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Found 57 results

  1. When zoomed in on a photo and I click and drag the image the image moves with the mouse. That is, if I drag the mouse the the left the image moves to the left. Let's say there is an object in an image and I want that object to be in the center of my screen then I simply click on the object in the image and drag the object to the center of the screen. This is good. This is the expected behaviour. However, when editing in an Equirectangular Projection (Live Projection) when I drag the mouse to the left the image goes to the right. If I drag up the object goes down. So if there is a object I want to center on my screen if I drag the object to the center the object actually goes the opposite direction. So some people might like this opposite direction behaviour and that's their choice. I would like it that I can select which direction the image moves when I click and drag the image when editing an Equirectangular Projection. Basically I want the click and drag to work just like normal. Click and drag an object upwards moves object upwards. This could be a selection under preferences > User Interface > Equirectangular Projection Reverse Mouse Direction OR use a modifier key such as alt or option. Thanks millions if you can make this happen. AffinityPhotoEquirectangular.mp4
  2. What I did… 1. Hold Control and click-drag on an object, as if creating a copy. 2. Before releasing the mouse button, press Escape to abort the operation. 3. The copy is created despite the operation being aborted! This may be 'by design', but I find it counter-intuitive. 4. Now select a different object. The blue outline shifts to the new selection, and the selected object in the layers panel changes… BUT the transform handles remain on the previously selected object. 5. Move the transform handles, and the selected object is targeted, but the transform is mirrored!
  3. When duplicating and moving an object in Affinity Designer with option+drag, 3 history items are created: Transform Duplicate Transform Intuitively, I expect only one, and when "undoing" with command+z, the "Duplicate" action doesn't make a visible change, leading me to frequently end up with unintended duplicates all over the place. I think that merging these into a single history item would be a huge usability improvement. Check out the bug in a tiny screencast: bug.mov
  4. Hi i was looking for improvements you could make from competition and i saw in Adobe XD that when you copy an element with ALT + Drag you can see the guides of distance from other element and is an entire number the position it takes no decimals. Just a recomendation i hope you consider.
  5. Hi, i don´t know if there is a form but when i copy by pressing ALT and dragging element AD don't show the distance from one element to another, so i must just move it, and the click again and move to see the distance between elements and i think it should be automatic. By the other hand when you use restrictions in a group and you copy and element inside this group and paste it in other place, i think restriction for that element should reset unless you copy and paste all the group. Just a recommendation.
  6. Hello everyone, this is a bug related to 1.5.5 version (Mac). It wasn't there in v1.5 - I can tell because I use it a lot. Looking at screen recording: drag duplicating a shape, nudging it 20px, Cmd dragging* to make a duplicate - and then it happens: the shape being duplicated snaps back 20px! Drag duplicating is the fastest way to duplicate shape / text and it speeds up many designers workflow, so please fix it ASAP. *Cmd drag or Option drag, no matter. affinity-drag-duplicate-bug.mov
  7. Had this happen once before, but was unable to capture proof! I grab hold of a node, and drag to reposition it, but the node shoots off in the opposite direction! Only horizontal movement is reversed, vertical is not mirrored, but seems affected by a scaling factor... i.e the node moves further than the mouse pointer. What is going on!?!? The problem corrected itself when I tried to cut and paste the curve into a new file, to submit it for analysis.
  8. Hey Serif, is there (in aff designer) an option to minimize the studio panel tools to single icons as its implemented in PS? I work often on my 15" inch laptop with fullhd and i have lack of place here because the studio has its own minimal width and cannot be minimized. Viewport is much better in PS thanks this and i will appreciate this feature in designer too, because i actually replaced PS by your sexy software :) Thanks. Sorry for possible topic duplicate - i couldn't read every feature request here. Tom
  9. Everyone on this forum seems to know how to drag, so that it is never actually explained. I am totally new to Affinity and have no idea how to activate Drag. Also, I receive error messages at the bottom of the screen of Affinity telling me to "Click + Drag" and another message telling me to "Y + Drag"--only it's not "Y" it's a strange character, possibly a Greek letter. Please advise on these three items. Thanks!!! Gratefully, Mike
  10. AD family, This issue I'm trying to sort/figure out MUST be something extremely simple. My apologies for posting again on the same topic but my brain has not served me well on this one. Ive designed a simple image/logo made up of 8 or 9 layers, then grouped them together. My desire was then to duplicate the entire image (group of layers) which I successfully via the cmd+j shortcut. you can see the dups in the layers panel in 1 of the 2 screenshots I've attached below. Here's where Im hitting a wall...using the Move tool, I select/click the topmost grouped-layer in an attempt to drag the duplicates apart and play around with them. When I do this all 4 grouped-layers move around with each other as if 'locked' together. I took a peek at the Line view and could see that in fact all 4 duplicated groups had been moved, and were NOT stacked atop each other as I'd thought. Any/all guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks for bearing with the elementary questions. Regards, -Christo
  11. It works just fine for a while, but for some reason locks up in every open document, then I can no longer drag layer or objects around in the layer panel. It clicks and selects the layers no problem, just cannot drag them anymore. Only fix I've found so far is to save, quit, and restart... then just wait for it to happen again within 20 mins or so.
  12. macOS 10.12.2 Affinity Designer 1.5.4 & 1.5.5 beta 1 Steps to Reproduce import PSD that has pixel layer. create symbol (include pixel layer). create symbol instance. move the instance by drag. layout pixel layer in the symbol is broken. * * The instance is OK, this problem occurs in the original symbol and other instances.
