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Found 73 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Just wondered if anyone has been having problems with printing out their images using affinity photo? Since finding out that affinity photo opens up RAW files at 96dpi by default (seems strange to me) I have tried the advice of others by un-ticking the resample box in document size and resizing to 300dpi. However my images come out blurry and stretched?! Anyone else having this problem? I really can't understand why a photo editing application opens images at a smaller size by default, surly we all know that changing its size can cause harm to the image which I seem to be finding? Interested to see if anyone else has my problem. Billie
  2. For me DPI resizing of an image without the resample option ticked is very essential to determine its print size. But resizing an Image in the "resize document" dialogue in DPI without the resample option ticked doens't affect the values in the upper boxes (cm, Inches,...) during changing the DPI values. So I cannot see how a value change from 72 DPI to 300 DPI affects a document in centimeters. First I must apply my changes and then I have to reopen the resize document dialogue to see the new values. So the document resize dialogue in its present form is not very useful.
  3. Dear Affinity team, it is part of my workflow to import vector graphics from the statistics program Graphpad Prism into Affinity designer. When I copy a given plot in Prism and paste it in Affinity the vector nature is preserved. However, I found that the size of the graph's components changed, e.g. a 0.5 pt line would end up being a 0.7 pt line and so forth. I found that when I set the document's dpi to 104 the dimensions seem to be preserved, but since I also work with raster images from other sources within the same document I don't want to switch back and forth changing the dpi for the document all the time. Am I missing an obvious solution so AD would paste vector graphics at a given size regardless of the document's dpi settings? Thanks for your help, -hubob
  4. Hi, I don't know what the mac behaviour is, so I'm not sure if it's a bug or feature request: When placing an image AD uses the DPI of the image and not of the AD document. So images are usually placed at 72 dpi in 300 DPI documents. -Using hi-res images this is annoying because the placed object extends far beyond the canvas. Requiring to zoom out to resize and put the image into place. -If setting up your document for printing, placing images at print DPI honours the document intention and requires the user to willingly override those standards when using an image at lower DPI. Therefore using document DPI would seem desirable behaviour, but maybe I'm missing something. (Another option could be images fitting to the canvas when placed. This is helpful for the first point and less dependant on paper size, but ignores quality control.)
  5. With a 300 dpi image in affinity photo, I exported as jpg and chose 72 dpi. When I reopen the document in affinity photo or in photoshop it seems to always say that it is 300 dpi. I resized it again and saved it and still the same thing. It's important that I follow the guidelines when submitting my art so I am nervous to send this as I can't figure out why it wont stay 72 dpi? Thanks, Andrea
  6. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Designer - I've downloaded the free trial and am having success with learning the program. My problem is when I try to export my file to .pdf or .tiff I lose the document settings. I customized my document to be 58" x 36" at 300 dpi. When I export it changes to 96 dpi and 13" x 8" size. It was suggested to me I download Adobe Illustrator to try to convert the file at the correct, original settings. I've tried Illustrator and gave up after a few days' trial as it was not nearly as intuitive for a beginner as AFD, however it is essential for my work to find an app that I can export correctly to my printer. Would you kindly walk me through the steps. thank you for the help!
  7. Hello, I exported an image at 300dpi with Illustrator . When I open it in Affinity Photo, and I select the move tool, the hint shows 72 I've checked the image with image magick (identify -verbose) and this is the result: Format: JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format) Mime type: image/jpeg Class: DirectClass Geometry: 4390x4390+0+0 Resolution: 300x300 Print size: 14.6333x14.6333 Units: PixelsPerInch The file is attached. test.jpg.zip
  8. Request scanning resolution be increased from the current maximum of 600dpi. This is the only feature that keeps me from migrating fully from Photoshop. My current scanner can scan pictures well above 9600dpi, but AF maximum scan resolution is only 600dpi. Smaller prints need to be scanned at a higher resolution to work effectively with them. Thanks for your consideration. Kind Regards, Danny J. McNeal
  9. So I tried resizing. I have a photo scanned from a slide at 4000 dpi. I go to resize document. It says 16x20cm print size at 300dpi. I accept. Then I export to TIFF. The TIFF is still 4000 dpi. What is going on? Best regards Geir Rosset Oslo Norway
  10. Hi Guys, Im currently working on a name badges template for a company. The size in Affinity designer is 74mm x 24mm When I export to pdf and print it they are 70mm x 23. This is also when "fit" is turned off. Is there anything I need to change when exporting to pdf? could DPI have anything to do with it? srry Im a web guy and not a print guy :P Hope you can help.
