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Found 13 results

  1. Blending the Edges on a 360 panorama I have made a 360 panorama image ready for viewing in 360 as per google photospheres. I have removed blemishes, retouched any failure spots and when I view the result in the PTGUI viewer, there is a seam in the sky which shows how different the edges of the flat image are. I have tried the clone tool followed by blending and image in-painting but still the line seam difference remains. The difference might only be slight but often not and this spoils the seamless panorama. Is there a particular tool I am missing? Is there a video I have not found and has anyone else found a solution? I want all the sky to blend as one with no seam. I have tried to upload a 17mb image but each time I see a -200 error message saying the upload has failed. Thank you Adrian Adrian Wood
  2. I just bought Affinity Photo and I think that this software looks pretty awesome! It is way faster and more responsive than Photoshop on my Windows 10 PC. However, I am a pro 360/panoramic photographer, and one of my biggest complaints about Photoshop (and Lightroom, and pretty much everything actually) is that it has no idea when a photo wraps around at the edges of an equirectangular image, and therefore when I apply "nearest neighbor" functions like vibrance, clarity, shadows, highlights, sharpness, etc., I get a seam that can be quite pronounced. When I read Affinity Photo had native 360 functionality, that sounded like music to my ears. Within the Photo persona, I've had no problems with seams, which is a huge improvement over Photoshop. I tried using the Tonemapping persona, which did some amazing stuff with a really lousy Theta image that I never would have guessed, but then when I projected it to equi, the seam was as big and bold as ever... I'd just like to ask if there is a way that I can avoid this in the Tonemapping persona, and if the Tonemapper can be made 360-friendly, because with 360 images, this is almost critical. You often have the uber bright sun in the same image with uber dark shadows, and tonemapping of this quality would be something I really would like to take advantage of.
  3. Hi! I work with 360 photos and I love your live equirectangular projection editing feature, but the maximum FOV is very limiting. The feature could come in handy to fix nadirs and zeniths, but the 90 degree FOV is just too low. Coupled with the 2:1 aspect ratio, it becomes next too useless for the intended purpose. I have to edit nadir and zenith in 360 photos very often, but had to revert back to the cumbersome procedure of exporting a rectilinear crop, editing and then converting back to equirectangular again. So, a few things would help: make to FOV grater than 90 allow changing canvas aspect ratio to 1:1 Would changing the FOV limit be possible through preferences or registry editing? Best regards, Robert
  4. Is it possible for affinity photo to have an update where you can view 360 in real time in a window or in the active window to be able to draw in 360. Even though we are able to view in live projection, as soon as we choose another tool it deactivates the "real time" projection. It slows down the work flow. I love your program and really don't want to go back to photoshop. It would be a great addition to the software and would compete with future trends in 360 creations. Another option would be a plug in similar to this: http://www.oniride.com/360art It would truly be an awesome addition to Affinity. Do you anticipate 360 support in affinity designer as well?
  5. I have been a Lightroom user for several years, but since I now shoot more and more equirectangular 360 panoramas, I have found the software seriously limited. So, yesterday I bought Affinity Photo after seeing some of the great instructional videos on their Youtube channel. Many of my 360 images are part of virtual tours, which means a lot of images will require exactly the same edits. In Lightroom, I can synchronise the settings of selected images or copy the settings of the previously opened image to the next by the click of a button. Are there any similar functions in Affinity Photo? Thanks for taking time to read this! http://steinarnejensen.blogspot.no/
  6. I have the following laptop and notice when I use Photoshop's Spherical Panorama feature, my laptop's fan starts really working and gets slow. Here's the specs of my laptop: OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 MacBook Pro 13-in Mid 2014 3 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris 1536 MB 217.25 GB Free Flash Storage Space So I set out looking for Photoshop alternative so I can experiment with creating 360° illustrations / pano painting. Before purchasing Affinity Photo, can you tell me if my computer can handle it? Once you start 360 Live Editing, would I experience the same lag with your software as Photoshop has been doing to my laptop. I know it's an old laptop but I'd really like not to upgrade my laptop for this new hobby.
  7. When zoomed in on a photo and I click and drag the image the image moves with the mouse. That is, if I drag the mouse the the left the image moves to the left. Let's say there is an object in an image and I want that object to be in the center of my screen then I simply click on the object in the image and drag the object to the center of the screen. This is good. This is the expected behaviour. However, when editing in an Equirectangular Projection (Live Projection) when I drag the mouse to the left the image goes to the right. If I drag up the object goes down. So if there is a object I want to center on my screen if I drag the object to the center the object actually goes the opposite direction. So some people might like this opposite direction behaviour and that's their choice. I would like it that I can select which direction the image moves when I click and drag the image when editing an Equirectangular Projection. Basically I want the click and drag to work just like normal. Click and drag an object upwards moves object upwards. This could be a selection under preferences > User Interface > Equirectangular Projection Reverse Mouse Direction OR use a modifier key such as alt or option. Thanks millions if you can make this happen. AffinityPhotoEquirectangular.mp4
  8. I have searched to see if this topic has been addressed but I find nothing. So I read in manual, p. 376, that to edit a 360 image I should do the following: “With an equirectangular image layer selected, from the Layer menu, choose Live Projection>Equirectangular Projection.” The only place I find option to display my image in true 360 format is under the Commands menu in “Projections.” Where is the “Layer menu” referenced above? Clearly I am brand new to Affinity. Affinity Photo for iPad is my first experience with this product.
  9. Working with 360º images would be a lot easier if we could pan/tilt/roll the image seamlessly in the canvas.
  10. The 360º tools in Affinity are... magical. If you wanted to get totally insane, you should implement importing files from PTGUI or AutoPano, they've got a very deep toolset for aligning/warping/blending but there's nothing in those packages for cleanup. The current best way to work is to stitch in one of those packages and render out the results with each camera perspective either on its own layer or as a different image file. But that workflow bypasses the fantastic blending they do, so it's not great. If you were to import .pts or .pano we could do the alignment in the tools best suited for it and then use Affinity for cleanup and finalization.
  11. For example, if I take spherical photos, I would wanna add my name to the photo somewhere. Most of the cases it is the origin point on the ground, or up in the sky. Now if go to live projection and design my stamp there, how do I merge it to the background projection?
  12. I have just bought Affinity Photo and it certainly looks very impressive. Unfortunately I cannot find the function for which I bought it, nor can I find references in the FAQ and Help links. I wish to edit equirectangular panorama images (the standard 2:1 aspect ratio files that cover the entire 360 x 180 degree sphere). I do not wish to create panoramas, although I see that Affinity Photo offers that capability, at least for cylindrical panoramas. I want to edit images that I have either stitched myself from multiple exposures or taken on the Theta S panorama camera. Help!
  13. Hello, I've just purchased this wonderful software. So many features. I'll use it mainly for editing equirectangular photos and instantly I can give a suggestion that would improve the browsing of the 360photo in live projection: allowing the fov to "zoom in/ out" by left clicking and draging the mouse would be significant Islander Mauritius
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