  13. Hey guys, I was able to drag n hold an vector/image onto another vector/image and an purple color indicator will flash once at the bottom object to indicate you can now snap your current selected image/vector base on the bottom vector/image. But now I can't, in not mastered in AD or any other illustrator app, so I not sure where to chance the setting to able it once again. Please help, it's urgently needed!
  14. When you hold ctrl and select an object that's grouped together with another object, you select that object instead of the group. This is a great feature, and I use it a lot. When you hold ctrl and drag, you copy and drag the selected object. This feature is also available when you hold alt + drag. Is there a way to disable the ctrl + drag and only use alt + drag? Because I can't seem to stop making copies when I try to select a grouped object.
  15. Affinity Designer 1.5.1 Steps: 1. Select an object. 2. Hold Option key and drag the object to create a duplicate. 3. Choose the Undo command (or Cmd-Z). 4. The duplicate object appears to delete, but it has really just moved back to the same location as the original. Bug: The duplicate operation is not undone. The duplicate object still exists, and worse, it's not even obvious that it's still there, because it's directly on top of the original. Expected Behavior: The duplicate object should be removed when choosing Undo after making a duplicate. As a software engineer myself, I'm guessing that Designer is pushing two separate commands to the history stack: Duplicate Object (in place) and Move Object. Then the Undo command undoes them separately, one at a time. Those commands should be grouped as one on the history stack, since from the user's point of view, the Option-Drag gesture to duplicate is a single operation, not two separate parts.
  16. Hi, I see the following improvement to the swatches workflow: A.) drag & drop from swatches panel into the color field of the gradient overlay B.) drag & drop from swatches panel into the color field of the color overlay Why this could speed up the workflow: To add or change the color in a layer fx it is necessary to open the "layer fx window" and choose the function "color overlay". Ok. If users have their swatches panel already open, like me, (with for example: document palette) I could easily pick the desired swatch and drag it into the the color field if drag n drop would be possible. At the moment I have to click on the color field and "hope" that the popped-up color window is presenting me already the desired color, if not: I have to do some more "mouse work" like choosing swatches and then choosing document palette to get to the desired color. But see this request more as cosmetic then minor or even major. Cheers, Stefan.
  17. I suggested this in the Designer Mac Beta Thread but I also wanted to post it here in the Features Requests as it is technically a request. I would like to see the ability to drag and drop colour swatches from the Colour Palette on to objects in Designer. I would also like to be able to drag and drop objects into the colour palette and have a swatch made of the same colour. Thanks, Hokusai
  18. Drag scrolling is extremely slow, especially at high zoom levels. E.g. I want to extend the width of a shape beyond the right visible edge of the document, so I click drag the center-right drag handle of the object with the mouse and drag to the right. Once I hit the right edge of the art board view drag scrolling starts, but this is excruciatingly slow at high zoom levels to the extent where it would take several seconds to scroll hundreds of points. In fact it's so slow it's barely feasible, so I often end up zooming out several levels to resize and then zoom in again, which interrupts my editing context. Slow drag scrolling doesn't seem to be related to poor drawing performance as drawing and scrolling speed is otherwise very good, so I suspect this is more likely related to the acceleration algorithm used. Please tweak this algorithm to improve responsiveness during drag scrolling.
  19. 1. Draw any shape. 2. Create multiple layers. 3. Change the shape's colour by selecting colours on swatches rapidly, click to change colour quickly again and again. 4. The layers will cannot drag to move but still use cmd+] and [ *If you still can drag the layers, follow step 3rd again. *can be solved by killing app.
  20. Hi Affinity team, I have often problems about this..., please help me. From my attach file, I cannot drag to select 4 objects on the middle of paper. When I try to drag, the background image is always going to be selected. Please try my attach file, thank you. Cheers. :) Cannot_DragToSelect.afdesign
  21. I am working on a tessellation. I drew a very precise line using the pixel tool and need to mirror it and keep that precision. I copied into a new file and flipped it horizontal then copied and pasted back to the original. It looks fine until I try to drag it into the correct position. As soon as I move it the line blurs. I tried duplicating the layer but it still blurs. Can anyone tell me how I can do this, or is it a bug in Affinity? I can't just draw over it because once I have the shape I am going to have to repeatedly duplicate and drag to create the tessellation.
  22. Hi there, Is there a keyboard command I can use to lock one axis when I am dragging an item along another axis? i/e If I want to keep it on the y-axis height I've chosen, but drag along the x-axis, can I press a keyboard button to lock while I drag so that I don't lose the correct y axis? Thanks
  23. I just downloaded Affinity this afternoon and after spending some time watching tutorials I felt confident enough to jump in and get to work on some photos. I'm working on my laptop macbook pro and I don't have a mouse so I'm using my track pad. I've selected to use the inpainting brush tool and have the width of the brush set, but when I press the track pad down with my thumb and then use my index finger to navigate the brush it doesn't seem to "activate" the tool. The circle for the brush just moves around wherever I move my index finger. Is there some other step I've missed or is there some other way to "drag" when using a track pad?
  24. How to modify snapping panel to snap duplicated object by using Alt+Drag? I try to snap it to grid. Moving object normally works fine, but when Alt+Drag the duplicated object move freely.
  25. Can the cropping tool also follow 'standard' OSX keyboard shortcuts so that when alt dragging from a side or top the opposing side moves accordingly. Makes it very easy to crop evenly. Also, why does Photo not have an option to trim the transparent pixels from a document? MM
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