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  1. Bug: When the document is exported to SVG format, the units and values are compromised Proposed Solution: Respect the unit configuration in the document setup, and don't do any conversions, just export the values as they are in the document. Description: When the document setup has units set to mm, the exported SVG defines the dimensions in pixels. Actually regardless of any setup, the export of SVG is in pixels. It's frustrating that there is no DXF support, so can you at least fix the SVG dimensions to export in proper units? I've tried every combination of export SVG "more" opt
  2. Hello! I cannot export a project correctly as eps. I have a shape in which another shape has been subtracted. This "final" shape has a gradient. After the export, the EPS looks good in "Mac Preview". However, when I import the eps into Publisher, the subtracted form is missing (see attachments). Without a gradient, it works without any problems. Unfortunately not with a gradient. Is this a general problem or have I set something wrong? I am also not sure whether it is an export or an import problem. Here are two sample images that illustrate the problem ...
  3. Hi, it would be great if you add CSS export feature like CSS Hat (https://csshat.com). I think that every HTML & CSS coder will buy your Affinity Designer and stop using expensive Photoshop :-) Thanks. Petr
  4. I make some projects on Affinity Designer and worked very well. Now i can't save or export in any format and after try save or export i can't select any layer of the project like the archive is "corrupted" or something. When i try to export, the archive is not created and any massage of error show on screen. I tried to restart the PC and Reinstall the program but nothing seems to solve this problem...
  5. When exporting PNGs of character assets I noticed that many of them have an ugly "halo" of bright pixels. In the example image I have the shape of the torso, within that shape I have pasted another shape for the shadow, which has it's layer mode set to multiply. It looks completely clean inside the Affinity editor, but ends up with the halo on export. I have tried different export settings, and formats, but all have the same result. A fix, or workaround would be much appreciated.
  6. First: Affinit Designer is really great - thanks to the Affinity team! (Former-time Corel user, then Inkscape, now switched to Affinity due to CMYK and better color management) My request: I often use Save-As to generate numbered versions of files (as backups, and so that when I discuss them with a client, we can refer to which version we are talking about). In the Save As dialog, it appears that AD defaults to the folder where I last saved anything. This is very tricky when working on files that lie in different folders. To me, the current behaviour is somehow unexpected, and I often acc
  7. After exporting a document as PDF, the document gets a white border at the edge on top and on the right hand side. This document has an image as background. When I create a vector, color filled rectangle as background and export it as PDF, there are no borders. What is the reason for this behavior? Original page in AD: Page with border after export as PDF: The rectangle PDF version: Untitled.pdf Thanks, Martin
  8. Hi, is it possible to rasterize all content except text in a PDF export so that the text remains selectable in the document but all vector graphics have been converted to raster graphics? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi I'm using Affinity Designer to create icons. I a single layer, I have an icon with 7 sizes. My slices names as like this: _16x16 _32x32 _64x64 etc. When I'm in the Export Persona, I select "Slices" and clicks "Export slices", then I enter a name like "MyIcon". Is there a way to tell Affinity Designer to merge the exported filename "MyIcon" into the slicename, så the slice names will end up as... MyIcon_16x16 MyIcon_32x32 MyIcon_64x64 ...? That way I can
  10. In my line of work it is essential that I am able to export my images to 8 bit .BMP Is it possible that this option may be added, or is there a simple alternative....without resorting to PhotoShop?
  11. Hi I'm using windows 10 and Affinity Photo and having problem trying to "Save As" or Export as a Jpeg, PSD or Tiff. Nothing is saving my work to my hard drive. Suggestions please. Thanks Andrew
  12. Is there a way to export a vector image with a transparent background? Edit: I want the file to be exported to a vector image like svg or eps. Exporting to a png file will not work because it is a raster image and the print shop that I'm working with needs a vector file with transparent background. BBC Logo White Negative.afdesign
  13. When exporting PDF, some vector elements are missing. The document has linked native Affinity Designer's files embedded. What is weird that those vector elements are missing from those files. Another problem is that it depends on export settings, for example: Profile: Print - properly is exported only cover page, on following pages, are missing certain vector elements. Profile: Export - it seems ok Does any encountered similar problem. So far I do not see the way around...
