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Found 104 results

  1. Angelize

    layer effects

    Just a bit of a play with the layer effects panel .
  2. I love being able to specify noise / grain in Affinity's colors. I think it would be even more flexible if: 1. Rename Noise to Grain. Noise is an antiseptically cold-sounding term; Grain speaks to the art, craft and texture of photography and design. 2. Allow Users to specify both App-wide (App Prefs) and Document-Wide (New Doc / Document Settings) setting for Grain. This would tremendously easy the tedium of assigning noise to colors manually and maintain consistency, something that is not possible now as there is no numerical input for noise. Obviously there would be some exceptions with PMS / Spot colors etc 3. Allow users to apply noise as an Effect AT THE TOP of the Effects stack. As things are implemented now, applying a Gaussian Blur effect to an object blurs its color's Noise. I understand why that behavior makes sense, but from an artistic / creative point of view, one may want to blur only an objects' Shape and/or Colors while maintaining the document's Grain settings. Thanks for your consideration. The 1.5 betas are amazing, keep up the great work! Please unleash iOS betas ASAP :D Oh, and Affinity Publisher :D lolol ;)
  3. I like working for example with a blur to a mask. Missing this option in beta or is this not a designer function? Sorry for my terrible english. :)
  4. When I change settings in the fx settings window, I can only "Close" the settings. Often I am changing settings and in the course of changing I realize that this change was no good ;-) So I would appreciate a button "Cancel" aside the button "Close". Best, Dietmar
  5. Hi! I am one of the movers from PS to Affinity ;-) There's one thing I am really missing: In PS I can easily fill areas with patterns. There are lots of patterns that come with PS, and I can find many on the internet and load them into PS. But, more important than that: In effects functionality I can use the STRUCTURE of patterns to overlay the other fx (like color, gradient, shadow etc.). This makes big letters look great (structured) in spite of just one color or a gradient. And I can adjust the depth and scale the effect. Great! Please add this pattern functionality, especially in the effects section, to Affinity products! :-) Best, Dietmar
  6. I ran into an odd issue with AD yesterday, and it drove me nuts for a while until I figured out the underlying problem. I was trying to draw a stroke around the outline of some overlapping curves - but importantly, not around the individual curves themselves - and so I set the curves themselves to be fully transparent - no stroke, no fill - then proceeded to edit the layer effects to add a stroke/outline. So long as the closed curve is transparent and without a stroke, applying a stroke/outline to either the entire layer or to the object itself under the effects palette leads to no results. i.e. it does not seem to be possible to apply effects (including shadow, stroke, etc) to a transparent-but-closed curve. Giving the curve a white fill allowed my object/layer effects to kick-in, but that is not the desired result. Is it by design to not have any way of apply layer effects to transparent (but closed) curves? (All this was to work around AD's lack of RTL support, so I was operating on some text-converted-to-curves)
  7. Hello, Just started vectoring my first big piece of artwork with Affinity and hit upon a snag... I cant find the eye drop tool? Within my work process I create a shape, add outline colour, point thickness, apply internal colours and style - then when creating a new shape that requires the same treatment click cmd + i, bringing up the eye drop tool which clones styles onto the new object. Is this possible in Affinity? its a bit of a pain to manually do each shape and item.
  8. I have really enjoyed making some cool layer styles that I have since posted and got great response (thank you) but I must be greedy and push the developers to give us a bit more "polish" to the bevel and emboss section of the effects panel. I think there's definitely room for growth and refinement. If we could get anti-aliasing in the mix would be great. Also a shine contour would definitely be a HUGE improvement! That and PS's Satin effect makes things really look pro. So please consider!
  9. I'm looking for a way to apply a grayscale/black and white effect to a photo in a gradient; I.e. The top of the photo would be in color, and transition to black and white at the bottom. Is this possible?
  10. Octograficus

