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Found 181 results

  1. Hey guys, I ran into a really unfortunate bug in the latest Affinity Designer beta as it seems, probably existent in the previous versions, too, as I was wondering about it then already. I need to export a graphic that contains strokes – I tried several options, nothing worked as expected: every single stroke gets converted/expanded into a filled shape! For now I try to get the shapes exported via the latest official App Store release of Designer, neither works for me. Is it just me, did I check a box or something, maybe someone can provide another solution for this? -_- Right now it’s not helpful at all and very, very inconvenient – I sincerely hope this gets fixed for the next beta! :( Here’s a quick outline-view-example. The original form has a stroke of about 12 pt that gets converted into a shape if exported as a PDF or other vector based formats, regardless of thickness or position (inside, middle, outside). Cheers Dennis
  2. Id love some help! Im creating print ready banner art. Each time I try to export, in any format except affinity, Affinity Designer crashes. What can I do? thanks! rs opening.soon.afdesign
  3. If I open a AI eps file that still has editable text, in Designer it converts the text to outlines. Will this be fixed in a future update?
  4. CMYK document exports EPS files as RGB, even if I select "EPS(for print)". In fact every option I have tried has resulted in an RGB file being created. I was hoping to run EPS files through Acrobat Distiller as my print repro workflow, but this isn't working correctly. I know EPS files support CMYK, so I know it's not a limitation of the file type.
  5. Hi There, I'm brand new to Affinity Designer so might be doing something wrong but after placing a logo from illustrator (.eps) it has a white background (see attached image). I've made sure it doesn't have a background colour (swatches) but no luck. I found this thread but no answer that I could see: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/3243-remove-eps-white-background/?hl=eps+white+background Does anyone know how to make placed eps files transparent? Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated. Cheers Ben
  6. Hi, Occasionally I try to import an EPS image, I get the images from stock photo sites, I assume they were done in illustrator. What I am noticing is that they don't behave or render the same in Affinity Designer as they do in Adobe Illustrator: Here's an image I brought into AD, and tried to remove the 'person' on the left: http://www.screencast.com/t/F3llX3VWFvG: Note the problems: Removing the user leaves white space instead of the background, and there are lots of tiny white borders where there should be none. By Comparison, here's what it looks like in Adobe Illustrator CS5: http://www.screencast.com/t/5XLgCb5ItLls: Note that in both cases I deleted two things: the head and body. In illustrator the delete went down to the lets (what you see left is a 'reflection') in AD it stopped at the gradient border (the sunburst on the blue persons head) Is this a known issue? I imagine EPS stuff is pretty hard to reverse engineer- any likely hood of a fix? - Jack
  7. Hi there, I'm working with a document currently that has several embedded .afdesign files (as they were created in Affinity originally). However, when I export the document, all these elements are rasterised and become ugly. This is an issue as I'd like to be able to have one logo which I make tweaks to, embedded in some mockups. Is there a way around this? I really like the way embedding is implemented other than this. Cheers, D
  8. I have been looking already long time for an alternative for Illustrator, but I am working for stock agencies, and they insist on Illustrator compatible EPS vector files. Unfortunately, it seems like Affinity Designer Eps does not work well with Illustrator. I created a very simple test file, just a circle filled with a simple radial gradient, only two massive colors, no effects, no transparency, and saved it in EPS format. By saving I have chosen the option ( I have german interface, so i don't know how it sounds in English) „allow no rasterizing at all“. After opening EPS file in Illustrator gradient was rasterized. To be sure I created a few more files with gradients, as simple as the first and they all did not work in Illustrator. By saving the same files as SVG gradients got saved, I was able to edit them after opening in Illustrator. Did I anything wrong, or are EPS gradients exported from Affinity Designer generally not compatible with Illustrator? It would be really sad, I was so happy to find an alternative for Illustrator for my stock illustrations, but without option to create gradients it is not really an alternative. Can you help me?
  9. Hello, i need help, i place one logo.eps and your background is white, how i show a white background? Thanks for help
  10. Hi A beginner's question: I have an .eps file of 407 KB. I open it in AD, change background colour, export it as .eps. Now the size is 15 KB. Is there a way to keep this from happening?
  11. Previous to v1.2, I could open a large (1 GB) .eps file, but I did not save it in AffinityDesigner format. But now, with v1.2, AffinityDesigner crashes before it can open the .eps file. ----------- If I could get my hands on a pre-v1.2 version of AffinityDesigner, I could then save in AffinityDesigner format, and probably open that with v1.2. (I can't run my older version of AffinityDesigner -- it prompts me to download v1.2) 1) Can I get an older copy of AffinityDesigner? 2) Any other ideas? THANK YOU. -joe glynn Late 2011 MacBook Pro, 13" 8GB OS X 10.9.5
  12. I am trying to use Affinity with my colleague who uses Adobe Illustrator (latest version). He saved a file as an EPS and I tried to open it with Affinity, it was a total disaster. He then saved it as an AI file and it is not as bad but still does not look the same. I thought this was supposed to be totally compatible with AI?
