick preview feature versus the having the beautiful icons of quick file type selection of the V1 (those icons V1 was much intuitive and had a different UI compared with the Adobe Suite). So I would like to see the V1 UI back for this screen, or at least quick file type selection of the V1 added to the V2. Thank you, Artem Toderian ---------------------- Included files: Image: EXPORT FILE UI – V2 Image: EXPORT FILE UI – V1
  25. Trying to export to pdf an artwork with different layers, i get pdf file with messed up layers: changed in order and nested and mixed with objects. Please see attached files. Can you help me? prova.afdesign prova.pdf
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