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  1. Is there a way to duplicate an art board and have the layer structure you already have on the first art board carry over to a duplicated art board? I just created a second art board and copy dragged my art over to the second art board and it lost all of the layer hierarchy I had set up. Do I need to copy and paste to retain the structure? Thanks. edit - just tried the copy and paste method and it didn't honour the layer structure it juste pastes everything in...
  2. How to modify snapping panel to snap duplicated object by using Alt+Drag? I try to snap it to grid. Moving object normally works fine, but when Alt+Drag the duplicated object move freely.
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum! Hello to all!! I think that the right-click "duplicate" feature, in LAYER panel, need to be extended with "duplicate layer to another document", with the ability to choose between all open documents (like PS feature). Very useful when you make "modular" documents, as Blu-Ray/DVD menus and similar. Best regards to all.
  4. Often times I begin a drag and would then like to duplicate the object. However when I press the Command key to create a duplicate, AD doesn't respond in kind. So I have to undo, press Command and re-drag. Please allow the Command key to be activated in the middle of a drag, not only if the users presses Command before the drag. This is decades of muscle memory at work, let me continue to take advantage of this flexibility. Thanks for considering this, and Happy Mother's Day!
  5. Hey guys, this is something I've noticed a few times. I believe mostly it's happened with duplicating text groups, but occasionally it's happened after ungrouping a group containing text layers. I do believe I may have resized some of these text groups using the scale transform selector at one time, but it seems like transformations should be retained when duplicating. affinity-font-duplicate.mov
  6. Actually you can only drag-duplicate objects using ALT key BEFORE dragging. It will be desirable if ALT duplication could be also activable when already dragging the object. Is a very silly petition but you have no idea of how useful is.
  7. How do I copy and rotate objects with the origin set from the center of another object? Example: petals of a flower copied and rotated with the origin centered on the "eye" of the center of the flower.
  8. Would be great to have drag-and-droppable FX icons in AD's UI to move effects from one layer to another and duplicate the effects by holding down the option key and dragging the FX icon onto another layer.
  9. Is there an equivalent method for Illustrator's blend (objects) along path? Perhaps the Power Duplicate does this? But does it work along a path? And if so, are the duplicated objects still linked to the original (ie, edits to one of these shapes updates the duplicated objects)? PS: As a designer for CNC/laser cutting, it's rather difficult to evaluate whether this is worth purchasing without a trial version.
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