  13. :D When you export this to .eps, this (below) happens. it crops the top and left also has some weird unwanted effect :D
  14. Hi there I'm brand new to Affinity Designer so my apologies if I'm just being slow/silly - I am trying to export a figure for a manuscript, preferably as EPS. As the exported file comes out cut, I've downloaded the beta version and tried my luck there. The image is now exported in full size, but the resolution of the image files is off. I've attached the files. Oh, and exporting the (grayscale) file as a PDF results in a coloured output? I've been working with version 1.1.2 / 1.0.21861 with Yosemite (10.10.2) on a 15" MacBook Pro. Thanks for any help! Iris export_error_beta.eps export_error.afdesign export_error.eps export_error.pdf
  15. Hello, I have a problem when exporting a file as an eps. The object dimensions scale up in size! The example I just found out about, the objects have an original size of 60” x 23”. Somehow when I saved it as an .eps it changed size to 80” x 30.5”. ​I do a lot of vector export as .eps and I need to trust the the size of objects remain the same size as the original design. This not a "small" bug but a "major" issue, I never had to worry about .eps export with any application before. I can draw a simple square and receive the same results. fp_test.afdesign FP_test.eps
  17. I have a very small Logo - a colored rectangle with some white letters on it. So far so good. Filesizes: Designer = 1.5 mb PDF = 1.4 mb (text in curves or as font, doesn't matter) EPS = 45 kb (smallest size is the same) Same thing as I do a new doc with a simple colored area an some text on it. I think the EPS-size is worth the true estimated filesize here. But the AD and PDF filesize is so much more, is it overhead, just not compressed, or ...? And can I do something about this? Or will we gain more controll over PDF specific adjustments with the prepress overhaul? I tried also to open the exportet PDF in Illustrator and save it as standrd .ai format = 3.1 mb filesize - wow! Then I tried the EPS in Illustrator and saved it as standraf .ai format file = 95 kb. Bigger as the original but also ok. Same thing with all files I do. It seems that AD provides larger PDF files than others. This is difficult for me caus size always matters ;) See screenshot for difference.
  18. The only major thing holding me back from using Affinity as my full time vector image tool is the import handling of vector images. I use eps files a lot in my work and when I import(place...) an eps file it gets saved on the layer as an embedded document. I then have to double click on the image to edit it. Then I need to double click on that image to select its curves. I next copy its outline, go back to my original document and then I paste the outline into my document. I then need to delete the imported image(embedded document). If I don't do the above process, The image will not print(cut). Is there any way that Affinity can turn on a user preference that will allow a user to select if they want to import images as embedded documents or converted as curves upon placing them in the document? Or, provide a button that can be clicked to automatically convert to curves instead of doing the above procedure? I know this has been asked before but I haven't seen a definitive answer if this is something that will be available soon or not. It's this and curved text that is preventing me from cutting the strings on Illustrator (I can wait for the other goodies on your future upgrade path). I am using the beta.
  19. Hi. I have Affinity Designer on my laptop and really like it. There have been a few times when I have needed to design something for work on my laptop and then export it as an .eps file so I can open it at the office using Adobe Illustrator. When I open these .eps files the artwork is off center and cropped. I also discovered some clipping masks had been added during the export. As an example, I have saved the same design as an affinity project and then as an eps file. You can see the design shift up and to the left, and although it looks like it is just moved off the artboard, the design is actually cropped using clipping masks. Before Export: After Export: Any suggestions on what I can do to get a clean eps export? Thanks!
  20. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but when I export a file as a png, pdf, or especially as an eps file the top left hand portion gets cut off. Is there some way to stop this from occurring? These are files that I am sometimes sending out to clients.
  21. I tried to prepare my work for the printing press. The original AD file has a size of 550MB. When I export as PDF the size will be shrank to 9MB. I guess AD is compressing the images, what's bad for high quality printing. I would be happy, if there will be some more options for exporting as PDF like no image compression or color profile management (like e.g. Adobe Illustrator) Last I tried to export as EPS. As it seems, AD is adding a margin bottom and right and the quality of the images/photos is absolutely poor as you can see on the print screen with the original file and the exported one. So I tried to export as TIFF with bicubic resampling. It could be an alternative but the quality is not as good as I expected from a TIFF export: Graphics, images but also fonts are diffuse. I would more like to export as high quality PDF or EPS file. Btw: The TIFF file can't be opened with the preview app of OS X Yosemite, it works with AD and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator but not with Apple's preview app. When I try to export with another resampling mode, just the fan becomes challenged but the file size stays always 8Byte. I would really appreciate if you could improve the export functionality to become ready for printing press work. Thanks
  22. Hi all I have imported a EPS file i live traced on another program. I am able to bend and move nodes fine, but I am not able to group certain sections, such as eyes, mouth etc. any idea if this is possible? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B66fxiOBO1cGREJ3Rnl2MTNPaWM/view?usp=sharing above is a link to the file.
  23. hey there, i hope this is not a double post. the size of my layouts seems to be scaled somehow when i export them as an eps file and the color mode is changed from cmyk to rgb. i added screenshots and test files so that you can see what i mean (except eps which i can't upload). i tried it both in V1.1.0 and the new beta, the result is the same. i tried to do some work with affinity designer and used export to eps for placing layouts in indesign. i solved the scale problem by manually scaling it back to the right size in indesign (but this doesn't seem to be a reasonable solution). to solve the color mode change i had to recolor the whole layout (eps file) in illustrator... so i really hope there's a solution for correct eps exporting. thank you... export_size.afdesign
  24. EPS files are not opening properly. Firstly they are all ignoring the alpha channel, so when exported png the white background is burnt in. Secondly they are sometimes not rendering correctly; for example a circular shadow on a logo I just tried to work on did not open as it should.
  25. Hello, I created in Affinity Designer half of an apple and exported it as eps file in order to use it in Strata Design 3D for creating a Lathe object. Strata is tightly connected with Adobe products and should accept it, however nothing appears on the grid. I downloaded the AppleTemplate.eps file from Strata's web site and it was successfully imported. I tried several approaches in creating the eps file in Affinity, converted to curves, rasterised, but nothing changes. Is there anything specific that I should do in Affinity Designer in order to make the eps file more compatible than it is ? Thank you.
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