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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I hav a problem with brush tool (especially when I have used different star brush), when I work with making of a card or ad etc. After using the brushes the eraser tool no longer erases, it is a brush! Why, and how, do I fix it?
  2. Is there anything wrong with the eraser tool in trial version for Windows? I got my trial monday and after editing 3 images the eraser didn't work any longer in once edited files. Yestérday the eraser tool stopped working after I used it about 5 times in an open file and editing next images it was the same. Today the eraser tool didn't work from the beginning.
  3. I was following along in a tutorial video and found that my 1.8 Affinity Designer did not have the Eraser tool. I've some other features the software does not have that was in the older version of the Designer.
  4. Hi, I Need help. A few days ago my eraser tool changed the look and now I can't properly erase bits and pieces I don't Need for my artwork. The tool now Looks a bit like a Perforator and it does not erase well, Looks a bit like a Helix. I attached a screenshot. I tried to install Affinity new but the Problem did not go away. 1_eraser.afphoto
  5. I have been using AP for several months with no problem. Recently, however, I started using the Eraser tool rather extensively. The program totally closes pretty often when I go to the top left-hand corner of the window to change the size of my Eraser tool. I have done a soft reset as I read about in another post and the problem persists. I am working on the newest version of AP on a Mac. The crashes have happened when working with different files, so I don't think a particular file is the problem.
  6. When using the paint or eraser tools on the iPad is there anyway of showing where I am drawing? Like on the laptop (Image below)?
  7. I'm on Affinity Designer. From the beginning the eraser tool has worked flawlessly to mask parts of layers that I wanted to hide/remove. Suddenly it doesn't. I click on the layer, go to pixel persona, and select the eraser brush tool. Now instead of masking chunks of layer with brush strokes when I draw: it simply does nothing. No marks are made. I've tried with both my tablet pen and my mouse (on surface pro 4) over and over again and the assistant adds the masking layer like it's supposed to, and the masking layer is there as a child layer to the layer I'm trying to mask--as though I ha
  8. Hi, I hope you can understand my poor English :unsure: I tried to make a poster from an Illustartor-tutorial. There is a hill with 2 peaks of snow. In the AI-version is a eraser-tool used, to achieve a rough edge of the snow. AD does not have an eraser, so I used the vector-brush-tool. And it worked well. But the colour of the hill was not satisfying, so I did change it. And also, I wanted to change the colour of the vector-brush. And that did not work at all. I made a video using the history of AD. There are 2 videos, they are showing a simple version in 2 ways, because it was not possibl
  9. I'm new to affinity, trying it out to see if I like it. But I'm struggling here.... How do you delete or erase part of a line segment in a shape? I have two overlapping shapes, and I want to make them into one and delete the overlap. I rasterized the shape, but is there a way to un-rasterize it in its new form? Or is there a way to get a cleaner cut from a line segment with out it being pixelated in the first place?
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