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  1. Greetings, Affinity Photo 2.0.3 Steps to reproduce: Take any raster layer, 8bit, sRGB Add Live Filter "Gaussian Blur" with eg. 10 px radius Change the opacity of Live Filter to 1% Change blending mode of Live Filter to "Overlay" Until now, everything seems to be fine. You are seeing an almost unmodified layer content. Now, change the Live Filter opacity from 1% to 0% First bug: Despite that blur itself is actually not visible, obviously the image is being applied to itself in Overlay blending mode, while You should be seeing unaltered image. For reference, You may want to convert the document to CMYK FOGRA39, and check there (it behaves correctly). You are still in sRGB. Grab the "Radius" slider and move it randomly. Image is being divided into semi-random areas, similar to screenshot below. Try to "merge" the Live Filter. The artefacts are likely to be embedded into layer pixels. This procedure takes "gaussian blur" as an example. Same glitchy beaviour occurs also when using different Live Filters. KR,
  2. Hey, I'm in some serious need of help. I was working on a project earlier when suddenly I got an error message that it could not be saved because "because primary storage is out of space." which isn't true. I have all of my Affinity files stored on iCloud which has lots of space. I've also tried saving older projects even in Photo and I've gotten similar errors such as "File was lost" or "Access to the document file was lost while performing initial loading". Some files can be opened but upon editing them and saving them, I am met with another error message and forced to quit my document. I have rebooted my iCloud drive on my Mac which fixed my issues for about a day and I'm met with the issue again. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. I purchased and downloaded V2 hoping that the error I started having with v1 recently would not be there. Unfortunately, V2 also fails to save .afphoto files more than once in my external exFAT drive. This is really disappointing, as I can't work on any of the files I have on this drive, without transferring them to the Mac. When is this going to be fixed please?
  4. Affinity Designer on the windows desktop was forcibly closed when I was looking for fonts in the search field, has anyone experienced this too? I don't know if this has anything to do with windows 11 22H2, but I never experienced this before updating my windows to 22H2
  5. Hello, I am working on a poster for a school project using Affinity Designer. I am trying to export it to PDF but I keep getting the following error message: An error occurred while exporting to: /Users/Michael/Desktop/GEOL429_poster-II copy.pdf I've searched the forum for similar issues but I couldn't find any (or I'm terrible at searching). It's probably the largest file I've worked with (dimension-wise) at 1.5 m x 0.9 m, which is probably why it's not exporting. But I made one back in December at 0.9 x 0.6 m that was almost certainly a larger file due to using more graphical content. I was wondering if anybody had run into this problem before or had any possible solutions? I have trouble believing that Affinity Designer is not capable of this task (since it rocks at everything else). Thanks for any ideas.
  6. Hi there, I had this issue a while ago and now it really stops me from working: As in the image attached I get this weird display error when working within Affinity. Sometimes it helps to zoom out, but when zooming in to a specific point, it happens again. Currently, also zooming out does not help. There seems to be something broken now. I noticed that it most often happens when I use maximum/minimum filter. However, even when flattened, the error persists. Does anyone have a similar problem? Mac OS Monterey 12.4 Affinity Photo 1.10.5 Moreover, Affinity Photo consumes enormeous amounts of disk space. Sometimes more than 30GB of storage are not enough... Regards
  7. Related: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37597-ad-export-persona-item-has-duplicate-paths/ Change the message of the error icon to the specific error: If the artboard was named twice the same, say e.g. "The Artboard/Path-Name is used multiple times". The actual message ("The Item has duplicate Paths") indicates Paths that are exactly the same (not only the name) and do overlap or such thing. Greetings, Johannes
  8. Hey together! Since a few weeks (1.10.4 and 1.10.5 also) Affinity Photo has lots of problems. Lots of different functions lead to the software not responding anymore and crashing. E.g. using websafe dithering on a gradient, using the live filter "Perspective" on a bigger image a few times, using some other live filters etc. I once used a filter and while applying, Affinity used over 15 GB (!) of disk storage resulting in the application to crash. The composition wasn't even that big, under 5 MB of file size. Further, duplicating complex layers (which have a live filter "Perspective") results in a completely shifted new layer not matching the original layer. Creating snapshots and going back to them does not rewind all the actions, filters don't get undone. So the snapshot feature is often useless for me. Importing raw files often results in having a big black square in the bottom left corner of the image (just a visual bug, not part of the image). Also when editing photos I often get these visual bugs (black squares on image). I don't know what's going on with the software now but I lost lots of time and work with these bugs. Does anyone else have these problems lately? It frustrates me. Greetings [The used system is not weak or anything like that. CPU: i7-9750H, 16 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM, GTX 1660 Ti, M.2 SSD] [EDIT: graphics drivers are up to date!]
  9. Hi guys, I am facing a problem trying to register Affinity Photo. I am having as result the following message: There was an unexpected problem while handling the server's response (0x00000001). My Affinity Photo version: My windows version: Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 Installed on ‎08/‎02/‎2021 OS build 19042.804 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0 Is there someone facing the same issues?
  10. Greetings, since two weeks now, every time I want to save a document, an error message from Affinity Photo is displayed, saying the following: "Error, while saving the document: <unnamed> Saving failed. Reason: No more access to the data file. Do you want to save the document as a new file?" Saving as a new file doesn't work either, which means I can't use Affinity Photo for my projects. I'm able to export documents as a PDF, though. Help is greatly appreciated!
  11. So I was building my portfolio with Windows Affinity Designer, I used the text box to create a subheader, it was all fine till just now, when I created a new text box and adjusted the box size for a smaller width. For some reason, when I type the textand get to the second line of the text box, it centers the text alignment for only the second line of the sentance. When I checked the text alignment, it says its aligned to the left, which is what I need. I'm not sure how I can fix the alignment of the second text line, and I haven't touched anything on the Font Character Window, only what was available on the default workspace character tool bar at the top.
