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Found 5 results

  1. I have a document of a certain dimension - photo album. I decided to shrink it a bit to fit a printer's capabilities to print photo books. The process is easy - I "anchor to page" then "Rescale" "All Spreads. The document pages all shrink to the proper size and all objects are also shrunk down to accommodate the settings. Then I follow up with rescaling the Masters too. In my case, all of my text boxes' text are "controlled" by Text Styles. Upon examining the text boxes, I see that the text has automatically shrunk from 14 points to 13.2 points. This is good and what I expected. Then I checked the Text Style (still) associated with that text and it is still set to 14 points. I do not know the intent here, but it would seem that there *should* be an option during the Rescale to have controlling Text Styles optionally ALSO change to match the final text in the document itself (and, are there other features that should be made to be in sync in a similar vein too?). You can imagine the difficulty of manually having to go through all the text styles to change their Font size to match the now rescaled document text. I have not been able to come up with a rationale for keeping the Text Style font sizes as they were before the rescale was done. Thanks for some enlightenment on this issue.
  2. Hello everyone. I work a lot with pixel art and I have to frequently copy, move, resize and rotate a bunch of pixels. Nearly every time, when I do that, graphics get really blurry, and I have to manually "fix" them and sharpen to get the outcome I expect. Is there any better way to do it? I figured that I can copy graphic (from one file to another) using Edit ˃ paste special ˃ PNG to ensure copying without any adverse effects, but I can't figure out how to do other actions to "override" that effect. Can I turn off blurring effect somewhere? Few examples in attachments. Have a good one, Dawid Holas
  3. I started a drawing and got far enough along that I would rather not have to start over. The problem is that I just realized that the size of the drawing is way too small. I try holding the shift key and dragging the drawing by a corner but none of the line widths keep their proportion, they become skinny and almost disappear. What is the proper, or the best approach to doing this? Thanks!
  4. I just downloaded the trial of Affinity Photo for Windows and so far I'm really impressed! :) I'm checking it out to see if it's a viable replacement of Photoshop before purchase. Of course, as any new software there are some questions. When I upscale small resterized objects they look pixelated. In Photoshop they get filtered and a bit sharpened with large radius so the loss of quality and pixelation due to upscaling is not that apparent. When I save the document as JPG or any other image format, everything looks fine and no pixelation appears. Please see the screenshot below: Maybe this is on purpose? Maybe a way for Affinity Photo to keep document size low because unfiltered/pixelated layers require less information to be stored? If they get filtered after resize, all the blurred pixels and their gradations/shades have to be stored in the file which increases file size. Maybe doing the filtering at the end of the design process (when exporting to raster file) ensures low document size? So what's the way to tackle this and see better filtered enlarged objects while still working on the document? Is there a toggle that let's you preview the document with all enlarged objects filtered the same way as they are filtered after export? Thanks in advance! :)
  5. I need a very uncomplicated way to increase my picture size and increase pixels. Will Affinity be a simple program to use for this? I need to post good quality pictures (the ones I have are too small) and it must be super easy or I might fling my computer out of the window :wacko: I am new to mac and it is as much of a challenge as I can endure :rolleyes:
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