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Found 8 results

  1. Dear Affinity service team, I've got a PDF by an editorial office of a newspaper. The fonts in this PDF are embedded (they are not converted into paths). If I open this PDF in Affinity Photo, I don't get the original fonts of the PDF document but replacement fonts. Sometimes, I have to convert a PDF into a pixel image. It's very important, that the embedded fonts remain im my pixel image. If I open this PDF in Adobe Photoshop instead, I got the original fonts of the PDF. This shows me, that it is possible to maintain the embedded fonts. OS: Windows 7
  2. 1. we need to place a pdf as a link. it can be placed but all TEXT inside the pdf are missing because of the font missing. so the placed pdf are technically not linked. so we need an options like that (image pdf linking.png). 2. after placing a pdf some times we have to edit or need to some adjustments so that time we nee to outline the fonts so another option similar to Illustrator FLATTEN TRANSPARENCY required. with both of those we; printers can handle client files easily.
  3. I come from the 3D design environment (Inventor, 3DSMAX, Rhinoceros 3D, Maya, Adobe Illustrator) and have to create very detailed 2D drawings for my clients. My problem was, until the release of Affinity, the zoom factor of Adobe Illustrator and Acrobat Reader (max. 6400%). With PDFs, even if I wanted to, I could not zoom in to the smallest detail (10000 - 100000%) and therefore had to create several detailed drawings of a draft for each presentation. This is of course an expensive and time-consuming task! The zoom problem has been a thing of the past since I started using Affinity Designer, but now there are more requests from me and my customers. Up to now I was able to split a single drawing in a document "as a kind of detail preview" into a whole series of artboads and when I double-clicked on the corresponding artboard it was displayed "full screen" so to speak. This was perfect and saved me a lot of work. Furthermore I was able to inspire my customers for the Affinity Designer and also win them as Affinity customers, because they needed the program like a kind of viewer "in the demo version" and so they entered their design improvements "in the purchase version" as comments in the same document. I also created assets for the customer comments (dimension lines, dimension arrows, text fields, hatched areas etc...) and embedded them directly in the document so that the customers could always work in the same style. So that the font looks the same, I gave them an OpenSource standard font (osifont - IS0 3O98 specification). So far everything works fine. Now to the customer wishes: 1. the dimension lines, which I embedded in the asset are built up horizontally and vertically and do not contain a dynamic value display. So the customer cannot measure anything and has to orientate the dimension lines himself and enter the measured values manually. Drawing of dimensioning including dynamic value display which can be changed afterwards is a welcome addition! 2. also not every customer is an admin and accordingly, the fonts included in the package cannot simply be installed in their operating system. A possibility to embed the font into assets in such a way that they are temporarily mounted into the system at runtime (like the narrow-bed fonts in PDF) would make it easier to distribute or share AD files with customers without pre-installed fonts. And best of all, the ability to install the fonts from within the document at a later date, wow, that's it! Now to my wishes: 3. it would be great if you could create a "New Document" among the document templates even without format limits, i.e. with "infinite" dimension or format less, like in Adobe Illustrator. I know that if I add an artboard, the external document limitation (AD has already implemented it practically) is thus removed. But to do without the limitation from scratch would increase creativity and you can choose the right page format afterwards! With the slogan: Creativity must have no limits! 4. so far AD has only solid colors, gradients and bitmap as fill color, but filling in the form of hatching (45°, 0°, 90°, cross etc...) is missing. This would simplify the tedious creation of hatching and patterns 1000 times. 5. under "Snapping" I also miss that you can set fixed angles and angle steps. It's cumbersome to have to readjust every time in the Transform field. 6. creating diagonal guides with fixed and variable angles or even converting drawn lines into guides would make AD unrivalled in Illustrator. 7. function for drawing dynamic link lines / arrows, e.g. to display (ER-diagrams) data-relationship diagrams is generally missing. 8. as I share my drawings with clients, I would like to protect certain layers, artboards or even the whole document from editing. A password protected function like in Acrobat, that you can protect pages, print function, editing with a password would be useful to protect the "intellectual and artistic property & copyright"! 9. and finally, as already mentioned 100000000 times DXF / DWG import and export function! Now some of you will say that the proposals have already been made and that they are very CAD intensive. And I agree, because Affinity has given us a tool that is not only limited to illustration, font & logo design, but can be used for many different tasks. I personally find newer and newer areas of application in AD, because with each version the horizon of what is possible increases. And let's be honest, every illustrator and designer is also a developer and engineer, these are parallel and not opposites, because one complements the other! If one of you has managed to read all this, my greatest respect with kneeling!!!
  4. When exporting as PDF for web it is default to only embed uncommon fonts. I have recently exported a file for web using Arial and, when viewing on iOS devices (possibly Android also), the "i" is missing each time it is after an "f" ...a kerning issue. Before, I only noticed that it effects font styles, but this is annoying. Couldn't it be default to embed all fonts in this situation? Otherwise I need to remember to switch it in the extra settings on export.
  5. Hi guys. We're really missing the feature to open PDF's with baked embedded fonts. I understand that this feature is why many still clins on to Photoshop, like my self. Please make this feature a reality!? We have been waiting for this for several years now...
  6. I have exported a PDF file from an Affinity Publisher Beta project and discovered some of the fonts (i.e. Georgia Bold and Georgia Bold Italic) have not embedded correctly into the file, yet other fonts have. I do not usually have problems with these fonts elsewhere. Are there still issues to sort in the Beta concerning exporting of embedded fonts?
  7. Any news on the issue that Designer (and Photo) don't open the embedded (subsetted) fonts of PDF files and I have to ? Last discussion on this "missing feature" was in december 2016, followed by some posts regarding this in March 2017. It would be a great relief if this would be included in the next release, due 1.6 does also not support opening embeded/subsetted fonts when opening. Also it is not possible if a PDF with missing fonts ist placed to holde them as missing an search and replace them later.
  8. When I am trying to open a PDF in Photo/Designer with embedded fonts that are not localy installed, Designer/Photo suggests to replace them with a similar installed font. Whe I am openeing the same PDF with Adobe Reader the embedded font are recognized und correctly displayed. Is there any solution on my problem? Thanks George
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