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Found 66 results

  1. There needs to be a way to export the history of changes into a Macro for use against other pics. It would be a HUGE time-saver to be able to grab the history of all applied edits, save to a Macro, and then re-apply those same "final" changes as a batch job to other pics. Example - I have 20 pics that were all taken at the same time (similar lighting, etc), so they need the same basic treatment at least to begin with. After I'm satisfied with the edits I make to picture #1, I can save, and batch run the other 19. I get that I may be able to do some of this by just running a Macro at the beginning of my editing session, but that's clunky and also through testing doesn't quite allow me to do some things (such as set layer visibility as I work through changes, retain the "before" setting as in an Exposure change, etc).
  2. Custom design edit for the Washington DC based band, NAG CHAMPA. This will be for their main homepage when their site drops later this summer. IG - @nagchampadc My Art - IG - @chaos3rdeye Thanks everyone!
  3. Good day! I'm fairly new to the whole photography thing let along photo editing. I'm absolutely in love with Affinity and its ease of use and user interface. Anyways, here's a few random shots that I've done and edited with AP. Comments and critique welcome!
  4. Here's my first try and doing a double exposure. I always loved the style and wanted to see if I could do it. Both underlying photos were taken by me and then edited in Affinity Photo. Comments and critique welcome!
  5. I noticed that when I do my first level edit in Canon's DPP 4.5 and save it Affinity still opens the original image. It is a bit annoying and the only way to capture those edits is to convert the image to JPG and then edit in Affinity. The problem is every conversion means loss of image quality. Is there a way around this?
  6. I am trying to edit a picture where my sister in law has a massive glare on both lenses of her glasses and its really noticeable and really ruins the picture. Is there any way for me to remove this and if so, how do I go about that? Thank you
  7. Hi again, I'm finding the developing process to be really time consuming and I have a deadline to meet for some photos I took Here's how I've been doing things: Open RAW file (6000 by 4000 pixels, 20MB average) - takes 25-30 seconds Apply presets for each category - basic, details and tone curve if needed) - total of 10-20 seconds Make any further changes that the preset didn't cover - like white balance - 1 minute Develope - this takes 3-4 minutes After develop it's in photo persona - go to export - takes 10-20 seconds depending on whether I want to crop anything or not So on average I'm taking 5-7 minutes to finish off a RAW file and move to the next one I have 500 photos to work through - so that can be 2500-3500 minutes - that's like working 6-8 hours per day for week or more How can I make the workflow go faster? To say less than 2 minutes?
  8. First a little background I have been a faithful user of Freehand since the times when it was called Virtuoso, I'm still using it now, I never liked Illustrator because it had (and still have) a lot of redundancies. I tried several times to migrate from Freehand to Illustrator never totally succeeding, now I use Freehand to make the fundation of any design and then to Illustrator to add the embellishments, fx, exporting, etc... Ok, enough history, the question is: Do we really need two pointer tools? One of the most time consuming and frustrating things in Illustrator (among many others) is switching from one pointer to an other depending on what you want to accomplish. In Freehand there are two pointer tools, the "regular" one and the "direct selection tool", I rarely use the "direct selection tool", why? because you can access everything with the regular one, it is no matter if you have all your elements in groups, elements pasted inside elements or points on a path (you can even align and distribute points within the groups), all you have to do is grab your pointer tool and then if you want to sub-select to edit something just press "alt" and voila. This kind of behavior for the pointer tool, gives you total freedom and effectively optimizes the workflow, that is why I love Freehand, you can work really really fast. I hope the Affinity team consider this and try it.
  9. When working with photos/images in Affinity Designer, (with Affinity Photo installed), there should be an easy way to launch Affinity Photo (or another chosen bitmap editor) from within Affinity Designer to edit bitmap images (beyond the photo editing capability integrated into Affinity Designer). This should be available both from the right mouse context menu and the context aware bar across the top when a bitmap image is selected. With such excellent Affinity application interoperability I am surprised this has not yet been implemented. This type of integration should also be incorporated into Affinity Publisher. Another possible interface enhancement, could be to (optionally - in preferences?) replace the Affinity Designer Pixel Persona with the Affinity Photo 'Photo Persona'. If this capability were implemented, it would still be useful to include the ability to launch Affinity Photo as a bitmap editor from within Affinity Designer, as Affinity Photo provides further capability (i.e. Liquify Persona and Tone Mapping Persona). I would love the integration of the Affinity Photo 'Photo Persona' with Affinity Designer when editing bitmap images within Affinity Designer. (Considering how these applications are designed I wouldn't be shocked if such integration were technically feasible.)
  10. Can we access Affinity directly through Lightroom to edit a Photo and bring back to Lightroom, just like we do it for Photo shop.
  11. Hi eveyone I can create and edit gradients, but am unable to go back and redit. Reselecting the gradient tool doesn't show exiting nodes and clicking on the layer clear the exiting gradient and creates a new one. Am I missing something?
  12. I'd like to see a trim tool (select line(s), will delete line(s)_ up to another line). CorelDRAW has one that works really well. Here is a video showing the feature. thanks and great job so far.
  13. I found that sometimes I could edit Macro, but sometimes the "Edit" was greyed out. Does anyone know the reason and how I could fix the greyed out Macro problem? Thank you very much.
  14. May be a silly question - I brought in three images to edit and wanted to switch one to landscape. Is there a quick way to rotate the canvas including image without using the doc settings?
  15. hi , since updating my version of affinity designer i cannot 'edit file in photo' or even open the designer file in photo, has something changed or have i done something in settings ?
  16. Hallo, if i open a psd, it is not possible to change the text. (it is possible to change size etc.) In the layer it says: .... (pixel). Do I have to import in a different way. (Checkbox "PSD Text editierbar schalten" (german) is activated)? Thanks a lot for giving me a hint! Jörg
  17. A few days back I was using Affinity Designer (Windows), designing a logo and modifying a pre-existing font to suit my needs when it hit me. I wanted to design my own font/fonts! I searched the web to find a program that might be good for this, but all the programs on the market didn't look too amazing. The interfaces looked clumsy, unappealing and even though I am sure that they are good, I felt as if they were limited and always needed a separate program to complement them for their lack in one area or another. In most of the videos and tutorials I watched, people tended to use Adobe Illustrator to make the letters and then import the paths into the font editor. So I thought to myself; "What if Affinity Designer would have a font editor built into it, or a stand-alone software that would have the amazing interface of Affinity Designer and its ease of use?". So my suggestion is, that it would be AMAZING to have/buy an extension for Affinity Designer to be able to edit and export fonts! I do know that it is not "just" programming an extension/add-on of that sort to Affinity, but I can't imagine it being too difficult either. I mean you have all the tools that are needed for the job and the extra "specific" tools for font editing could perhaps fit under a new persona in the upper left? A font persona. That would make Affinity even more of a killer software! It would be nice if you guys considered adding this. I mean I really like Affinity Designer and I will most likely buy it on release, but I would also love to buy a font editor from you since I know that you would make it easy and fun to work with!
  18. Hey guys ! I've tried Affinity Designer, and I hope this feature will be implemented soon.
  19. Hi everyone. I recently switched from PS to Affinity Photo, absolutely loving it. My only issue is the lack of retouching tutorials for high fashion portraits, I am still learning the ropes with Affinity, so any links to tutorials or tips on things like contouring, ect, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  20. I have used the Create Palette From Document command to fill my own palette with the allready used colors. Now I played around and added some more colors, but I don't need all of them at last. Is there a way to delete the unused colors of the palette automatically? It should be cause of automatic creation is possible :) Also, I can't edit a saved palette color. I can rename it and delete the fill but I can't change the color. Is this correct or does the beta jokes on me? I think it is important to change an existing color -> which also changes the color of all objects that used this fill.
  21. meg567

