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Found 9 results

  1. I'm using the built-in macOS emoji font quite often in Affinity Photo. However, for some reason, a lot of the emojis with humans are not displayed correctly. For example, if I input the 👨‍⚕️, AP will instead give me 👨‍ ⚕. And if I try to input 🙋‍♀️, I get 🙋‍ ♀. See attached screenshot (the emoji input palette to the right and the result to the left). They seem to work fine in all other applications. Does anyone know if there is a workaround not involving other software? Running latest versions of Affinity Photo (1.10.4) and macOS Monterey (12.2.1).
  2. The challenge here was to get the facial expression correct within the limitations of emojis, especially the asymmetric aspect of the expressions on the face. Image on my site: https://vectorwhiz.com/Vector.html#emoji Rendering on top, vector outline view below. I get error 200 trying to upload images. Take a peek in my portfolio blog for emojis that I designed: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2022/09/emojis.html
  3. There's one thing preventing me from updating to 1.10 Affinity Designer, and that is the new emoji support. Things are going in the right direction but it needs some tweeks. I have some emoji fonts that I use regularly. One being Segoe UI Emoji. However after 1.10 Affinity designer always uses the default emoji with color. This is a problem because I want the black only glyphs. Repro 1. In Affinity 1.10.x make a new document on a Windows computer 2. Create a new text object with the font set to Segoe UI Emoji (or other font with emoji support). Paste in a 😀 into that object Expected: The black only Segoe UI Emoji version of 😀 appears Actual: The default san-serif 😀 appears complete with color.
  4. Placing an emoji as text and then converting it to paths will definitely crash the program for me. Maybe an error message would be better at this point.
  5. Hi, It seems that emoji’s are not support on the iPad version of the app when typing with the text tool. It shows an X in a box, instead of the selected emoji. This was a feature that I had expected when I purchased. Is it something that you can/will add in a future update? Thank you. Mark
  6. Hi - how can you offer a publisher tool and then it is not possible to use Emojis. I have bought publisher to have free opportunities to create flyers, brochures or a book. Is there a way to change it in some settings? Thanks for fast reply Corina
  7. Well as the title say. It would great if Affinity could support this. command+control+space brings up the emoji window, but when inserting one into a text field just place a place glyphs. (I believe that there is something about the Apple emoijis, there are I believe not SVG but some kind of bitmap image)...
  8. I got only black and white glyphs – no colors – when using color emoji SVGinOT font by Twitter (Unicode 10 emoji). Might be just Windows messing with me. Yet it works fine for me in Ai. Or is this just some kind of deplorable personal perversion of mine, or some behavioral infection – that I actually enjoy using these kind funky perks lately? I am rookie in publishing. Love your products. ☚ ☻✌
  9. The Artistic Text Tool does not display Emoji characters. Please add this to the ATT, thanks Please see also the attached video, maybe I do something wrong, if so, I appreciate any help and hints. Artistic Text Tool 2018-05-25 09-14-54.mp4 Cheers, Roland
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