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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I hope you're well, I'm using Publisher V1 on a Mac with Ventura 13.0. My spell check is not working -- no highlight of spelling errors, or when I bring up the spelling options box from the text menu -- even when I type intentional errors. I have read a previous post that led me to look in the character panel... language. It is set for 'none' and I thought I'd cracked it. However when I change the spelling option to 'English (United Kingdom)' and click back into my document it changes back to 'none'. What am I doing wrong? Cheers Paul
  2. Hello / Hallo, I am currently looking for a way to insert the eighth part of a squad into text. I found options for a full or half squad and others, but not for the eighth part, which surprises me as I learned this as an important part of micro-typography. Can someone help me out, e.g., is this space hidden with another name or can be defined/inserted manually? (And sorry in case the English terms don't fully match; English is not my first language). ---- Ich suche derzeit nach einer Möglichkeit, ein Achtelgeviert in den Text einzufügen. Ich habe Optionen für ein halbes oder ganzes Geviert und auch andere Geviert-Teile gefunden, aber keine Option für ein Achtelgeviert. Was mich wundert, weil ich dieses Abstandsmaß als wichtigen Bestandteil in der Mikro-Typografie gelernt habe. Kann mir hier jemand weiterhelfen; versteckt sich dieser Abstand bspw. hinter einem anderen Namen oder kann manuell definiert/eingegeben werden? Thanks in advance / Danke im Vorraus, M.K.
  3. I created FlowCharts using Artboards with Affinity Designer, very easy and successful. The text was in English, I saved copies in AF format and as PDF. The PDFs were printed and all the text was, as expected, in perfect English. I have just reopened the file in Affinity Designer to incorporate suggested amendments, and notice that some letters in some words have been replaced with symbols that I don't recognise. The attachment shows the 'new' version of what I typed - and I checked the previously printed copies which confirmed that this change has only occurred on re-opening the file today. The text was entered as: Limited information to branches, e.g. advertising meetings b.... Foreign membership number queries... I checked the language in preferences and it was set to English (United States), I have just reset that to English (United Kingdom and (not surprisingly) the foreign symbols are still in the text. This means I have to check the spelling in 14 artboards/flowcharts, thankfully the red underlining will help. Any ideas why this happened, please? Hilary
  4. I chose English as my Affinity Photo UI preferred language. My main OS chosen language, however, is Canadian-French. When I want to access Help from its menu, I get the Canadian-French version, which is not ...helping. Now, I can switch the OS language to English but then the keyboard mapping is all messed up. Any ideas?
  5. I don't personally care that much, but I noticed that in the colors panel that color is spelled "colour", but in the U.S. most people spell it "color". I checked preferences, and I have English - United States selected, so I thought I would just point this out in case it was unintentional.
  6. Hallo, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich den "Sketch Effekt", also wie man ein Foto wie eine Zeichnung aussehen lässt. Dazu zeige ich weitere Techniken, damit Ihr Euren eigenen Bildlook entwerfen könnt. Viel Spaß dabei. Hello, in this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I Show you the "Sketch Effect" or "Pencil Draw Effect". How to transform a photo into a sketch draw. I offer further techniques for your own style. Have fun. Ciao Affinity Jack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srNqGqVBkxA
  7. I live in france and have to buy Affinity Designer in the French Apple Store - will I be able to get the English version?
  8. Hi! i've just uploaded te last affinity photo and now is it in spanish.. why?? :huh: thank you!
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