  11. Hello, I have some big trouble with AD. Maybe you can help me. 1. I click on the text and then convert right mouse button in curves. However, it is not converted. I need to double-click, select the text manual and then convert it into curves. 2. When exporting, the text, it will be cut a little. Especally if I transform it into curves before exporting. 3. To edit text I often have to make a lot of clicks to make it editable. Not only double-click. That makes me mad :))) 4. If I export with 300 dpi and then insert it into a Word or Pages document, the text is to big. But that was not the case with Adobe Illustrator. Since I was able to export at 300dpi and if I have then the PDF (such as a stamp) in a Word or Pages document inserted, it fit perfectly and was sharp at the print. But not if I did it with AD. If I export from Affinity Designer with 72 DPI and then insert in Word or Pages, it is totally out of focus after printing. And that's completely illogical I think, because it's a vector file. But sometimes not. Depending on how Affinity just feel like it seems. I just exported still 2-3 times the text with 72 DPI and he is again still far to great. When I go in, in the exported file, has suddenly 300 dpi. And if not it will be very unsharp if I print. 5. If i make text 60% transparent it will be get 100% by exporting and is to dark. Why that? Can you help me? The original file I have attached. Also screenshots from the problem. And the file from the I exported. I do not want to export more than the text then the correct size has when I insert it into a Word or Pages document. Without that it is much to large, cut off, or out of focus in pressure. In Illustrator that was not an issue, because I've done so as I always do and done it easy. At Affinity it will not work for me :/ g northstar
  12. Hello, I must not be understand how the document resize works in Affinity Photo in relation to the dpi. For example if my document is 800 x 600 at 300dpi and I would like to change the dpi to 150 and have the pixel dimension remain and the same so it would now be 1600 x 1200 at 150. If I go to Document / Resize Document the dialogue box opens and unlike PSD if i change the dpi to 150 the document wants to resize to 400 x 300 so it is now half the size and half the dpi density. What I'm I missing?
  13. Hi All I am very new to Affinity photo and have learned much by searching this forum. However with this task I am stuck so impelled to ask for advice. I am trying to change my photo dpi from 72 to 100 and higher. I use "Document Resize" and it does change but when I export it to a desktop folder the "Info" indicates that it is still only 72 dpi. I am after best quality of course, so from reading here I am using "Lanczos 3 (non separable) I have tried with the resample box checked and again with it unchecked to no avail. Where am I going wrong ? (2015 macbook Pro) Andy
  14. How can I save a file from affinity photo to jpg (300 dpi). Right now when I am export to jpg, the dpi is 96.
  15. When creating a new image there's a drop down with the label "DPI". This is incorrect, images doesn't have DPI (it's a printer unit), they have PPI.
  16. I am opening existing *.ai files in Affinity Designer and conducting compatibility tests. In AD, if I click the "Document Setup..." button shown in the upper left corner of the Toolbar, it shows me "DPI: 300" in the Dimensions tab. This is confusing me. Say I have a linked EPS file that is 350dpi in that document. Will it be scaled down to 300dpi?? Or does that simply indicate that when you Rasterize something it will be 300dpi? If the latter is true, why not call it "Raster DPI" instead of just DPI?
  17. I'm new to Affinity but i'm already impressed - the crop rotate tool is very smart :) Anyway I'm trying to understand the logic of Affinity only saving in it's native format, it's easy enough to export as jpeg or whatever but it seems odd that you can't save in the format you intend to use. The other thing I'd like is a way to resize including changing the dpi of an image. Maybe it's there but i can't see it. Pixel size is useful but knowing something is a certain size in mm or inches @ 300 dpi is very important for anything that has to be printed. Likewise being able to know immediately how big something at 72dpi is important for web usage. A save for web dialogue would be nice too!
  18. Hello, I am using the trial version of Affinity Designer 1.1.2. When I export a slice as a PNG using the "export 1x" button, I've found that the pHYs chunk is not present in the generated PNG. Technically this chunk is optional in PNGs so this isn't a bug, but the service I am sending the PNG to relies on this chunk and they improperly scale the image I am sending them as a result. I guess PNG uses pixels per meter. http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/book/chapter11.html#png.ch11.tbl.4 JPG seems fine and I can use that, but I'd rather use PNG as these are diagrams and even at "100" for quality the JPGs are a little less clear than the PNGs. So far it looks like a great application! --Scott P.S. I verified that adding the pHYs chunk via ImageMagick as well as Photoshop takes care of the issue. I'm also sending the other service a bug report suggesting they default to 300 DPI if no information is present (they request 300 DPI images).
  19. Hi, I'm experiencing a serious issue with Affinity Designer. Everything worked fine and suddenly, the font sizes when creating a new text with the Art Text Tool give me completely incoherent font sizes. I was in 72 dpi, but it switched to 144 dpi by itself. If I press "OK" in Document Setup, it doubles the dpi every time. I tried to set the DPI to 36, it did changed to 72 dpi when I pressed OK, but font sizes of newly created fonts are still wrong. Note that the font sizes of previously created texts are correct. This issue occurs with Retina documents. I changed settings to set the size of the document to @2x and unchecked "Retina", but it didn't fix the issue. Please help. I've work to get done and I'm blocked by this issue.
  20. I've noticed a strange behaviour in a file I'm working on: every time I open the Document Setup dialogue, the DPI setting doubles in size. I don't need to change of the settings or do anything to the document other than open and close Document setup for this to occur. I am on retina mode. Not sure if you've seen this one before. J
  21. I have a document with e.g. 70 DPI, some text inside has e.g. 12 pt font and I when change the DPI of the document to anything else, let's say 300, then all fonts of the text shrink to 1.8 pt or something like that. I can't even copy the text to another document and then back. They still have broken size. I think font size should be preserved with a change of a document DPI because I need to export the same document with different DPIs (e.g. for print 300, for web 70). The only workaround I found is to copy all texts to Apple Pages, change document DPI and them copy & paste texts back into Affinity Design.
  22. I'm exporting PDFs from AP and pulling into a Quark Xpress doc. All looks good in preview. However, when creating a further PDF for print/screen from Quark (300 dpi) all Affinity's PDFs are unusable. Even as a screen document it's not usable. Is there a way to set the PDF quality when exporting from AP?