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Found 5 results

  1. Buckle in, this is going to be complicated. I have an issue with a logo that was created using illustrator. It has gradient fills masked by outline of letters. The logo wasn't created by me but I did use it for a job. I used adobe Indesign and illustrator to do the finished layouts and saved them as eps files. The logo construction is a mess.No-one would do it this way now. The original eps of the logo displays correctly in preview but drops the Graduation and mask for designer.GLONLC.EPS. I believe that it will open and display OK on illustrator but I don't have that app anymore. But for affinity designer I reconstructed it, reducing the complexity and generally cleaned up the untidiness of itGLONLC.afdesign. But affinity designer still drops the masks when reopening after exporting to eps. Preview still displays it correctly and inscapes opens it and displays and exports it correctly so that it can be opened in designer without the issue of dropping masks. GLONLCink.eps I think this is a bug. Or I am missing an option when exporting?
  2. Hi all, I exported an affinity designer file with PSD file embedded inside to EPS file. The PSD file does not have any background/tranparent The export result showing a faint but noticeable background (see picture) pls note that I have use this feature before around a year ago (i think in beta version?) and this didn't happen back then. Kindly advise. Thank you Regards, E.
  3. Hi everybody, I am experiencing quite a few problems to get my designs from Affinity Designer to FontLab. Theoretically, I would expect that things would work like in this video (have a look at 1:32 onwards): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2sJiFcOm-8 You can paste drawings directly from Illustrator to the FontLab sketchboard. Unfortunately, that doesn’t currently seem to work, or rather, drawings are pasted as pixel images to the FontLab sketchboard, regardless of selecting “Copy images as SVG” or not. But then there is the option of saving a drawing to EPS and importing it to the FontLab sketchboard. Unfortunately, the results are somewhat odd, and I don’t know what to make of it. Firstly, not all of the export options will produce an EPS file that is recognised by FontLab. “Save for Print” creates an EPS file that is recognised, whereas “Save for Export” doesn’t work. I think it has to do with the relative coordinates, but I don’t know. Secondly, when the import works, the result looks incredibly strange. Importing an Affinity Designer document showing a simple cross will end up with the result shown below. In a way, I like the result, but it is clear that you cannot work this way. Again, I don’t know what to make of it. So is this a problem of Fontlab or of the EPS export algorithm used in Affinity Designer? Any advice would be greatly appreciated … Alex Cross.afdesign Cross-For-Print.eps
  4. Hi, When exporting to EPS some of the paths go astray. I have attached the original AI exported EPS file and the AD exported EPS file. Nothing changed, just opened and exported. Both AI and AD show the path-error. I'm using AD 1.5.4 in OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan). Hope you are able to fix this, because it's degrading the usefulness of AD to me. Kind regards, Roland. Semantica2b.eps Semantica2b-ad-error.eps
  5. I've been trying to export a vector file as an eps file from Affinity Designer, so it can be laser cut. For this the eps file needs to be in RGB colour, which I set up in the document settings. On sending it to be laser cut though, it the eps file was returned saying it was in CMYK colour format. Does the format change for export? I can't see any way of setting the colour format during export, only in the document setup. Is there any way of making sure that it can be exported with its RGB colour profile? I've attached the example file and exported file: Circle test.afdesign Circle test.eps
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