  14. Well, first I'm sorry for my English, it's not my native language, so I'm sorry if I do not make myself clear. Second, I'm new to the Affinity suíte and here in the forum, so I'm sorry if the problem is simple to solve or if the issue has already been raised. My problem is that my artboards are not exporting at the correct size if my file is below 300 dpi in Affinity Designer. Like, I made a piece for Instagram on a 2000 x 2000 px artboard and 192 dpi and now I'm going to export it to send to the site. Then I go to Export Persona to create my PNG file, select the desired artboard, and adj
  15. Immediately after updating to Aff. Publisher 1.9 it refuses to open the export dialogue and crashes (program shuts down completely) when I choose File -> Export. All very time wasting and such a headache! I need to send PDFs to printer!! iMac 21.5" (late 2015) quad-core intel i5, 16gb ram, Iris pro 6200 graphics. Things I've tried: I have updated to latest Big Sur (11.2) and any other updates. This problem began BEFORE updating to Big Sur, and the system update is part of my attempts to solve the issue with Publisher. If I create a new document from a template it opens
  16. Hello! I am a new user and I love the experience so far! But I have an issue... I can't export my files to AI without losing the paths. When opening the file in AI for editing the design is outlined.
  17. My Affinity Publisher continually crashes when trying to export my files to PDF for print ready artwork. I have cleared data, reset my program, deleted and downloaded again, but am still having issues with exporting to PDF. All my fonts are transformed into curves and my fonts are preset fonts found in the program. This issue is making it impossible to work with Affinity and I was hoping to Make Affinity my go to program but not with these crashes. I added screen shots of the crash report as well as the most current file have been working on.
  18. Hello! Hope someone can help as I have tried so many different options and I'm losing the will to live - I'm at the point of resorting to MS Word! I've had a look at other posts on similar issues but haven't found a solution that works for me. I've just started working on a magazine for Work, when I export as a PDF our logo (.png file) on the cover has a messy grey outline around it - I've tired all sorts of PDF export options for resolution, compression, turning include layers off etc. and it makes no difference. I've just switched to Affinity Designer persona (whilst in
  19. Hi using Designer 1.9.2 I've found a possible bug while exporting on PDF some text objects: the text elements use the font "Vultron Regular Grunge". The rendering on PNG format is correct, as in the example here below while the exported PDF is instead incorrect: In attachment you can find the Designer file and the font. Thanks in advance for your support Regards Gottardo Zancani
  20. Hi Affinity Team Would it be possible to add functionality to export all the layers from a document to separate files? (especially in Affinity Photo) We often get multilayer .psd's from our clients containing a bunch of supers and splashes that we need to animate on TVC's, and we always need to export each layer out as a separate image file. In PS there is a "script" called "Export layers to files" but it is quite limited regarding file formats and saving options. So I request the addition of a "Export layers to separate files" check box in the export dialog for all formats. And
  21. Somehow one of the texts from affinity to svg doesn't export nicely. As you can see the lower text got squeezed, and not retained its isometric grid while exporting. I can view this SVG file on the web and affinity without any problem. But if I try to open this in Sketch app, it looks weird. Any idea what's causing this issue?
  22. I am getting a fail trying to load a PDF to Lulu, Error message enclosed here : (Page Layout: The page size or orientation differs within your PDF. Please ensure that all pages are the same size and oriented the same way (Portrait or Landscape).) The PDF appears to look OK, but Lulu says there are page size inconsistencies. Please don't say it doesn't work BOOKx.pdf
  23. We are very interested in transitioning from Illustrator to Affinity Designer. We are product designers (not illustrators) and use Illustrator in combination with our CAD package; it's an essential workflow for us. Anyway, part of this workflow involves importing and exporting dxf files. I've seen in this forum the request for dxf support. However, as I've not yet bought Designer, I'm not sure if this feature has been added. Has it? If yes, great! If not, please can someone outline if this feature will be added soon and when? Thanks in advance.
  24. I want to suggest making it possible to keep the original files exif/metadata in ALL slices set. As far as I understood only the very first slice which is automatically set (not really a slice, but just the whole thing called by the projects name) keeps that data since it works with the same engine as the default export function (the one you can use over Data>Export from everywhere, which you can set to delete all exif data if you want). All other manually set slices will always loose their exif data and there is no option to change that! I imagine it to be not that hard to i
  25. Affinity designer version: 1.9.2 OSX version: 10.15.7 (Catalina) Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a document with some bottom bleed 2. Draw a shape that draws both inside the document and inside the bleed 3. Switch to Export Persona, create slice for shape, and enable "include bleed" checkbox in PNG format 4. Export slice Expected: The full shape is exported as a PNG without margins ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Actual: The full shape is exported with the bottom bleed
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