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Found 66 results

  1. Waybuu

    Crash, general usage

    My Affinity Photo program just quits in the middle of editing a raw or processed photo - no particular step or action that seems to cause it. Unexpectedly, right out of the blue. A lot of work lost and a lot of time spent searching for answers. I see that there are a lot of posts in the forum re: Crashing. And, without a definitive solution. I'll continue to monitor the forum for a real solution - not a work-around. In the meantime I've shelved the program.
  2. I've imported some of my work from .ai to AD. It's really amaze me the pattern I've imported still can work on AD and it also can be added to swatch, but I wonder that there is any way to edit the imported pattern?
  3. Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to quickly edit a raster layer that is in Affinity Designer in Affinity Photo. I use this feature in Illustrator all the time. I select an Illustrator Layer that is a raster and select it to edit in Adobe Photoshop. As I am updating/editing the image in Photoshop, I can watch it change/edit in Illustrator. I am sure this must be possible, just can not find the obvious way of doing this in Designer. Thank You!
  4. I was wondering if Affinity Photo offers a capability to edit one photo ,and use it as a preset to instantly edit multiple photos with that preset for time-lapse purposes.In lightroom you can do it ,but can you do it in Affinity Photo?
  5. I've imported an ai file for a logo into affinity designer. I'm not able to change the text. Any advice greatly appreciated. thanks!
  6. Hi, I just got Affinity Photo and I was following one of the tutorials online but I noticed that I could not find the layers select, layers delete, etc. in my sidebar. Is it a different version in the tutorial or did I do something wrong?
  7. Seems like a HUGE limitation to me. Is there something preventing this seemingly huge annoyance from being implemented? I know back in May it was 'on the roadmap.' Is there any movement on that? Thanks!
  8. I just found your Share feature. Love it, except....is there a way to add another or edit the existing Flickr account association? I have two accounts there at Flickr and I logged in to the wrong one. Doh! Thanks
  9. Allan Thompson

    Portrait edited in Photo

    All my previous work has all been in Designer because that's what I do, but I do have a real hidden passion for photography. This was taken in France a few months back on my iPhone6 with a Moment lens attached. Now we are out of beta, i'd thought i'd give it a serious go. My first piece in photo and although i'm pleased with the results, there is still a way to go and more to learn but working in Photo was fun. You will see the before and after, and what a difference 30 mins in Photo makes. Allan.
  10. Hello I have used PS to edit mockups end replacing the needed artwork. You do this by editing the content from a layer in the PSD file. I am wondering how you do this in affinity photo?
  11. Is there a morph tool to edit the picture or design you make on affinity designer?
  12. Hi there I am editing an AI file and need to replace existing text with my text. I cannot edit the text. The instructions for illustrator state you are required to. "Right click and Ungroup your chosen illustration then select the Isolate Selected Group option." When I view the layers they are not grouped together but simply individual letters. I have attached the file, can you edit any of the text? Would GREATLY appreciate any assistance, I am very new at this. Meat-Cut-Illustrations.ai
  13. CorelDraw has this wonderful modify+right click to duplicate with changes. This is the fastest and best way to do this, so far, in any app. However you could outdo this by providing this same feature via the Alt+Drag of a handle of a selected object. So if I make a square, and now want to encase that in a rectangle that's larger but starts with the same upper left origin, I simply [Alt+Drag] the bottom right handle and I've made it once I drop it, and then tap the key combo to send it back one in the hierarchy. Where this is probably most useful is in mirroring objects. Grab the handle opposite your desired reflection point, [Alt+Drag] it over the other side of the reflection point and you've made a mirrored object with the same properties in no time at all. Sound fun? Doable? Not conflict with anything else?
  14. First of all: Affinity Designer is one of the best mac apps! I love it and I can't wait for Affinity Photo. Finally I can ditch bug-ridden Pixelmator. You might have already seen my review in the app store in which I listed a bunch of things that I think could be improved or added, but here I want to focus on just one. When you use a brush with size variance enabled you can control the width of the stroke while painting, but it seems like you cannot currently make changes "after the fact". What I hope to see is the ability to edit the stroke width at each node or point along the path, perhaps similar to the bezier handles. Side note: I think there should be a "Velocity (Inverse)" setting in the "Controller" drop-down menu for the vector brush tool options but it's missing. Thanks for stopping by!
  15. Hi, Im struggling to add points to paths I have made, In Illustrator you have the + & - tools to accomplish this. Is there a simple way in Affinity I'm sure there is a very simple solution to this,
  16. I know its probably a massive undertaking but the ability to edit raw files like in Adobe Camera Raw would be brilliant. From what I can tell you can edit up to 16bit photos which is a good start.