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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, Someone knows if the tables in AP will allow applying simple formulas of numerical calculation (something similar to what Excel does or ID through plugins: http://www.dtptools.com/product.asp?id=atid&more=features). That would be great! Thank you
  2. Attached find templates for a birthday \ appointment calendar... A very simple basic one done only with Excel \ Libreoffice Extremely deluxe calendars designed with a data merge into Affinity Publisher. Attached are templates for monthly calendar Monthly Planner six months on one page twelve months on a large page Would be glad to hear suggestions for improvement. Thanks! DIY Birthday and Appointment Calendars.pdf Monthly Calendar template.afpub Monthly Planner template.afpub six month template.afpub twelve month template.afpub Calendar Worksheet, legacy.xlsx Calendar Worksheet, libreoffice.ods Calendar Worksheet.xlsx
  3. Hi, Publisher, Data Merge. Original data are in Excel xlsx, formatted as hungarian phone number: When I merge data in Publisher, it shows the format code, not the number. (I know, there is an obvious workaround, if I would store the numbers in Excel unformatted, written exactly the characters I would like to see in Publisher. But I think, It should not work like this.) Why the format code is shown not the number itself? Thanks!
  4. The lack of the ability to insert formulas in a Publisher V1 table meant I had to return to Serif PagePlus (why does an 'upgrade' have fewer features than the original?). The advertised posiiblity of importing excel files into Publisher V2 seemed to fix this but I haven't been able to do this. The Help led me to believe that one should select the Open command from the File menu but when I do the File Open dialogue doesn't allow me to select a .xlsx file. I can drag and drop an .xlsx file from Windows Explorer but only the contents of the first cell are displayed in the Affinity document.
  5. Hi there. I'm developing a newsletter / report in Affinity Publisher that involves producing charts in Excel and pasting them into the report. As I want to ensure proper printing quality once the output is exported as PDF, I'm pasting the charts in windows metafile or enhanced metafile, instead of in picture format (e.g. png / bmp). Problem is that quite randomly, Affinity decides to ignore certain elements of the chart (axis mostly). If I paste the object as a picture, the object comes up in full, so clearly Excel is exporting the information but it seems that it is the Affinity Publisher end, the one struggling to render the full set of elements. Screen capture of Excel: Screen capture of the object pasted in the Affinity Publisher document: Screen capture of the same object, now pasted as PNG (all the axis present): Any help, much appreciated.
  6. The copying content from Excel's multiple cells and tables is not working well. When following steps from help the content is not copied (paste special) to the Pulisher's table. When the table (from Excell 2016) is saved in older format e.g. Excel XLS 2003+ and then reopened in the Open Office, then copied into the Publisher -- everything is working properly. In case of Excel 2016+ it was possible to insert the content to only one cell. Does anyone have encountered this error?
  7. Hi folks, I suggest implementation with variable data from an excel or any office datasheet. I usually do event folders that need scheduling with constant editions in cases of changing time, day, speaker, title or photos. It´s extremely necessary that changing my datasheet automatically adjust my layout using variables by tag or other similar way. It´s relevant that interface doesn´t ask for manual insertion fields and the dialog box offer tags to drag and drop like into document, permitting applying styles into them with personalized adjusts. It´s just a suggestion that I´d love if happen! template_event_folder.xlsx
  8. I still managed to encounter a problem today in the Publisher. I eventually tracked it down to 4 '0' sized image.tif on a page which came in with copying a table from Excel. The thread on export to PDF crashing gave me the clue to look at Resources, and that is where I saw them, and then had to work out how to copy a formatted table without them appearing. This turned out to be the difference between 'Advanced Metafile' Pasting which crashes, and 'Metafile' Pasting which did not. Hope that save someone else the time and gives clues to the coders as to how to avoid it. 
  9. I would like to have these improvements and additional features: Tables: 1. Create tables from selected texts with tab stops. 2. Convert tables to continuous text. 3. Can share single cells at any time. (Helpful for complex tables and subsequent cell division changes) 4. Can change cell size by moving the dividing lines. Import (placing) of further text files: Word .docx, .doc Excel .xlsx, .xls The copying and pasting of the texts is only possible if you have a program with which you can open these files. Diagram tool (was there in PagePlus) Calendar tool (give it in PagePlus) Create QR code and EAN code Open Indesign and QuarkXpress and PagePlus files Export Indesign and QuarkXpress files
  10. I was trying to drop in some data from Excel in Publisher ( on Mac OSX High Sierra) and no matter how many cells I select it only pastes the data into the first cell. I thought maybe this was maybe how its supposed to work but looking at this post I see that @carl123 is using Windows it works this way but not on Mac for some reason. Raising it here just in case its a bug.
  11. Hi, I successfuly "Pasted special..." Excel table into Publisher. The table retained its text formating, color and other attributes. Text is also fully editable. BUT... it would br really great if "Paste Special" can convert it into Publisher table where we can continue to work on it.
  12. Hi, Are there any plans to include an option to Place an EXCEL table in a Publisher document? If possible it should have an option to link to the EXCEL file so that if that file is modified in EXCEL the changes will also appear in the linked table in the Publisher document.
  13. Hi, I just tried pasting some data from Excel - 3 columns by 8 rows. I expected it to come in as a table. It actually came in as a text box with tabs. PagePlus X8 manages to paste it in as a table. Cheers, Ian
  14. Please add the main functions from Excel! For example: Sum, Min, Max, Count, Average.
  15. Hi, I'm not very advanced in programs like excel and stuff, but I'll need to design badges for around 600 people soon where I get lists of people in excel with their info distributed in different columns. I have used affinity designer for a basic design. For example, cel 1: "Naut", cel 2: "Netherlands", cel 3: "blue". With this info I would like the tekst:"Naut" at the top, a dutch flag at the bottom and a blue square in the middle. Is it possible to use affinity designer for this?
  16. I have to sometimes make tables in AI with data taken from Excel, and AI does a good job of taking Excel cell data and populating it in AI, given they are in the same visual format. What I mean is if I have 2 columns of Excel data and I create a text frame with tabs then they show up correctly in AI. I tried this in AD and it didn't do it. Just curious to see if this is on anyone's radar. Seems like a long shot I know but never hurts to ask!!
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