    afdesign files corrupting

    Here's my problem. I've been editing a lot of photos in Designer, basically just adjusting the levels and highlighting. However, recently a lot of my files have been turning up corrupted once I try to reopen them. The adjustment layers remain intact, but the image layer is scrambled. Just a bunch of lines. I have the most up-to-date version of Designer (1.4.2) and I'm running Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. Any thoughts on what might be causing the problem, or how I can fix it? Thanks all.
  22. Now I've finally sussed out the inpainting brush tool, I am now having an issue with a blur. So I recently had a photo of two deers, and wanted to delete one of them, so i did, and it finally deleted after a few takes, it had a noticeable blur patch. What do I do? I'm on the trial as well.
  23. Hello! I'm using the affinity 10 day trial and it was going great until now. I first tried using the luminance in the RAW editor of my NEF file to get rid of the noise and it looked great, but after I clicked "develop" it went back to being really noisey and even worse than when I started. I then tried just using the Denoise filter. It looked awesome as I was choosing the denoise setting, but when I clicked apply, again, it went back to being very noisey. I'm not sure what the problem is.
  24. Hello! I'm using the affinity 10 day trial to see if I like it and it's been great, until now. I open up my NEF file and make some edits in the RAW editor. I shot in a high ISO, so I was mainly editing out the noise. It looks great in the RAW editor, but once I click "Develop" it looks super noises/grainy and is even worse than before! Why is this happening and how do I fix it?
  25. Would be nice to be able to quickly make adjustments to objects (raster) that are currently in Designer with Photo. Cherry on top would be to have the object dynamically update as adjustments are made in Photo, so as to judge. ps. how about those ruler origins?