    My personal logo in Affinity

    Versión Man of Steel :D Designer (vector) and Photo (effects). I love this software.
  11. Hi, I have a question, though: are there any plans to make two new additions to the Affinity Suite? Maybe called Affinity Web (web design without coding app) and Affinity Effects (FX/VFX app)? Now, I know that after the release of Affinity Publisher (which I saw on the Affinity website), Affinity is going to be developed for other OS (such as Windows), linux, and iOS (which means that any other Affinity-based plans won't happen until those are done). But I am curious as to if Affinity Web and Affinity Effects is being considered. Keep up the great work with Affinity!
  12. If I create a layer style and I would like for it to scale proportionately whether the document is 72 ppi or 300 ppi , what do I need to do set this up? I know that you always get the scale with object checkbox in each effect but how does this play into setting up what I want to do? I have found that styles I have already made that looked great in the document I created to make the styles, but when you use those styles on different size objects, the effects are blown out of proportion. PS has scale effects which solves this.
  13. For some reason I am getting this weird banding in the layer style I am doing. Any ideas? See attached.
  14. I'm really exited to see how much I can create with affinity's solutions, and I would like to be able to use some artistic filters gallery. Something to convert a photo into a oil paint style, watercolor, charcoal draw, mosaic, textures, distort, styles, etc.
  15. Hi, I just tested installed today affinity from the app store and tested the radial and zoom blur and it has seriously ugly results. It seems that affinity is doing blur effects downsampled which is logical for preview but in the final result it should process the whole picture and not use only the proxy thumbnail which makes the artefacts. Also if the effect run on GPU they feel little slow. I have only one layer and the image is 3k x 2k the preview should be much faster on GPU, We do game development and we use blur filters in real-time 60fps on mobile on retina displays... The seems little bit slow in comparison. My Mac Book is Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch Retina Display (2014) the first photo is from affinity the second one is from photoshop
  16. In Photoshop if I add fx to a layer, I can easily MOVE or COPY those fx to another layer simply by dragging (with the Option key held down, if Copying). Empower us to accomplish the same feat in Affinity Photo. Thanks.
  17. bodobe


    A little taste of retro: vector illustration (AD), finished with Affinity Photo beta.
  18. Made a pretty cool flat landscape wallpaper, do you like it? Dont wonder about the size i have as a wallpaper on my two screens (2 x 4k)
  19. Hi there, so I recently downloaded the affinity beta, anyway during the promo video it showed the ability to add instagram like filters over photographs (will attach a screenshot). However I cannot find the feature anywhere within the program? Sorry it's all very new to me, i'm sure it's hiding in there somewhere. Thanks!
  20. Hi, I am having issue demonstrated in this video, where I cannot seem to open the colour panel in the effects window. I try to click the colour button but it doesn't respond at all. Could this be a bug, or is it just me? If so, how should I go about fixing it? I'm running it on OS X 10.10.2. Cheers
  21. Check out he video to see what I mean. When I change the an object's color opacity, it also makes the effects translucent... Shape color + Opacity FX bug.mov
  22. Firstly, let me start by saying two enormous positives about your Gaussian Blur: 1. It's a fucking sexy blur. And the Preserve Edges feature being right there.. THANK YOU!!!! 2. The logarithmic scaling (or whatever it is) you have is damn near perfect. Now, the problem. If working with a big image, the fact that it's constantly trying to update, live, becomes a little problematic because it reduces the accuracy a user can find/feel/flow to with the slider. There are two solutions. Adobe's way: Which is to put in a slight delay after any and all slider moment before attempting to do the blurring. Affinity's way, + a Shortcut to temporarily restrain the Live Update of the Blur processing, at which point it behaves like Adobe's, with a little extra time before attempting to blur. Perhaps 0.25 of a second more delay. Might only need to be 0.1 or 0.2 of a second. Won't know until we feel it. Now, where to put such a shortcut? I strongly suggest the CapsLOCK key, as this is what's used in After Effects to "power down" live updates, and it makes nearly perfect sense, because it can be activated and then deactivated, and the signal can be received by the app.
  23. The (fx) icon is already there. Just turn it into a switch for turning all effects on and off on a single click, and make it open the Effects Panel on a double click. Clicking on it and sliding down through a bunch of layers with FX on should turn them all off as they're slid over. Doing the same over FX that are turned off should turn them on.
  24. The real-time previews of blend modes on hover from the layers palette is really nice (and fast). For that reason I am curious why this functionality wasn't added to the blend modes within the effects panel. It just makes sense that there should be consistency with the way preview blending modes function wherever they occur, and on-hover live previews in the effects panel would do that. Adam