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Found 61 results

  1. I've tried the "Scale with Object" option, but it can work only grouped elements. Can It work with Artboard? Please help.
  2. Is noise a vector or raster effect? I would like to create vector images, but will adding noise compromise this?
  3. Hi all, i'm Gabriele and i'm new of this software. I've start to use and try to find a way to get the best of my photo. I've a first question. When i had use CS6 i used often the oil painting filter to give a "Van Gogh" sensation to my photo. There's something for Affinity? Thanks a lot for your answer :)
  4. Somebody please help me. I've made different boxes designs and I need to copy only shadow effect to other boxes. :wacko: Somethings like 'Paste Layer Style' in Photoshop
  5. it has been happened on 1.4 and also 1.4.1 beta version. When use gradient fx and change any color on the gradient, then you'll see that cannot click the gradient to change the color again. The bug also still happen when you paste the style to other objects (still cannot modify the gradient).
  6. Is there a way to apply the "scale with object" globally, like a preference after the fact? I have a bunch of objects that I should have had the "scale with object" turned on for as I created them. Just wondering if there is a way to apply it now or do I have to individually select each and every object and apply it manually? Thanks.
  7. This was done in Gimp How would you do it in Affinity Photo?
  8. Hello, I was creating of set of cartoon clouds in Designer using the non-destructive object merge feature (awesome! and a huge time saver), however after a number of them were produced, I wanted to keep the "pressure" outline effect on them, however I did not want all of them to look the same to maintain the freehand look. With all the time-saving features in Designer, I hit a speedbump when it came to adding the pressure with the curves adding nodes in the palette as I had to select every cloud individually to "randomize" them manually. I would guess 99% of the time manual tweak is preferable but in cases like my cloud drawing task, a "dice-like" randomize curves feature could be very cool. Hopefully my screenshot better explains what I am describing. Would this be difficult to implement? Thank you
  9. If I create a text block and give it a drop shadow that text block will get rasterized if I export the file to PDF. That reduces the quality of the PDF significantly (no sharp edges, text not selectable). Is that normal or will that change in a later version of Affinity Designer? Also shapes with certain gradients (elliptical, conical) get rasterized without a vector clipping path. That means the shape no longer has a sharp edge. Will that change? Thank you! :) Rasterization.afdesign Rasterization.pdf
  10. Hi, I have worked during one day to test or to evaluate the possibilities of Affinity Designer. First : no crash during this (very long) session : Good job ! But, I have some difficulties : - I don't found the posiibility to copy/paste a color (and only the color) or to copy/paste an effect. It's... laborious. :-) - Some bahavior are strange : when I resize on object, I use the Shift key to respect the ratio. When I resize a text, I use the Shift key NOT TO respect the ratio. - I don't find the possibility to align an object to an other one without moving the second one. I don't success what I want to do. - when I type a precise value in an input field (for sizing an object for example), if touch the top of my mouse : the value is changed !!! It's very very boring ;-) Well done, it's sorme ergonomic details. Of course, I appreciate that coulod be solve... yesterday ;-) Thank you for this very powerful product. Thank's for your help Fabrice - From Bordeaux (France) PS : An other suggestion : translate it in french !!!! PS 2 : http://www.plannning-medical.com ( The logo was created with Affinity Designer, the previous version and the other graphics elements was created with Illustrator).
  11. Hi, I have just started using this great piece of software today and I want to apply a different grunge effect to two different layers. However when I use the mask it masks out all my layers. Is there any way to make the mask apply only to chosen layers? Thanks for any help :)
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