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Found 40 results

  1. Hello all, So I have to send the print file to the printing house and need an art brush stroke I created to be only 1 color. The brush preset has all sorts of tints and the printing house returned it and told me they need it 1 color only. I only need it for it's rough edges. I tried expanding the stroke so that I can fill it with only one color but that's not possible in AD. I made the stroke normal and expanded it but I cannot apply a roughen edges effect to it now because it does not exist. Please Affinity... Anyone have a workaround to my problem? ! Attached is a zoom on the brush.
  2. Hi, I ran into what I think is a bug when expanding a stroke on a shape with sharp edges only: The shape has started off as a twelve-sided polygon which I remodelled. I double checked all points; they are sharp. There are no double points, and also the stroke cap and join settings are straight. While trying to make this work I could reproduce this issue many times. Although, not a bug, a second issue occurs while expanding bezier curves. A simple circle becomes incredibly complex after expansion: I'm using AD to create cut files for a Z√ľnd CNC machine. I can see the machine haveing trouble with the extreme amount of points on the curved parts. Unfortunately, it slows down the whole cutting process. section-test-bug.afdesign
  3. While following the instructions of page 316 of the Affinity Designer Workbook I realised that expanding curved strokes will create shapes with unreasonably high number of anchor points.
  4. Hello, first of all Thanks for your amazing product, i just bought it. Before i use beta version. I observe one little bug, when I trying to do "Expand Stroke" result which i see are not good. In attachment you can see results. Thank you.
  5. Hej, I am posting this here because I'd consider this or "something about this" as a bug or unexpected behaviour: When I export a path to SVG and the stroke alignment is not centered, the stroke will be expanded to a fully outlined shape in the SVG. I had an non-closed outline style path and the stroke alignment was set to "inside", yet, it was rendered as centered on the artboard. There might be something featuresque about this - but I think one would expect that paths without fill will also export to (not expanded) stroke paths without fill. ... however the stroke alignment is set - especially when it will render as centered on open paths anyway. What do you think? PS: Also maybe a feature request: It would be nice to have an option to exclude the xml definition and the doctype for SVG exports. Would be handy for embedding SVGs directly in HTML. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.1/DTD/svg11.dtd"> best wishes Steffen
  6. Hi, I tried working on a stroke and played with it to get a brushed feel. But when i expanded the stroke, It has toooo many points which is impossible to edit later. ( refer attached) As the points are too many, this also makes the application heavy and closes the app. It will be good if the points on a curve are optimised. Let me know if i am doing anything wrong?
  7. What about a quick expand button for stroked objects? I do this a lot and quick button to perform an expand stroke and union of parts would be great.
  8. Hi, First of all I'd like to thank you for the really great software. I am currently using Affinity Designer for UI projects / icons and it improved my skills undoubtly. I could write an essay about how you made my designer life better (and I am sure that many others said it before) so I will go straight to the point: 1. Expand stroke I am making some vector graphic and I am using pressure panel to make the stroke look more handwritten and after that I was using expand stroke command and it goes pretty well with simple curves, but with more complex ones it gives me wrongly converted objects is there any solution for this? Maybe, am I doing something wrong? 2. Flatten transparency Are there some tools for print preparation as flatten transparency tool which would make me sure that in print everything would look good? Every advice would be helpful :)
  9. I've found this bug for 3 months and solving is just manual fix the path after expanding or export by Illustrator then copy to AD in case of complex shape. Please try my attached file, it is just a simple rounded rectangle. Any straight lines with the rounded corner may be happened too. Cheers. :) Expand_Stroke.afdesign
  10. So I've used a variable width stroke to simulate a strand of hair. When I outline it, it all turns to custard. Before expand: After expand: Wonkers. Mac - El Capitan, MacBook Pro, Affinity Designer 1.4.1 :)
  11. I downloaded the South African flag from Wikipedia as an SVG. Then I imported it into AD. One of the parts is a triangle with a large stroke of yellow on it and when I expand it, AD resets the stroke to nothing and expands a thin line, as opposed to the actual stroke width of 243.3pt. When I draw a new object it seems to work, but often we use imported artwork, especially since most stock websites produce AI files (no getting around Creative Cloud then). Watch Video
  12. I downloaded the free trial of Affinity Designer to see if it could be a replacement for AI. For my workflow is missing the tool to create a vector graphic from a picture file like in AI where I push the button RECALCULATE IMAGE and EXPAND to get a vector graphic out of a .png file, if I get this option then I will definitely do the switch to Affinity Designer
  13. From my attached file, This bug only happen when I scale up/down object with stoke. Luckily it can be solved by check/uncheck "Scale with Object" in the panel before Expand Stroke. expand_stroke.afdesign
  14. I was playing around with the pressure curve - awesome feature - and got close to a result I liked. Since there doesn't seem to be a warp option to bend my design on a curved baseline instead of a straight; I thought to expand it and take it to illustrator. When expanding, all pressure info was lost. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Attached image: above the actual strokes, below the same strokes expanded... Thanks in advance
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