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Found 9 results

  1. I would love the two-finger duplicate modifier to work when moving a selection within the same layer inside the selection persona. I commonly like to move copies of image parts within a single pixel layer. A good example is if I was creating a building face. I’d select a window, drag a copy, and then paint over the imperfections after moving it within a single layer. The current workaround is lengthy. I need to select the area I want to copy, switch to the photo persona, hit “duplicate”, move the copy, and then merge the layers together.
  2. When I load an original map image (JPG) into AFFPhoto, I create a duplicate of the untouched image as a new layer below the original. My intent is to preserve the duplicated layer as a backup in case I go down a rabbit hole and I can't find Alice. On MAC, it seems that edits to the original image file such as cropping, rotating, etc. are "synced" to the duplicate layer below and now both layers are identical. How do I crop & rotate and edit the original image without carrying over the edits to the duplicated image in the layer below the original image layer?
  3. When copying, changing duplicating objects. Once i move the object the gradient appears.. Sorry for the lack of explanation. Hard to describe. Will try and get a vid , but very busy with work. Gary
  4. Would it be possible to have a stamp tool i.e. be able to stamp an object any where on the canvas/artboard randomly and as many times as required ((like the stamp tool in Serif Craft Artist 2)? Thanks, Dee.
  5. Hello I've got two issues with duplicating objects. These aren't exactly bugs as it looks like they are so by design, but they fool me every time so I'm wondering what the rationale behind them is. 1. I first have to select an object before duplicating it by holding the alt-key while dragging the object. This is not the case when I just want to move the object, because this can be done without selecting it first. Is there a good reason for this behavior? 2. When duplicating an object and moving it immediately (for example when you drag the object with the alt-key pressed) Affinity registers two actions behind the screens: first it duplicates, then it moves the new object. This is confusing when undoing the duplication: it requires two undo's while it looks like you've only did one action. This results in having unwanted duplications right on top of the original. Thanks! Bauke
  6. I have not used Affinity Publisher much yet but have just started using it and am trying to move a Frame Text without snapping (i.e fine movements). According to the help text at the bottom of the screen when I hover over a Frame Text object it says 'Alt to ignore snapping'. When I try to use this option by holding down ALT and dragging the object it does seem to ignore snapping, but also duplicates it (. Simple task which I don't that my lack of use of publisher is showing or if there is a bug, which if there was Im sure would have been identified by now. N.B. I've just found out how to move without snapping. So just in case anyone else is confused as I was. You first have to click, hold and start moving the object before you press ALT. This worked for me, but I am sure there is an easier way of doing this (and if not there should be).
  7. Hi, I am a new user. Opening the software almost for first time. Is there anyway to duplicate my art board by dragging it next to it ? If possible I would like to also have the content of my artboard with this new duplicate. I am coming from AI and of course lot to learn, but so far I am really liking it. Thanks a lot
  8. I reported this bug in 2016, and tony said the solution: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31290-ctrlclick-duplicating-objects/ I agreed with the solution. Now that one year has passed, Affinity Designer has updated many versions, and many bugs have been fixed. But unfortunately, this duplication keeps occuring. Here are my experiences about this problem: Normally ctrl+click is fine and does not produce duplication. Buy when The compute runs slowly, the AD file is complicated, the ctrl+click duplication is easy to occur. I noticed that sometimes just clicking on an object in AD caused a slight offset. So the real bug is that in some cases, the mouse will offset slightly when clicking. It's more likely to happen when the computer is slow.
  9. Once again I am afraid I am going to make request that comes straight from your competitor. But once again it's simple and it works. A very simple shortcut I use all the time in the Layers Palette of PS is to duplicate and simultaneously locate a layer by holding down the Alt key while dragging it to where you want it. This works in PS for all types of layer. It’s a tiny thing but it really makes life quick and simple. I would love to see this in AP. It is entirely consistent with Affinity which already uses the Alt key for layer duplication by dragging in the image.
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