  12. In the last day, for the first time after months and months of exporting hundreds of photos in this program, this issue has come up. It has so far appeared in the only settings I have been using for exports in the last day: jpg photo exports, 768 x (maintain aspect ratio), 80 percent quality, uncheck embed icc profile, uncheck embed metadata. Every other setting is at default. As you can see, the white lines appear in the exported photos. The white lines are not in the originals or in the file when open in Affinity Photo. This is happening so often now with these settings that it seems to randomly be about 1/3 photos. I have used the same settings for many of my previous photos as well without this issue. Even more strange, when I attempt to upload the photos with the white lines here, Affinity shows an error popup that says "-200" an d a browser console inspection reveals "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()". These files are simple jpgs and they upload to my website ore anywhere else just fine. I disabled my adblocker and no other extensions could possibly cause this. So, unfortunately, I had to upload a screenshot of one of the pictures to work around this garbage. I just bought this computer recently. It has 16GB ram, and an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1035G1 CPU @ 1.00GHz 1.19 GHz processor with integrated graphics. I tried only having a few photos open at a time in Affinity to make sure it was not a processing overload sort of issue. The problem still happens.
  13. Why the export file has that "negative" square on the bottom left, in Affinity Photo doesn't visible In Affinity Photo: Export File:
  14. Hello, Have tried to run Designer update 1.9.2 and get so far then the dreaded error message "failure to extract update". Tried restarting Mac (Mojave 10.14.6) no luck. Photo and Publisher updated to 1.9.2 faultlessly. Any thoughts please. Steve1812
  15. Hello there!! Greetings from India!! So, I'm trying (More than 6 times) to buy Affinity Designer with my VISA card but it sends me a message saying that my provider declined the payment. Please Help me out!!
  16. Hello, I tried to setup Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer on my Mac and I received a "unexpectedly quit" error. Attached are the error logs. It crashed before I could enter the product key. Any suggestions? I could try my pc if it won't work on this Mac. Thanks. Affinity Photo Error Log.docx Affinity Desinger Error Log.docx
  17. Hello. I recently began getting an error when trying to open certain AF files. Anyone have experience with this same thing (see attached for screenshot of error, as well as AF file). Thank you IntakeForm MarketingSheet.afdesign
  18. Hi there, I tried up update Affinity Photo from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1 last night, but I had an error show up during the installing stage which then led to the following message appearing: "Error writing to file: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\d3dcompiler_47.dll. Verify that you have access to that directory." Has anybody encountered this issue? If so, does anybody know how to resolve it? Thanks in advance. P.S. I also had the same problem with trying to update Affinity Designer from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1. The Affinity folder has also seemingly disappeared from my C:\ Drive.
  19. Hi there, I was trying to update Affinity Designer from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1 last night, but I ended up having an error during the installing phase and it came up with an error that said the following: "Error writing to file: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer\d3dcompiler_47.dll. Verify that you have access to that directory." Has anybody else encnountered this issue? If so, does anybody know how to solve it? Thanks in advance. P.S. I also tried to update Affinity Photo from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1 and that appeared to have the same issue. The Affinity Folder has seemingly disappeared from my C:\ Drive now.
  20. Hi Affinity! If logged in to the store-website and tried to download my "Dust Brushes & Overlays by xresch". The only thing I've got is the following. What's wrong?
  21. I am running the the latest operating system on my MacBook and I have the latest Affinity 1.9 When in photos I select "Edit in Affinity' it doesn't load consistently. The other issue is when I edit in Affinity I cannot save back to photos. This is a nuisance and it happened before with earlier versions of both. Something needs fixing. I deleted and redownloaded Affinity to see if that would 'cure' the problem. Any help would be appreciated
  22. I have been using Afinity with no problems. When I download and try to install 1.9 I get 'This program has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect.' I have tried removing 1.8 and installing 1.9 and get the same error. Reinstalling 1.8 works fine. Any help on how to get past this error message to install 1.9? Thanks.
  23. I opened a large PDF in Affinity Designer, everything looks fine, but then I tried to copy an Artboard from another doc to the current doc (which worked fine in 1.8) it only shows the selection box, this is after I re-saved as an .afdesign. I figured maybe it was landing on an existing Artboard so decided to create a new Artboard and just copy the contents, but the Artboard tool was suddenly locked and I got an error message saying "Artboard Tool - Artboards cannot be added to a document with multiple pages or master pages. This doesn't make sense for two reasons 1) Since the Affinity apps all share code, this seems like it would be an Affinity Publisher issue since you can't even create Pages/Master pages in Affinity Designer. 2) I can create new Artboards through duplication (Alt-Drag). It's not a memory issue because I have 32GB free. Can we please get a bug fix for this. Thank you.
  24. Someone recently sent me an .Ai file and after downloading it and opening it in Affinity Designer, I was met with a blank page. No layers are listed either. I had the person resend it and they said the file is fine on their end and the new file they sent also showed a blank screen. I'm using the most up to date version of affinity designer. Does anyone know why this is?
  25. So I had this logo and business card redesign that I was working on and I was pretty much done except for some minor touch ups, and I go to my iPad today to find that I can’t open the file anymore. All it says now it “loading failed, Unable to load document”. Now this was a big file as it was an extensive redesign with many options and a lot of work has gone into this file. And now I can’t open it. Is there like a way to fix this? It’s not in my files app so there is no way of me getting the file through there, if I press save the app freezes and then crashed, and duplicate does nothing. Like I said already a lot of work when into this file, so would it be possible for me to open it again?
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